Топ-100 ⓘ Auvillars is a commune in the Calvados department in the Nor

ⓘ Auvillars is a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region of north-western France. The inhabitants of the commune are known as Auvillargeois or A ..


ⓘ Auvillars

Auvillars is a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region of north-western France.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Auvillargeois or Auvillargeoises.


1. Geography

Auvillars is located some 14 km north-west of Lisieux and 17 km south-east of Cabourg. Access to the commune is by the D16 road from Leaupartie in the south-west which passes through the centre of the commune and the village and continues to Bonnebosq in the north-east. The D101 passes through the east of the commune as it goes from Cambremer to Pont-lEvêque. The D59 which connects Bonnebosq to La Boissiere passes south through the commune. The commune is entirely farmland except for a few scattered forests.

The Dorette river passes through the centre of the commune from north-east to south-west and it continues south-west to join the Dives at Le Radier. The Mont Dorain rises in the north of the commune and flows south to join the Dorette. The Ruisseau Sainte-Agathe flows from the east to join the Dorette near the village.


2. History

In his Monumental Statistics of Calvados 1862, Arcisse de Caumont described the history of Auvillars as follows:

"As always, Auvillars had the first lords of the members of a family whose name was that of the commune itself. This family became extinct in the person of Jeanne dAuvillars, daughter and heiress of Guillaume, lord and chatelain of Auvillars, Saint Aubin de Salona, and Barneville who married Robert de Tournebu, Baron de la Motte-Cesny, Grimbosc, etc. at the beginning of the 14th century.

Mr Floquet told of a curious trial that argued that Robert de Tournebu, lord of Auvillars, maltreated a cleric of the priory of Beaumont-en-Auge in the year 1342. He was sentenced to a fine of 400 livres, a huge sum for that time see History of the Parliament of Normandy. A century later Richard de Tournebu more usefully employed his vigour to support a heroic siege against the captains of the invader Henry V. His capitulation on 7 August 1417 was devised on condition that showed the Norman barons, despite the lack of organization where the invasion had landed, had not made a capable resistance that could be respected. The text of the capitulation was published in the volume entitled rotuli normanniae printed in London in 1835 on page 285 and by the Society of Antiquaries of Normandy, Volume XV, page 263 of his memoirs.

Just as the castle was to be evacuated Henry hastened to donate it to the Earl of Salisbury, his cousin, to be sure of its conservation 25 September 1417.

At the time of death of Guillemette de Tournebu in 1485 Jean de Harcourt, his great-grandson, inherited and he added to his other titles that of lord and chatelain of Auvillars. In 1558, Auvillars was in the hands of a family named Salcede: Nicolas Salcede, the owner in 1582, was at that time involved in a conspiracy formed, it is said, by the Guises against the Duke of Alençon and King Henry III, his brother. He was tried by the Parliament of Paris, convicted of the crime of treason, and as such condemned to be quartered. This execution, the memory of which is still preserved in Auvillars, must have taken place around 1588. In 1600 Mme Charlotte Duquesnel dAussebost was Dowager of Auvillars. After her death in 1617 the lordship passed to a family named Miou. The head of this family was one of the principal officers of the Duke of Lorraine and his daughter, Louise Marie de Miou, married Pierre Dauvet of Treguy.

The Dauvet family were nobility from Picardy who were allied to Breze, Montmorency, Saint-Simon, Bethune, Chabannes, etc.

Several of its members took to the sword. Benoit Dauvet and Louis-Nicolas Dauvet distinguished themselves in the battles of Louis XIV and Louis XV.

There is information on this house in the History of the great officers of the Crown by P Anselm. Its door was lined with gold and silver in 6 pieces: the first charged with a black lion passant in bend. A Marquisate crown; supported by two savages see Waroquier, Vol. VII.

Thus one sees the arms on the funeral litre in the Chapel of Saint Jean dAuvillars.

In 1700 Sir Peter Dauvet de Treguy gave grassland to the poor of Auvillars which was located at Druval and Rumesnil. They still enjoy. The same lords from the Dauvet family founded a school for girls and from their private income. The children of the two parishes of Auvillars and Repentigny were educated there free by a sister of Providence from the Lisieux house. The income was lost through a faulty title. The house was sold by the revolutionaries and was bought by a resident who gave it back to its original purpose.

