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Addictive Nature

Ultra Thoroughbred Racing purchased Addictive Nature for a record $775.000 NZ at the New Zealand Bloodstock Ready to Run sale in 2016. At the time, the purchase price was a record equaling sale for his sire Savabeel, with Sean Buckley and Ultra Thoroughbred Racing’s bloodstock veterinarian Dr. Toby Koenig making the winning bid of $775.000 NZD for the colt following a heated contest.

Addictive nature is a full brother of savvy nature, who recently returned from a successful career in Hong Kong in the stables of Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott in Randwick.

Savvy nature has managed to win five races during his career, with his most significant win in the Mitchelton wines Vase at Mooney valley, group 2 2040m on October 26, 2013, taking home $235.000 for the first place.


1. Racing History. (Гоночная История)

He won his debut race, which was tearing at Kakheti handicap 1100m on the farm: Warwick Racecourse on July 19, 2017, with a prize Fund of $22.000.

He won in 1:03.66, breaking the previous record of the class held by multiple group I-winner Eremein 0.17 seconds.

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