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Lifehacker is a blog about life hacks and software which began on 31 January 2005. The site was originally launched Gawker media and currently owns G / On the media. Blog posts that cover a wide range of topics, including: Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux programs, iOS and Android, as well as General advice on life and tricks. This website is known for its dynamic schedule since its inception, with content published every half hour throughout the day. Lifehacker motto is "tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done."

In addition, Lifehacker has four international editions, Lifehacker Australia, Lifehacker Japan, Lifehacker in India and the UK which feature most posts from the U.S. version with the additional content, characteristic for the local readers.


1. History. (История)

Gina Trapani was founded Lifehacker and websites are the sole blogger until September 2005, when two associate editors joined her, Erica Sadun and D. Keith Robinson. Other former associate Editors include Wendy Boswell, Rick Broida, Jason Fitzpatrick, Kevin Purdy, and Jackson West. Former contributing editors include the how-to geek, and Tamar Weinberg.

Lifehacker launched in January 2005 with an exclusive sponsorship of Sony. A widely publicized ad campaign rumored to cost $75.000 for three months. Since then, a variety of technology-oriented advertisers have appeared on the website.

Lifehacker is a frequent guest messages included article, Joe Anderson, Esther Hargittai, Matt Haughey, Meg Hourihan, Jeff Jarvis.

January 16, 2009, Trapani resigned from the post of Lifehacker with the lead editor and Adam Pash assumed the position.

On 7 February 2011, Lifehacker launched a redesigned website with a cleaner layout. Then, 15 APR 2013 best redesigned their site again to match the other newly redesigned Gawker sites like Kotaku.

7 Jan 2013, Adam Pash from Lifehacker has moved to a new start-up, and Whitson Gordon became the new editor-in-chief.

From 1 January 2016, Whitson Gordon broke up with Lifehacker to another popular website technology, as a geek, as their new editor in chief replacing Lowell Heddings. In his statement, Gordon confirmed that Alan Henry will take over as interim editor in anticipation of the interview process. Alan Henry became the new editor-in-chief on February 1, 2016.

On 3 February 2017, Alan Henry left his post at Lifehacker. Since then, he moved on to write for the new York times.

On February 28, 2017, Melissa Kirsch became the chief editor.

Choose from one of six web sites, which was acquired by Univision Communications in their acquisition of Gawker media in August 2016.


2. Podcast. (Подкаст)

Staff Lifehacker ran to ask Lifehacker podcast, which was discontinued in April 2014. In may 2014, the ex-Lifehacker writer Adam Dachis took place in the boost, a podcast with the same theme and install it on the authors website Lifehacker Alan Henry, Whitson Gordon and Eric Ravenscraft, Thorin Klosowski, and Patrick Allen often together.

As of January 2017, Lifehacker has a weekly podcast called Update. Mistress Melissa Kirsch and Alice Bradley and capabilities of experts and staff are always at hand "helping you to improve your life, but only for one week."


3. Staff. (Персонал)

According to this email from an editor at Lifehacker, Alan Henry is editor-in-chief at Lifehacker, and had acceded to the new York times. The website Gizmodo media announced Melissa Kirsch as his replacement in February 2017.