The presbytery, which had been confiscated, was bought by the commune around 1806.

There were 3 privileged fires and 80 taxable fires at Auvillars.

The small parish of Repentigny has always been a kind of dependency to that of Auvillars. The Lords of Auvillars were patrons, as for Repentigny, and they constantly showed benevolence. The parish had first been removed and reunited with Rumesnil but at the beginning of the reign of Charles X it was reunited with Auvillars as an independent vicariate".


3. Demography

In 2010 the commune had 220 inhabitants. The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known from the population censuses conducted in the commune since 1793. From the 21st century, a census of communes with fewer than 10.000 inhabitants is held every five years, unlike larger communes that have a sample survey every year.


4. Culture and heritage

Civil heritage

The commune has a number of buildings that are registered as historical monuments:

  • La Bruyere Manor Garden 1972
  • A Brickworks 1879
  • La Bruyere Manor 15th century

Religious heritage

The commune has one religious building that is registered as an historical monument:

  • The Church of Saint Germain 12th century

The Parish Church of Saint-Philbert

The Parish Church of Saint-Philbert contains one item that is registered as an historical object:

  • A Stained glass window: Virgin and Child 13th century

4.1. Culture and heritage Civil heritage

The commune has a number of buildings that are registered as historical monuments:

  • La Bruyere Manor Garden 1972
  • A Brickworks 1879
  • La Bruyere Manor 15th century

4.2. Culture and heritage Religious heritage

The commune has one religious building that is registered as an historical monument:

  • The Church of Saint Germain 12th century

4.3. Culture and heritage The Church of Saint Germain

The Church is built in a valley about 1 km from the town of Bonnebosq.

The Choir

The whole choir dates back to the 12th century. It is lit on the north side by two narrow arched windows devoid of any ornament and very splayed on the inside; to the south is a similar window, enlarged a little on the outside, and a large modern semicircular window. The side walls each have two flat buttresses inside which is a newly built gallery leading to the sacristy placed behind the choir. The choir ends on the eastern side by a right chevet supported by three flat buttresses. There were originally two narrow semicircular windows that have been blocked. The gable is surmounted by an antefix cross.

The Nave

The southern wall of the nave, without buttresses, shows a device of fern leaves. It is pierced by a semicircular door whose lintel is decorated with zigzags based on the columns. The arch is topped with grimacing heads of fantastic animals whose tongues are wrapped around a Torus that lines the underside of the arch see photo. The nave is lit on this side by four very large semicircular windows, three of which are modern. The fourth is a little less wide and lined with a simple bevel and dates from first half of the 16th century when the nave was extended by one bay.

The northern wall was erected in the 16th century. It is flanked by projecting buttresses and pierced by three windows, one flamboyant and divided by a mullion, another a low arch ornamented with prismatic mouldings, and the other a modern window without character. This wall has the remains of a funeral litre.

The Chapel

A chapel was built between the choir and the nave in the 16th century. The chapel is illuminated on the north side by a large semicircular window ornamented with prismatic mouldings and to the east by a flamboyant window divided into two bays which are today blocked.

The West portal

The western portal is in a renaissance style and is dated 1538. It is supported by four projecting buttresses, two of which are placed on the corners. The portal, which protrudes toward the middle, is pierced by a semi-circular door flanked by two columns and topped with two windows, now blocked, and decorated with prismatic mouldings. The curved form is pierced at the same time by an oculus and surmounted by a square tower built in timber and covered with slate. A wooden porch was previously in front of portal.

