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Blagsnarst, a Love Story

Blagsnarst, a Love Story is the third episode a...


Lost in Space (American Dad!)

Lost in Space is the eighteenth episode of the ...


Television episodes about extraterrestrial life

  • Extraterrestrial also Alien Worlds in the UK is a British - American two - part television documentary miniseries, aired in 2005 in the UK by Channel 4
  • This is a list of films that feature extraterrestrial life List of fictional extraterrestrials Kaye, Don July 27, 2016 The Top 30 alien invasion movies
  • his work. In the episode Mulder goes to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico to continue his search for proof on extraterrestrial life Meanwhile, Scully
  • science fiction a common science fiction theme about the first meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life First contact astronomy and aerospace a
  • second season episodes were initially unreleased. These episodes would first be made available on DVD in 2004 and later made their television debut on the
  • were capable of transforming into vehicles to fight three successive extraterrestrial invasions. Robotech Art I: The Official Guide to the Robotech Universe
  • probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. The equation was written in
  • emerged as an archetypal image of a sentient non - human creature and extraterrestrial life in general, as well as an iconic trope of popular culture in the
  • the extraterrestrial entity named Thanatos. The episodes premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo between October 3, 2007, and March 26, 2008. The episodes were
  • unidentified flying and submerged objects, close encounters with alleged extraterrestrial life and alleged military and government cover - up conspiracies. In 2008
  • more controversial episodes featured a character named Spewey the Alien a parody of the films Mac and Me and E.T. an extraterrestrial who secretes mucus
  • contact is a common science fiction theme about the first meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life or of any sentient race s first encounter
  • Insider listed this episode as one of the most underrated episodes of the Star Trek franchise. Speculative fiction portal Television portal Star Trek: First
  • two - part episode with the plot continuing in the next episode Terma Tunguska was inspired by reports of evidence of extraterrestrial life possibly
  • September 20, 2010 to May 23, 2011. The plot centers on a group of extraterrestrials some of whom have been detained by the United States government for
  • The following is a list of episodes for the American animated television series Ben 10. The series was created for Cartoon Network by Man of Action
  • Merkmallen and Sandoz espoused panspermia, a theory suggesting an extraterrestrial origin to life on Earth. Mulder begins suffering from a headache and is unable
  • Search for Intelligent Life in Space for The Teaching Company. An updated overview about the search for extraterrestrial life was presented in 2019.
  • episodes Kim eventually dons a brand - new mission outfit. The Kimmunicator is now a wristwatch. This is the first and last time that extraterrestrial
  • distraught, sits in his apartment watching a conference about extraterrestrial life on television The narrative returns to the present, where Scully reveals
  • an intelligent boy chosen by a mysterious extraterrestrial visitor to be a source of information about life on Earth. As his schoolwork and artistic talent
  • cave paintings depicting mythical alien beings - the Wandjina an extraterrestrial race that visited the ancient aborigines. Disturbing events suggest
  • Adam McArthur who was abducted by extraterrestrials 50 years earlier and escapes back to Earth to help improve life for humanity. The series was created
  • character - driven episodes it s a bit of a letdown to have the series lapse back into the tenuous connections and aimless wandering of earlier episodes The Immortals
  • extraterrestrial parasitic organisms that drive their hosts into impulsive fits of rage. The episode was inspired by an article in Science News about
  • canceled the series on November 23, 2005, with four episodes left unaired. The remaining episodes were aired on Sky1, a channel in the United Kingdom
  • are in their backyard having a barbecue when they are abducted by extraterrestrial life forms specifically Kang and Kodos The aliens explain that they
  • association with several other companies and television networks. The series had one season with 26 episodes George Martin lives in a regular neighbourhood
  • discriminated minority. As fictional extraterrestrial immigrants, the Newcomers could stand in for social issues about various races, as well as sexual minorities
  • Carter did not think of creating a mythology for the episodes focusing on extraterrestrial life because he felt that they were just stories we wanted
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