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Love Thy Nature

Love Thy Nature

Love Thy Nature is a 2016 documentary film directed by Sylvie Rokab and narrated by Liam Neeson. The film underwent development in the mid-2000s, with production lasting nearly a decade. Produced and distributed by In The Light Productions, the first version of the film premiered on 18 October 2014 at the Hollywood Film Festival, with a film festival run throughout 2014 and 2015 and a theatrical run with the final version of the film in 2016. It has had over 300 theatrical and community screenings in 140 cities in 16 countries, earned 27 awards, and was covered in 28 publications.

The film was used to promote the mission of local environmental organizations, as well as to grow in the nature connection movement. The crew in conjunction with the screenings are held to create a "see & do" events, offering viewers the opportunity to participate in the program of nature after the screening of the film. Rokab has extended this concept, creating love travel, the nature of your expeditions and workshops, which will begin with the screening of the film, and then transformirovalsya in the work of the governing parties in the wilderness for the nature of communication and the forest therapy.


1. Synopsis. (Синопсис)

Excellent film Liam Neeson, love thy nature points to how deeply we have lost touch with nature and takes viewers on a cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. The film shows that to resume the connection with nature is key to our health and the health of the planet.

Neeson is the voice" sapiens”, which in the last hundred years, came to believe that we have surpassed nature. Yet," biomimicry” scientists look to the natural world for the most brilliant cutting edge inventions, social ecologists to imagine how nature restores communities, and doctors are finding new ways in which nature heals the body, mind, and brain.

The mission of the film is to show how to renew the connection with nature is crucial for personal health and the health of our planet. Journey sapiens’ shows how the relationship with nature, ignites meaning and this question is so profound that it affects the very essence of what it means to be human.


2.1. Cast and crew. Cast. (Литые)

  • Liam Neeson as Sapiens voice, the narrative character of the film.
  • Julian Walker is an American yoga instructor, retreat coordinator, author, and blogger, whose recent work has made connections between psychology and neurosciences to spirituality and body care.
  • Elisabet Sahtouris is an evolution biologist, futurist, author, and public speaker. Her work has credited for showing the significance of biological systems in globalization and government.
  • Alex Zaphiris is a family integrative physician based in San Francisco, CA. Zaphiris helps those who struggle with mental health and addition, primarily. She puts an emphasis on getting to "the root" of ones issue through alternative therapies.
  • Evon Peter is an indigenous leader, who is the Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community and Native Education at UAF and co-founder of the Native Movement.
  • Duane Elgin is a NASA consultant, social scientist, public speaker, and author. Through his work, he has emphasized on looking deeper into the trends transforming the world.
  • Brian Swimme is a cosmologist, CIIS professor, and Director of the Center for the Story of the Universe. He is known for his work which includes a series of educational videos, authoring several published books, and hosting and writing the PBS film Journey of the Universe.
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, author, and public speaker. She has authored 10 books with over eighty foreign translations along with appearing in Oscar-winning Women – for America, for the World 1986.
  • Andy Lipkis is the founder and CEO of TreePeople, a non-profit dedicated to emphasizing the importance of maintaining natural surroundings in urban areas throughout Los Angeles County.
  • Jay Harman is an Australian Biomimicry Inventor, credited as a pioneer of biomimicry. His designed are apart of a permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art.
  • Stephen R. Kellert was a Board Member of Biological Capital, co-founder and consultant of Environmental Capital Partner,Yale University professor and scholar, and author. He is credited as being a leading authority on environmental conservation movements.
  • Philip Barr is an American integrative medical physician who emphasizes on internal and integrative healing.
  • Dayna Baumeister is a researcher, design consultant, author, public speaker and co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Guild. Her extensive Biomimicry research work resulted in establishing the first Biomimicry Professional Certification Program.

2.2. Cast and crew. Crew. (Экипаж)

Like your character was directed and edited by Director Sylvie Rokab, who also served as cinematographer, writer and producer. Eriberto Almeida Jr. and Rohan Chitrakar worked together Rokab as filmmakers, and Fernanda Rossi and Elaine court worked on story development and editing scripts, respectively. Darius Fisher supervised the digital and visual effects. Fisher, Sheila Laffey, Patrick Rokab, Andreas Gilb, Suzanne Gazda, and Jennifer ingle served as associate producers. Mauro Contaldi, and Keith English has created animation for film.

Francois Paul-Aïche is the composer for the entire original soundtrack for love of nature your. Lisbeth Scott is the author of the music for the trailer of the film. In the credits, the song "voices from the past club Mix" performed by Ginkgo garden and composed by eddy F. Mueller has been used as the courtesy of Sequoia records and Earth vision music.


3. Production. (Производство)

Filming. (Съемки)

Filming began in October 2007, with Rokab guiding interviews with experts at the Bioneers conference in San Rafael, California.

Film locations. (Места съемок фильма)

The film was shot in various locations internationally, with primary production, mostly situated in the County of Los Angeles, California.


3.1. Production. Background and development. (Предпосылки и развитие)

Director, Sylvie Rokab was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, French and Italian parents, both originally from Egypt. From an early age, Rokabs interest in the natural world was encouraged by her parents. After its devastation to see the worlds fastest destruction, Rokab moved to USA and became a cameraman and Director of wildlife. After rejecting a proposal on live television documentary series because of their negative nature images, Rokab wanted to make a film that would instead cause "are forced to learn and communicate with nature." Then Rokab developed the story of Your love nature, hoping to do a project that would connect people to nature and promote personal and social transformation.