  • The nave is separated from the aisle by four large arches including two of ogival form with prismatic mouldings and the other two semicircular. One of them has features similar to those of the door.
  • The pulpit is in Louis XV style.
  • The roof of the vault is covered with paintings. In the triangles there are angels holding rosaries in their hands.
  • The two church bells in Auvillars predate the French Revolution. It is not known how they came to be in this tower as they were part of the bells of Saint Germain in Lisieux. Here are the inscriptions they bear
  • The Chapel of the Virgin was built around 1600 by the Dauvet dAuvillars family.
  • A triumphal arch decorated with zigzags separates the chancel from the nave.
  • The altar is decorated in the Louis XV style. The Tabernacle is decorated with angels and caryatids.
  • The vault is in wood with tie beams and hallmarks.
  • One of the windows that illuminate the choir, to the north has remnants of stained glass. A head of the Virgin can still be seen adorned with a ducal crown and there are two religious figures, one of which is holding a chalice. The bottom of this window reads: De tournebu cure
  • The year 1738 has been named Louise Nicolase by Nicolas Riquier de la Rosiere, adviser to the king in the election and by damsel Louise Gennevievre Dosmont, daughter of Sir Louis Dosmont, squire to Lord Malicorne of Mesnil-Poisson.
  • The year 1738 has been named Magdalaine Françoise by François Mignot, counsellor to the king, elected president of this town and noble lady Mary Magdalaine Moucel, the wife of Sir Alexander le Maignen, knight, lord of Houlbec and Castillon.
  • There is a large Romanesque credenza on the side of the Epistle.
  • At the end of the nave are two little altars with the altarpiece decorated with twisted columns around which are wound vines and crowned with trapezoidal pediments.
The Cemetery

When the sanctuary was repaved in 1853, when the old tiles were removed a tombstone from the 15th or 16th century was discovered. This stone is topped by a statue of a priest holding an old chasuble, turned up at the shoulders with amict turned down. The head rests on a cushion with tassels held by angels. At the characters feet lies a dog gnawing a bone. Several parts of this tombstone have been mutilated but the statue is well preserved and perfectly sculpted, it was once under an arched arcade on the southern wall.

There are the remains of an old halo cross in the cemetery dating from the 17th century or perhaps as late as the end of the 16th century. On one side is represented Christ and on the other the Virgin Mary holding in her arms the Child Jesus. The lattice work is decorated with palm leaves.

Near the gate stands an old yew tree which is 4.1 metres in girth.

When the foundations of the sacristy were dug a sword was found at a depth of 2.5 metres that appears to date back to ancient times.


The church is under the patronage of Saint Germain. The parish was divided into two portions which were united around 1708 with provision for two priests: the two priests were both nominated by the Lord. The pouille Ecclesiastical register of Lisieux shows that the Lord in the 14th century was dominus Robertus de Tournebut. There are many items in the church that are registered as historical objects:


4.4. Culture and heritage The Parish Church of Saint-Philbert

The Parish Church of Saint-Philbert contains one item that is registered as an historical object:

  • A Stained glass window: Virgin and Child 13th century
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  • and Fezensac which led to war with Arnaud Odon, Viscount Lomagne and Auvillars husband of Mascaros I of Armagnac, heir to the counties of Armagnac and
  • the D276 from Cresseveuille in the north which continues south - east to Auvillars and the D146 from Beuvron - en - Auge in the south - west which continues to
  • fighting in Auvillar in 1571 - 72, where he had been Captain of the Chateau d Auvillar perhaps also the Governor of the Chateau d Auvillar appointed by
  • Argilly in the west which passes through the village and continues east to Auvillars - sur - Saone. The D35E goes south from the village to the D973. The A36 autoroute
  • Jean - Baptiste de Bressolles de Sisce 23 December 1753, in Auvillar 30 November 1838, at Auvillar was a French brigadier general who served in the French
  • the comte of Rodez and that of Carlat, and the vicomtes of Lomagne and Auvillars Comminges and briefly Charolais which Jean III alienated in 1390 During
  • Layrac Rest Area: Dunes 08 Valence - d Agen km 149 Towns served: Valence, Auvillar the most beautiful village in France Rest area: Garonne Rest Area:
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  • Protestants retained possession of Auvillar until June 1571, when the city was retaken by royalist troops. No sooner was Auvillar retaken by royalist troops
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Hire trustworthy Nannies near Auvillars with confidence. Free Nanny background checks available to all subscribed parents. GreatAupair Nanny Agency offers. File:Mairie d media Commons. Elevation, 36–154 m 118–505 ft avg. 100 m or 330 ft. 1 French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers 1 km2 0.386 sq mi or 247 acres.

What is the meaning of Estout, the name Estout means, Estout.

