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ⓘ Silurian System by paleolatitude ..


ⓘ Silurian System by paleolatitude

  • During the time of the Acadian orogeny, Middle Devonian 385 Ma the paleolatitude of the Laurentia was in the southern hemisphere near the equator, between
  • Milliman, J. D. Simone, L. 1988 - 11 - 01 Carbonate lithofacies as paleolatitude indicators: problems and limitations Sedimentary Geology. Non - tropical
  • areas which needed a cold climate, with its replacement by floras typical of lower paleolatitudes However, the pattern of isotope shifts expected to result
  • formations southeastern Paraguay by Cichowolski et al. 2019 representing the first ascocerid record from high paleolatitudes of Gondwana. A juvenile specimen
  • Stephen McLoughlin Anton Maksimenko Chris Mays 2019 A new high - paleolatitude Late Permian permineralized peat flora from the Sydney Basin, Australia

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