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  • and established an outpost at DeCou s house in the present - day city of Thorold Ontario, from which Natives and militia harassed American outposts. The
  • Whirlpool Sandstone, Power Glen Shale, Devils Hole Sandstone, Grimsby Formation Thorold Sandstone, Cambria Shale and Kodak Sandstone. Earth sciences portal
  • were added: the Hamilton Steelhawks and the Thorold Athletics. In 2017, the league announced that the Thorold Athletics were taking leave for the 2018 - 19
  • 24, 2008 was a Canadian National Hockey League player. He was born in Thorold Ontario. He and Eleanor, his wife of 62 years, had four children. Guidolin
  • chaplain to the Bishop of Winchester Harold Browne until 1891, Anthony Thorold 1891 1895 and finally Randall Davidson from 1896 onwards for twenty years
  • Thorold Charles Reep 22 September 1904  3 February 2002 was an analyst credited with creating the long ball game, which has characterized English football
  • 1505 71, which Boase compiled and edited. He also wrote the preface to Thorold Rogers s Oxford City Documents, 1268 - 1665, which the society issued in
  • the Lake Superior Regiment 1960 Beaulieu, Michel S., David K. Ratz, Thorold J. Tronrud, and Jenna L. Kirker. Thunder Bay and the First World War, 1914 - 1919
  • Graham 2005 The Bristol Blenheim: A Complete History. Manchester: Crecy. ISBN 9780859791014. Out of the Blue Thorold - Smith painting by Troy White
  • Aston before the beginning of the 14th century. Tirrold began as Torald, Thorold and Thurroll in the 15th and 16th centuries, and the name was run together
  • ISBN 0 - 7146 - 1352 - 5 Rogers, Thorold ed. Speeches on Questions of Public Policy, by John Bright, M.P.. 1868. Rogers, Thorold ed. Public Addresses. 1879
  • LTRA had other economists as members: John E. Cairnes, Cliffe Leslie and Thorold Rogers. English Members of Parliament MPs joined in numbers, but Irish
  • Ordovician St. Edmund Formation Silurian Stooping River Formation Devonian Thorold Formation Silurian Trenton Group Cobourg limestone Formation Ordovician Trenton
  • family had moved to Delaware, Middlesex County. He joined his family in Thorold Ontario the next year, where he and his brother ran a store. In 1882 Scallion
  • Barningham is recorded by the name of Berningeham. The main landholders being Thorold from William de Warenne. Roger Bigot and Osferth from him. William de Noyers
  • District School Board, two for five of St. Catharines wards, and one for Thorold and the Merriton Ward of St. Catharines. Regional councillors and school
  • No. 452 Squadron s commander, Squadron Leader R.E. Thorold - Smith, was one of those killed. Thorold - Smith was leading the wing at the time, and its attacks
  • Group Power Glen Formation Silurian Medina Group Thorold Formation Silurian Millport Formation equivalent Devonian Moscow Formation Devonian Napanee Limestone
  • 90.5 and is also the city s emergency radio station. Thunder Bay Hydro Thorold J. Tronrud and A. Ernest Epp 1995 Thunder Bay: From Rivalry to Unity
  • the VFA. The VFL players included Ron Barassi, Jack Clarke, Laurie Icke, Thorold Merrett, Tony Ongarello and Stuart Spencer. At the meeting the constitution
  • chroniclelive.co.uk. Grace s Guide. Consett Steel Works. Retrieved 14 May 2012. Thorold Henry 1980 County Durham Shell Guides Faber and Faber. p. 192.

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