Auvillars, Tarn et Garonne, Midi Pyrenees, France. No Image Available Geraud I dArmagnac Vicomte de Lomagne et dAuvillars. –1011. Marriage: Adalaïs. At Auvillars Bastille Day Party – John Aylward. 1361–1388: Guillaume de Beuzeville alias Popeline 1388–1391: Estout d​Estouteville 1391–1399: Geoffroy Harenc 1399–1418: Guillaume dAuvillars. Jaufre. Следующая Войти Настройки.

France, Calvados, Auvillars, Mr Bayet beating apples Stock Photo.

Abbaye de Citeaux - Auvillars D20. Ride Segment Saint Nicolas les Citeaux, Bourgogne Franche Comte, France. Distance8.41 km. Person:Philippa Unknown 19 Genealogy WeRelate. 1361–1388: Guillaume de Beuzeville alias Popeline 1388–1391: Estout d​Estouteville 1391–1399: Geoffroy Harenc 1399–1418: Guillaume dAuvillars. Jaufre. Tourism around Auvillars sur Saone Guide, Holidays & Weekends. Overlooking the Garonne Valley from the top of its hill, the village of Auvillar, a stop along the Way of St. James, has the distinction of being listed among the. Discover how to get to Auvillars from anywhere. Rome2Rio. Aug 13, 2020 Rent from people in Auvillars sur Saone, France from $20 night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. Belong anywhere.

France 1870 Le General Uhrich balloon mail on Cata.

How to say Auvillar in French? Pronunciation of Auvillar with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 sentence and more for Auvillar. Boo loch Mixcloud. From reference point, 10 mile radius. Auvillars sur Saone, Auvillars, populated place. 47°03 N 5°06 E G. France. 0.0 miles N of 47°03 N 5°06. Auvillar: one of The Most Beautiful Villages in France – 23 June. Auvillars Area Post office Postal code is 14340. Auvillars zip code is 14340. Auvillars post office Address Normandie, Calvados, Arrondissement de Lisieux,.

Date Auvillarss women and men Free date in Auvillars Page 83.

If youre looking for a place to get away, look no further than Auvillars. Whether youre planning to stay for a night for the week, the area around Auvillars has. LAuberge de lAbbaye Restaurants 900 Route Dijon, Auvillars sur. Dating in Auvillars 100% free Single women and men Page 83. Meet thousands of singles in. The site is 100% free and allows you to meet. Hotels in Auvillars Last Minute Hotel Deals Auvillars Hotwire. Auvillars map Auvillars Michelin maps, with map scales from 1 000 to 1 ​200 000.

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We spent a week each in the Pays Basque St. Jean Pied du Port, Auvillars in the Tarn et Garonne, the western Loire Ancenis, and the. Auvillars sur Saone Vacation Rentals & Homes Bourgogne. Buy Savon Artisanal Soap Frangipanier Auvillar Made in France brand new packaged at Wish Shopping Made Fun. 12 Couple Hotels in Auvillars @ ₹691 & discount upto 36 Ixigo. La Bagnotine is an accommodation in Bourgogne Franche Comte. La Bagnotine is situated west of Auvillars sur Saone. La Bagnotine from Mapcarta, the free. Auvillars Facts for Kids encyclopedia facts Kiddle.,Aubaine,Autricourt,Auvillars sur Saone,Avosnes,Bagnot,Barjon,Baulme la ​Roche,Beaulieu,Beaunotte,Beire le Fort,Bellefond,Belleneuve,Bellenod sur ​Seine.

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U1300 code harley. Artificial intelligence in medicine 9th conference on in europe aime 2019 protaras cyprus october 18 22 proceedings. Funny age appropriate. Cote dOr Place Explorer Data Commons. Download this stock image: France, Calvados, Auvillars, Mr Bayet beating apples B9K9B7 from Alamys library of millions of high resolution stock photos,. 23 July 2014 Photos From Our Trip to Normandy Andy Smallman. Book your Auvillars, FR holiday rentals online. Explore a large selection of holiday homes, including houses, flats and apartments & more: over 1500 self. Eglise Saint Germain dAuvillars data. 6 nov 2019 Von modern bis klassisch, von ausgefallen bis minimalistisch: In der Rubrik 9 Auvillars Nostalgischer Landhauswaschkommode Waschtisch Von​. How to pronounce Auvillar in French HowT. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. Create a Trip. Essential Auvillars sur Saone. Go Play. Places to see, ways to. Auvillar Tourism & Holiday Guide France Voyage. Flights from Auvillars CFR Search on Orbitz for cheap Auvillars flights, airlines, and airfares to Auvillars.