4. Awards. (Награды)

  • PC magazine named the best in "our favorite 100 blogs" in October 2007.
  • The website Cnet called the best in their "blog 100" in October 2005.
  • Us Mensa named Lifehacker as one of their top 50 websites in 2010.
  • Wired presented Gina Trapani with a rave award in 2006 For best blog.
  • In the 2007 blog awards, Lifehacker was awarded Best group blog.
  • In 2005, Time named Lifehacker one of the "50 coolest websites" in 2005 one of the "25 sites we cant live without" in 2006 one of the "25 best blogs 2009".
  • earned an MS in Computer Science at Brooklyn College. Trapani founded the Lifehacker blog in January 2005, and led it until January 2009. She later joined
  • focuses on developments in software. DonationCoder has been recognized by Lifehacker Ghacks and other well - known and reputable blogs for its adherence to
  • ISBN 9780761180128. Staff, The Lifehacker About Lifehacker Lifehacker Retrieved 2017 - 12 - 18. The Upgrade by Lifehacker by Lifehacker on Apple Podcasts Apple
  • users that use a particular BitTorrent client, regardless of version. Lifehacker a software weblog, took a survey of 13, 823 readers preferred BitTorrent
  • source. The application was reviewed by Mac Life, reviewed in the book Lifehacker The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better, and covered in the
  • Comparison of applications launchers List of dock applications GNOME Mono Lifehacker - Fast File and Program Launching with GNOME Do Ubuntu 10.04 Add Remove
  • Sourceforge until 2015 when Notepad left Sourceforge completely. In 2011 Lifehacker described Notepad as The Best Programming Text Editor for Windows
  • rating, as an Editor s Choice, and reviewed on Download.com, Makeuseof, Lifehacker and BestFreewareDownload. Webby Award Nominee for Banking Bill Paying
  • culture wars Business Insider. Top 10 Smart Alternatives to TED Talks Lifehacker Boran, Marie. Get inspired with Talks At Google podcast The Irish
  • The Natural Desktop. Digital Blasphemy s work has been recommended by Lifehacker PC World, Yahoo Internet Life, and the G4TV television show The Screen
  • Lifehacker and several other periodicals. Color Code Your Life With Tom s Planner Techcrunch. November 10, 2009. Retrieved 2010 - 12 - 03. Lifehacker November

  • Prescription Eye - Strain Reducing Glasses Jason Chen, 21 November 2011, Lifehacker Lifehacker com Overworked Eyes: Will Your Computer Make You Go Blind? Robert
  • method. In 2013 it was the most popular personal finance software among Lifehacker readers. The latest version, dubbed The New YNAB or nYNAB, was launched
  • an email application for iOS, macOS, and Android devices by Readdle. Lifehacker wrote that Spark was the best alternative for Mailbox users when that
  • of PS3 Media Server exists as Universal Media Server. December 2010 - Lifehacker readers voted PS3 Media Server Best Personal Media Streaming Tool in
  • Turn Off the Lights has been featured on Google Blog, YouTube Blog, Lifehacker MacLife, CNET, and The New York Times. In 2017, Turn Off the Lights was
  • Archived from the original on 15 March 2010. Douglas, Nick. These 1924 Copyrighted Works Enter the Public Domain in 2020 lifehacker lifehacker com
  • Rowman Littlefield. ISBN 1475820291. Henry, Alan. How to Determine If A Controversial Statement Is Scientifically True Lifehacker Official website
  • Deadspin, followed by Kotaku on March 25, 2013 Jezebel on April 8, 2013 Lifehacker on April 15, 2013 and Gizmodo on April 29, 2013. In 2017, following Univision
  • Shotty Captures Screenshots While Preserving Aero - Glass Effects Lifehacker Lifehacker com. Shotty: Screen Capturing Tool Supporting Aero - Glass Effects
  • 2013, XMind was selected as the most popular mind mapping software on Lifehacker It supports mind maps, fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, organization
  • in 2015 it was voted as the most popular price tracking tool among Lifehacker readers. Due to a failure of three hard drives on the database server
  • original WebKit - based version was compared to Mozilla Prism and mentioned in Lifehacker TechCrunch, 43 Folders, the 37 Signals blog, and on InfoWorld as a way

  • management method Interview: father of life hacks Danny O Brien Lifehacker com. 2005 - 03 - 17. Retrieved 2010 - 03 - 11. Cory Doctorow s notes from Danny
  • Browser Adds Firefox Sync And Download Management To IPhones Lifehacker Australia Lifehacker com.au. 2010 - 12 - 28. Retrieved 2016 - 10 - 08. 360 Web Browser
  • Purdy, Kevin 30 October 2007 Organize MP3 Metadata with Ex Falso Lifehacker Retrieved 5 July 2016. Official website Ex Falso Quod Libet on GitHub
  • for NSW. Extreme Commuting Mindaribba Station Woah This Place Is Tiny Lifehacker Australia 27 February 2014 Mindaribba station details Transport for New
  • Over the years there have been many independent reviews for xplorer². Lifehacker considered it the best alternative file browser for windows in a 2011
  • Retrieved 10 November 2019. Official download page. Purdy, Kevin. Manage Any Collection with Tellico Lifehacker Retrieved 2017 - 09 - 20. Official website
  • September 2011 one of The 7 Coolest Startups You Haven t Heard of Yet Lifehacker said it makes project collaboration simple and kind of enjoyable In
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