3.2. Production. Filming. (Съемки)

Filming began in October 2007, with Rokab guiding interviews with experts at the Bioneers conference in San Rafael, California.


4.1. Promotion and release. Screenings. (Показы)

I love nature your had its world premiere at the Hollywood film festival in October 2014, selected for several film festivals and community screenings, and entered into contests prize. The film saw a limited theatrical release in 2016, primarily in the North American theatre organized by the theatre Manager orders Amy Segal

The film was awarded the mid Atlantic arts Foundation "on the screen-in-person" grant, which the film was shown in 10 Mid-Atlantic city. Millersville University embraced the loving nature of your "view and make a model" and organized a series of nine events following and preceding the screening of the film encourage students assimilation of the nature connection movement. These activities included bird watching, nature journals, lectures sustainability, a panel discussion, in addition to the film screening followed by a question& with Rokab, which was attended by 330 of the audience.

During the screening event, several speakers guest speakers, among them the natural resources of dissertation councils Joel Reynolds, the founder of Amazon watch Atossa Soltani, actress Alexandra Paul, author Wallace J. Nichols, PhD, and moms clean air force strategist Tricia Sheehan, and interviewed from the film.


4.2. Promotion and release. Partnerships. (Партнерства)

From the very beginning of the effort distribution, like the nature of your partnerships with NGOs, government agencies, schools and universities, land trusts, spiritual groups and activists. The film became possible for these organizations to present their programs, buy volunteers, to expand its membership, and even the collection of funds from members of the audience – strengthen their mission and impact.

The show has gone beyond just watch the movie, they were able to communicate with like-minded people, discover local environmental groups and join the nature connection programs for children and adults. For viewers who joined our" see & do” events, screenings were conducted environmental activities that ranged from visiting an organic garden in Santa Monica, California, planting trees on the river Bank in Millersville, Pennsylvania, the arrival of the shaman on a hike in Sedona, Arizona.

Films grassroots efforts include partnerships with organizations such as the Sierra club, the wilderness society, national parks, and TreePeople, the biomimicry Institute, the Council for the protection of natural resources, preservation of the wild film festival, Green city challenge, the Earth Day initiative, Bioneers, the centres of spiritual life, of the Earth Alliance believe, moms clean air force, the hat, the AOR, animals, Valley, Association of nature and forest therapy, and the wild life in the centre.


4.3. Promotion and release. Distribution and outreach. (Распространения и пропаганды)

After finishing shooting to be with nature and your Rokab asked for help hybrid distribution consultant Peter Broderick, who helped her to develop a "5 year plan" to use film to contribute to the nature of connecting traffic.

After the first festival screenings, the film was a Theatrical term. The crew expanded to include outreach activities, currently chaired by Emma Piper-Burket and love the nature of your became available in DIY platform Tugg Inc. which allows people to hold screenings of the film in local theaters or public places of their choice. Video project is the educational distributor of the film for libraries and schools and educational processes Kanopy digital distribution worldwide. Rivers of passion distributes the film on digital platforms Amazon, iTunes, Google play, Vimeo and vudu.

Skye TV in the entertainment distributes the film on commercial airlines, including American airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss air Canada, Turkish Airlines, Russia, Latin America, Arab Emirates airline, Bangkok Airways, Egypt air, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Iberia.


5.1. Reception. Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

In new York times, Neil Genzlinger noted that I love all of your rethinking the relationship between humans and the natural world. Yerman, Marcia G. the Huffington Post praised the film for "visceral cinematography" and "thoughtful conversations" and the casting of Neeson as the voice of sapiens. Village voice wrote love Your nature solves questions about our role on Earth, their role in its care and destruction, as well as our own health, and how we could refrain from its destruction. Rokab alternates hopes and gloomy predictions fortunately, thereby providing a certain degree of hope and possibility that many films of this type do not”. The Los Angeles times wrote, Rokab is the Director "sees the light at the end of the tunnel through the biological revolution, focusing on biomimicry. in which sustainable technology is based on models and designs of nature.” Broward palm beach new times describes Rokabs initiatives for the film, "to create a film that sees the primary connection between man and nature."

The film received a 93% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes, citing as "positive audience response". One reviewer cited, as Rokab "always finds the right balance between entertaining you while causing you emotionally and intellectually. Never. too exhausting, heavy or boring." Laurel Busby Palisades news called the film "visually stunning and sweetly moving piece that reminds viewers of how to communicate with nature and to our species as a whole and of each individual”. Organic conversation and educational media reviews also gave the film positive reviews, with the latter calling it "very inspiring and informative documentary that offers a huge contribution to public understanding of the nature and emphasizes the importance of rethinking the human relationship to the natural world."


6. Love Thy Nature Journeys. (Люблю Путешествия, Природу Твоего)

I love travel, the nature of yours, which is an offshoot of the love nature of your "watch and do" show events where the film Director Sylvie Rokab in partnership with the owners, led after screening programs of the audience to develop a connection with nature.

With the expansion of these programs, I love travel, the nature of your film to audiences in multi-day expeditions and seminars to further enhance their immersion in the natural world.

Work with the outreach producer Emma Piper-Burket, Sylvie Rokab, will continue the showing of this film at the international level in 2020, as well as the organization more audience-leading events, including forms of nature therapy inspired by the Japanese tradition of "Shinrin Yoku" roughly translates to "forest bathing."

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