CV Anne Dushanko Dobek.

Looking for hotels in Auvillars? Enjoy stress free travel, with 24 7 Social Support, FREE cancellation on select hotels & Price Match Guarantee. JewishGen Gazetteer. 2007 Moulin au Nef, Auvillars, France. 2007 Peters Valley, Layton, NJ. 2006 Long Beach Island Foundation, Loveladies, NJ. 2004 Vermont Studio Center,. Marche Auvillars sur Saone Facebook. Jean II dArmagnac, comte dArmagnac, comte de Fezensac, comte de Rodez, comte de Charolais, vicomte de Lomagne, vicomte dAuvillars, was born 1333 to​. Recent France Trip Rick Steves Travel Forum. AuviLLAR, or Auvillars, a town and port of France in Tarn et Garonne, on the Garonne, 13 miles by rail W.S.W. of Moissac. Population 1.745. Beaucoudray.

Weather Forecast Auvillars sur Saone 21250 Cote dOr free 15.

Dauvillars calvados,france Source own Author Thordieudunord Date ​2009 10 31 Permission other versions Category:Auvillars Category:. Auvillar 2020: Best of Auvillar, France Tourism Tripadvisor. Discover the most beautiful tourist destinations around Auvillars sur Saone. Find all the practical and cultural information to help plan your holidays. Auvillars Castles With Overnight Rooms from $85 Expedia. Nostalgic bathroom cabinet Auvillars, bathroom furniture, country house, country and love. Source by krisym07. 152. Share. Facebook Twitter Google ​. Auvillars, Calvados, France Monthly Weather Forecast. 45 views. Tune in spiltmilkfest. 231 views. Tune in Shoe Doctor. 40 views. Tune in See All. Auvillars Sur Saone, France. Dj amateur!!!! Tout pour le fun!!!.

Abbaye de Citeaux - Auvillars D20 Strava Ride Segment in.

Have you always dreamed of staying in a Castle? Browse Castles in Auvillars & stay like royalty while saving money booking with Expedia. Read real user. How To Pronounce Auvillar: Auvillar pronunciation. Miossac to Auvillar is a 20 km walk. We started along the cannal de Garrone and enjoyed shade and the look of the water. Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors & Cousins over. Name, Philippa, vicomtesse de Lomagne et dAuvillars. Gender, Female. Marriage, 1280, to Helie Talairan, Comte de Perigord. Death, bet.

Map of Auvillars Michelin Auvillars map ViaMichelin.

This is Bernards parents house in Auvillars. We stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights. Here are Bernards parents. Among many things, M Bertail. Auvillars Postal code PIN Code ZIP CODES POSTAL Code. Our map displays the areas and neighborhoods around all Auvillars sur Saone hotels so you can see how close you are from landmarks and attractions, and. Google Street View Auvillars Basse Normandie Google Maps. Auvillars Seasonal rental house 11 rooms 10 Bedrooms Ref. 4467298.

Les Vergers DAuvillars France Untappd.

F, 23749, d. after 1090. Beatrix married Vivian Vezian, Vicomte dAuvillers & de Lomagne, son of Odo III, Vicomte dAuvillars, & de Lomagne. Beatrix died after​. Moissac to Auvillar – A way for all seasons. Our friend Anne, who grew up in the area, recommended we take a drive with daughter Wendy to Auvillar, about 20km by Twingo from. Adalaïs de Poitiers 1011–1035 FamilySearch. How do you say Auvillar? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Auvillar on pronouncekiwi. 9 Auvillars Nostalgischer Landhauswaschkommode Waschtisch. At Auvillars Bastille Day Party. Posted on September 3, 2012 by John Aylward Leave a comment. Post navigation. ← Etchings 2012. Leave a Reply Cancel. Page 111 Family Records Collection North Carolina Digital. Looking for hotels in Auvillars? Find the cheapest last minute hotel deals in Auvillars, backed by our daily hot rate deals. Save up to 60% off hotels today!.

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