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Lifemask was written by Harper during a period of illness when HHT, which leads to polycythemia, threatened his health and incapacitated him. With thoughts of life and death upon his mind, side two of the album features a lengthy 23 minute track entitled "The Lords Prayer" which Harper described as "my last will and testament".

On the cover of the album presents the harpers-a death mask. that opens in the center to reveal Harper, very much alive, "repair of the listener with one of his trademark intense stares." As such, it is, in fact, shows the harpers-the mask of life, unlike the Death Mask that could be.

Some of the songs was included in the soundtrack to the John Mackenzie-directed film, which was on the wide screen at the time, the story of the relationship between a young single mother, played by Carol white, and the vulnerable rock star, Mike Preston played Harper. Excerpt taken from "prayer," live excerpt from "highway Blues" and a live session of "little lady" and "dead Bank".to.and. "Social losses" and "Valeries song" sung alternative songs have been heard.

In 1987 awareness records cassette release Lifemask a BUS 1007 includes 4 bonus tracks not included in other release Lifemask.


1. Tracks on compilation albums. (Треки на альбомах компиляции)

Retrospective collection, a breath of fresh air – harvest records anthology 1969-1974, was released in 2007. This 3 CD compilation contained in the album "South Africa".


2. Singles. (Синглы)

A 7" single was released on the harvest record label har 5059. This one contained alternate versions of album tracks that appeared in the film did.

  • Side 2. "Little Lady".
  • Side 1. "Bank Of The Dead".

3. Personnel. (Персонала)

  • Brian Odgers – bass on "Bank of the Dead" and "The Lords Prayer".
  • Ray Warleigh – flute on "The Lords Prayer".
  • Roy Harper – guitar, synthesizer, bass, harmonica, bells, and vocals.
  • Tony Carr – bongos on "The Lords Prayer" and drums on "Bank of the Dead".
  • Jimmy Page – guitar on "Bank of the Dead" and "The Lords Prayer".
  • Laurie Allan – drums on "Highway Blues".
  • Brian Davison – drums on "The Lords Prayer".
  • Steve Broughton – bongos on "The Lords Prayer".
  • Phil McDonald – sound engineer.
  • Nick Webb – sound engineer.
  • John Leckie – sound engineer.
  • Peter Jenner – producer.
  • Ground 6: 50 from Flat Baroque and Berserk Highway Blues 6: 34 from Lifemask Che 3: 05 from Valentine Hallucinating Light 6: 24 from HQ One
  • whilst Harper was writing and recording his previous albums Stormcock and Lifemask Promotional material at the time included full page advertisements, in
  • Lord s Prayer a 1972 song written and recorded by Roy Harper on the album Lifemask The Lord s Prayer David Fanshawe song a song written by David Fanshawe
  • Chauvinist Pig Blues 3: 33 from Valentine Highway Blues 6: 32 from Lifemask You 4: 34 from The Unknown Soldier Nineteen Forty - Eightish Edit
  • Berserk North Country 3: 29 from Valentine South Africa 4: 04 from Lifemask The Flycatcher 4: 09 from The Unknown Soldier My Friend 3: 42
  • Me And My Woman 13: 01 from Stormcock South Africa 4: 06 from Lifemask I ll See You Again 4: 58 from Valentine Twelve Hours Of Sunset
  • Harper tracks were also included South Africa from his 1973 release Lifemask and Twelve Hours Of Sunset from his following 1974 album Valentine. All

  • The Drum single 1987 Roger Taylor Fun in Space 1981 Roy Harper Lifemask 1973 Valentine 1974 Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion 1974 HQ
  • the soundtrack for the film, released the following year as Lifemask At the time, Lifemask was created as Harper s final bow, as he had been diagnosed
  • state Ireland was in. The Roy Harper song All Ireland from the album Lifemask written in the days following the incident, is critical of the military
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  • Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 1973 Audience You Can t Beat em 1973 Roy Harper Lifemask 1973 Renaissance Ashes Are Burning 1973 Wishbone Ash Wishbone Four 1973
  • Flat Baroque and Berserk 1970 Stormcock 1971 Lifemask 1973
  • Adrian Boult Beethoven Symphonies EMI HMV Tape Operator 1972 Roy Harper Lifemask Universal EMI Engineer Mixer Paul McCartney Wings Red Rose Speedway tracks
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