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LifeBEAM, founded in 2011, is an artificial-intelligence wearables technology company. The technology was originally developed for monitoring pilots, astronauts and special forces through sensors in their helmets. It was then expanded to consumer fitness products, including artificially intelligent wearables, such as Vi.


1. History. (История)

The company was founded by former air force pilots, OMRI Yoffe and Zvika Orron, looking for a way to improve pilot monitoring during physical tasks of flying. Their first products were track heart rate and blood flow of pilots and astronauts, by embedding sensors in the helmets, as they pulled out a few pieces. Joffe says that the founders saw the need for the product, because sometimes the pilots were killed when they do not have the proper biometric data. The optical head of the sensors was chosen in order not to interfere with pilot performance. The Israeli air force helped to test the technology.

The U.S. air force and NASA used the products. The technology was adapted and licensed for wearable devices from Samsung and under armour, among other things, prior to the introduction of consumer goods.

The company has research centers in Los Angeles, Israel and Asia.

He raised in March 2016 N6 million, bringing the total investment up to N9 million.


2.1. Consumer products. Vi

In June 2016, the company released a prototype VI, AI headphones wearable personal training device that combines voice instructions with bio-sensors. Voice-activated digital assistant similar to apples Siri functions fitness tracking Fitbit. The headphones have sensors that track heart rate, variability of heart rhythm and motion while running. The sensors also track the weather, altitude and location. VI analyzes the data and provides real-time coaching based on fitness goals. He also chooses Spotify or Apple and music tracks that match the beats per minute is the recommended tempo. The product is planned for consumer release in December 2016.

A Kickstarter campaign for the VI was completed in July of 2016, with n. 68 million, making it the highest-funded campaign for Wearables.


2.2. Consumer products. Technology partnerships. (Технологии партнерства)

LifeBEAM technology built into the Samsung Simband platform for smart watches, the chips are a competitive platform for smart watches. The algorithms used in LifeBEAMs Simband sensors measuring heart rate, calories and steps. The platform became available in late 2014.

Technology powers the functions of heart rate monitoring in armor wireless headphones released at CES in January 2016. It also powers 2XU smart hat, first considered in January 2016.


2.3. Consumer products. Helmet. (Шлем)

In 2013 LifeBEAM funding platform Indiegogo crowdsourcing to Fund a sensor-rich helmet. The helmet uses an optical sensor instead of ECG chest strap to measure heart rate of athletes. Data obtained from the optical sensor is transmitted to a mobile phone or device using Bluetooth or Ant, so that athletes can monitor their heart rate in real time.

This smart helmet LifeBEAM has been reviewed in publications such as gear patrol, Cycling tips and Cycling helmet review, and gear junkie.

The company also commercialization with the release of co-branded products with laser helmets. The first edition was published in may 2014 and the second edition, lazer LifeBEAM 2.0, in December 2015.


2.4. Consumer products. Sports cap. (Спортивная шапка)

The company offers sports caps, hat LifeBEAM, released in November 2014, which provides for the collection lag for the runners measure heart rate, the cadence and calorie consumption.

In LifeBEAM hat been reviewed in publications such as CNET, Time magazine and the leadership of the Toms.


3. Aerospace products. (Аэрокосмической продукции)

Technology is integrated into the LifeBEAM helmet for pilots, developed by "Elbit", which measures the flow of blood, including oxygen saturation via forehead pilots, warning of impending overload or hypoxiam, and switching to auto-pilot, if the pilot will lose consciousness or go into hypoxia.

Optical technology is integrated into Elbits smart helmets for F-16 pilots, was released in June 2015, measurement of blood perfusion, heart rate and SpO2. Algorithms and integration of the physiology of the pilots, the physics of the planes and the pilots head and posture in the sense of a life-threatening problem and notify the air and ground crew.

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