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  • program for the majority of offenders paroling from the system. Idaho Correctional Institution - Orofino ICIO 46 29 31 N 116 15 39 W 46.49194 N 116
  • county located in the U.S. state of Idaho As of the 2010 census, the population was 8, 761. The county seat is Orofino Established in 1911, the county was
  • of Idaho in Moscow and received a Bachelor of Laws from its College of Law in 1950. He was in private practice in Orofino in Clearwater County, Idaho from
  • Andrus former United States Secretary of the Interior and Governor of Idaho Orofino James Jesus Angleton former chief of counter - intelligence, Central
  • 50 years. Petric was born on September 13, 1915, in a log cabin near Orofino Idaho Her father, a Methodist minister, taught her and her three siblings
  • later abandoned it. Many people are confused by the two forts of the same name. Gold had been found at Orofino and Florence, Idaho that brought trouble with
  • maintained that she had been murdered. Loff was born Janette Clarinda Lov in Orofino Idaho to Marius Maurice and Inga Lov nee Loseth She was the eldest of
  • children, Michael and Margaret Meg both born in Nick s hometown of Orofino Idaho The Chenoweths ran a ski shop near the modest Bald Mountain ski area
  • Washington Territory was made by Elias D. Pierce and Wilbur F. Bassett on Orofino Creek Canal Gulch in October 1860, a mile 1.6 km north of Pierce. Pierce
  • aboard patrol aircraft until 1955. After his discharge from the Navy, Andrus moved to Orofino where he worked in the timber industry in a variety of
  • in Idaho and third west of the Rocky Mountains Nezperce, Lewis County seat Notus Oakley, famous pioneer town, home of many historic buildings Orofino site
  • population at the second census of Idaho Territory in 1864. All of the county s 276 residents were located at Pierce and Orofino Until 1904, Shoshone County
  • at the 2010 census, up from 1, 160 in 2000. The city lies in the narrow valley of the Clearwater River downstream are Orofino and Lewiston, at the confluence
  • Many residents of Peck work in nearby Orofino Idaho Additionally, Peck residents attend high school in Orofino since Peck does not have a high school
  • around Pierce and Orofino in 1861 drew thousands of prospectors into the Clearwater River area of present - day north central Idaho east of Lewiston.
  • returned to Idaho in 1977 to work on their large farm and ranch operation in Latah, Clearwater, and Nez Perce counties. Nilsson graduated from Orofino High School
  • Academy in Portland. He worked in business in Lewiston, Idaho Orofino Idaho and Florence, Idaho He also became the mayor of Lewiston. He moved to Walla
  • 208 463 467 880 899 New Plymouth 208 278 Orofino 208 476 Parma 208 674 722 Paul 208 438 Paris, Idaho 208 945 Payette 208 642 741 Pine - Featherville
  • Orofino whom Samuelson defeated by over 10, 000 votes. During the 1970 gubernatorial campaign, Samuelson supported molybdenum mining in central Idaho s
  • Goldendale, Cashmere, Chelan, Ephrata, Wallowa Valley, Clarkston, Orofino and Kamiah in Idaho KFAE also broadcast the Washington Talking Book and Braille
  • Dworshak Dam on the North Fork of the Clearwater River, near Orofino in northern Idaho Dworshak Elementary School in Burley List of United States Congress
  • Lewiston, Idaho is a contemporary American author of fiction, memoir, and personal essays. She returned with her mother to their logging camp on Orofino Creek
  • Clearwater River in Clearwater County, Idaho The dam is located approximately four miles 6 km northwest of Orofino and impounds the Dworshak Reservoir
  • began to arrive in western Idaho in great numbers in the 1870s, and miners also were attracted by a gold strike at nearby Orofino on the banks of the Clearwater
  • July 1989. He completed the final three weeks of his sentence back in Idaho at Orofino in 2005. Dallas served 22 years in prison, his sentence was reduced
  • Empire Airlines was established and started operations in May 1977 in Orofino as a charter company. Originally named Clearwater Flying Service thus
  • on July 10 of that year. Dora Doxey married Fred Whitney in 1912 in Orofino Idaho and George Thomas in 1919, supposedly in the same city. She died on
  • Walla, Washington Territory. When gold was discovered at Orofino near Lewiston, in what is now Idaho Crawford Slocum set up a merchandise store for the
  • Sixes mine Gold was first discovered in Idaho in 1860, in Pierce at the juncture where Canal Creek meets Orofino Creek. The leading historical gold - producing
  • Citizen, free of charge. Rawles has lived in San Jose, California near Orofino Idaho near Smartsville and Fremont, California and near New Washoe City

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