Топ-100 ⓘ Ghost River Formation. The Ghost River Formation is a now-ab

ⓘ Ghost River Formation. The Ghost River Formation is a now-abandoned name for a geologic formation that encompassed Cambrian to Middle Devonian strata in the Roc ..


ⓘ Ghost River Formation

The Ghost River Formation is a now-abandoned name for a geologic formation that encompassed Cambrian to Middle Devonian strata in the Rocky Mountains of southwestern Alberta, Canada. It was established by C.D. Walcott in 1923. The name was abandoned because of uncertainty about the age of the strata that it encompassed.

The type section of the Ghost River Formation contained strata that are now subdivided into several Cambrian formations, unconformably overlain by Middle Devonian strata now assigned to the Yahatinda Formation. The latter are contained in a channel eroded into the Cambrian rocks and include a variety of plant fossils and remains of fresh water fish.

  • paleovalleys. The strata of the Yahatinda Formation were originally included in the Ghost River Formation but that formation name was later abandoned. The Yahatinda
  • The Chinle Formation is an Upper Triassic continental geologic formation of fluvial, lacustrine, and palustrine to eolian deposits spread across the U
  • The Ghost Army was a United States Army tactical deception unit during World War II officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops. The 1100 - man
  • from a rock formation near the mouth of Price Canyon. This formation features two sheer sandstone walls on either side of the Price River which appear
  • city in Emery County Green River Wyoming, a city in Sweetwater County Green River a ghost town in British Columbia Green River a community in Pickering
  • The Spirit River is a river in northern Alberta, Canada. The name is a translation of the Cree words Chepe Sepi, meaning ghost or spirit. The town of
  • Lalu ละล rock formations caused by erosion at the eastern end of the Sankamphaeng Range in Sa Kaeo Province Phae Mueang Phi Ghost Canyon near Phrae
  • mountain, where the oldest part of the rock formation is near the top and the youngest is at the bottom. Ghost Rider is a shadow, particularly visible during
  • remove all Cenozoic - aged formations and cut gorges into the plateaus. Zion Canyon was cut by the North Fork of the Virgin River in this way. Lava flows
  • The ghost bat Macroderma gigas is a flying mammal found in northern Australia. The species is the only Australian bat that preys on large vertebrates
  • settlement shrank to a mere 101 residents. Just when Green River was on the verge of becoming a ghost town, Blacks Fork dried up during a drought and the railroad
  • names in Canada List of communities in Saskatchewan List of ghost towns in Canada Ghost towns in Saskatchewan National Archives, Archivia Net, Post Offices
  • protection of the Ghost River section of the Wolf near LaGrange, Tennessee. During 1995, 4, 500 acres 18 km² - - including the Ghost River - were saved from
  • Canadian Geologic Units. Belloy Formation Archived from the original on 2012 - 07 - 08. Retrieved 2009 - 02 - 12. Ghost Towns of Canada. Belloy, Alberta Coordinates:
  • boundary. Its eastern reaches are marked by the Blackrock Mountain of the Ghost River Area. The range was named by the Palliser expedition as it appears on
  • The Cache la Poudre River ˌkæʃ lə ˈpuːdər listen KASH lə POO - dər also known as the Poudre River is a river in the state of Colorado in the United
  • features various volcanic formations The name Soo Valley was used for the skier hippie group squat at an old lumbering camp - cum - ghost town on Green Lake
  • Island Branch Lines. Wellington: New Zealand Railway Locomotive Society. p. 33. ISBN 0 - 908573 - 70 - 7. Brian s Ghost Railways - the Catlins River Branch
  • Prairie Bluff, also known as Dale and Daletown, is a ghost town in Wilcox County, Alabama. Prairie Bluff first appeared on maps in 1819, the same year
  • building. Powder River Basin, Wyoming, US Sideling Hill roadcut along Interstate 68 in western Maryland, US, where the Rockwell Formation and overlying Purslane
  • been found in the formation Fossilized trees have also been found. The formation s beds were deposited along the banks of rivers and on floodplains
  • of ghost towns in Florida sortable by name, county, or coordinates. Note that the county names are modern as of 2018 in several cases the ghost town
  • orchestra entitled Mississippi Suite based on the lands the river travels through. Ghost a song by Indigo Girls, mentions the mighty Mississippi
  • known for its arches and erosion - sculpted Navajo sandstone formations Here, the San Juan River carrying runoff from the southern slope of Colorado s San

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