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  • The Permian ˈpɜːr.mi.ən PUR - mee - ən is a geologic period and system which spans 47 million years from the end of the Carboniferous period 298.9 million
  • million years ago, during the Guadalupian and Lopingian epochs of the late Permian period of the Earth s geological history. This formation is part of the
  • Carboniferous and Permian It is known from teeth and a few poorly preserved body fossils from Germany Kupferschiefer, Upper Permian and England Marl Slate
  • is a geologic formation in England It preserves fossils dating back to the Permian period. Earth sciences portal England portal Paleontology portal Paleozoic
  • The European Permian Basin is a thick sequence of sedimentary rocks deposited in a large sedimentary basin during the Permian period from 298.9 to 251
  • Dasyceps is an extinct genus of zatracheidid temnospondyl from the early Permian of England Dasyceps was originally named in 1850 for the type species, D. bucklandi
  • resulted in the New England Fold Belt, a tectonic accretion of metamorphic terranes and mid - crustal granitoid intrusions, flanked by Permian to Triassic sedimentary
  • and jumped eastward. From the Late Carboniferous to the Early Permian the New England orogen was dominated by an extensional setting related to a subduction
  • Re - evaluation of an early sphenacodontian synapsid from the Lower Permian of England PDF Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal
  • periods from the Cambrian to the Permian 542 251 Ma In the early Cambrian period the volcanoes and mountains of England were eroded as the land became
  • New England Tableland Bioregion is a stepped plateau of hills and plains with elevations between 600 and 1, 500 metres 2, 000 and 4, 900 ft on Permian sedimentary
  • an extinct species of weigeltisaurid reptile from the Late Permian of Germany and England Originally named as Palaechamaeleo jaekeli in 1930, it was
  • Middle to Late Permian Guadalupian to Lopingian age located in the European Permian Basin which stretches from the east coast of England to northern Poland
  • metres 5 ft in length. It lived in present - day France during the Early Permian It was a medium - sized predator, feeding on insects and small vertebrates
  • Ivor Price 1937 Two new cotylosaurs from the Permian of Texas Proceedings of the New England Zoological Club. 11: 97 102.CS1 maint: uses authors
  • Northern England North Wales Dinantian of Scotland Dinantian of Southern England South Wales Llandeilo Llandovery Ludlow Marine Devonian Marine Permian Namurian
  • Ivor Price 1937 Two new cotylosaurs from the Permian of Texas Proceedings of the New England Zoological Club. 11: 97 102.CS1 maint: uses authors
  • H. 27 September 1979 A gliding reptile from the Upper Permian of North East England Nature. 281 5729 297 298. doi: 10.1038 281297a0. ISSN 1476 - 4687
  • exposed a sequence of Lower Permian Yellow Sands overlying Marl Slate and Lower Magnesian Limestone. The exposures of Permian sands exhibit complex cross - bedding
  • Lepidopteris pleasant fern is a form genus for leaves of Late Permian to Late Triassic Period Pteridospermatophyta, or seed ferns, which lived from

Roxby Formation

The Roxby Formation, previously known as the Permian Upper Marls, is a formation from the Guadalupian-Early Triassic of eastern England. The formation is made up largely of mudstone and siltstone, reddish brown, with subordinate sandstone.


Magnesian limestone

Magnesian limestone can refer to: Magnesian Limestone, the traditional name of a specific suite of Permian age rocks in north-east England Dolomite rock, rock made of magnesium carbonate

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