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  • list of mayors of Guelph Ontario, Canada. Guelph was founded April 23, 1879 and incorporated as a town on January 1, 1856. Guelph officially became a
  • Guelph Eramosa is a township located in Wellington County, in midwestern Ontario, Canada. It partly encircles the city of Guelph surrounding it in a continuous
  • The Guelph Dolomite is a geologic formation in Ohio. It preserves fossils dating back to the Silurian period. Earth sciences portal Ohio portal Paleontology
  • Immaculate Conception is a Roman Catholic minor basilica and parish church in Guelph Ontario, Canada. A Gothic Revival style building constructed between 1876
  • on February 28, 2017. Guelph Hydro serving Guelph and Rockwood merged into Alectra on January 1, 2019. Following its formation Alectra continued to
  • St. Stanislaus Novitiate and Ignatius College is a set of buildings in Guelph Ontario. It features the Orchard Park Office Centre and the Loyola House
  • of the Lockport Formation for the bituminous dolomites exposed below the Guelph Formation along the Eramosa River, northeast of Guelph Ontario. No detailed
  • highly saline conditions to which Tylopterella had to adapt in the Guelph Formation other organisms with reinforced shells have also been found in the
  • U of T degree 1926 - Graduate program begins. 1964 - Formation of the University of Guelph 1965 - The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture begins. 1988
  • residents in the southern part of the County commute to urban areas such as Guelph Kitchener, Waterloo, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and Hamilton for employment
  • The Kerbel Formation is a geologic formation in Ohio. It dates back to the Cambrian. Earth sciences portal Ohio portal Paleontology portal Generalized
  • The Battle of Fossalta was an episode of the War of the Guelphs and Ghibellines in Northern Italy. It took place in Fossalta, a small location on the
  • The Devonian Mahantango Formation is a mapped bedrock unit in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. It is named for the North branch of the Mahantango
  • The Laurel Formation also known as the Laurel Limestone or the Laurel Dolomite, is a geologic formation in Indiana and Kentucky. It preserves fossils
  • the Devonian period. The West Falls formation is bounded above by the Java Formation and below by the Sonyea Formation It comprises the Angola Shale and
  • The Marcellus Formation or the Marcellus Shale is a Middle Devonian age unit of sedimentary rock found in eastern North America. Named for a distinctive
  • Anthropology, University of Guelph Smith, Herman W., Takanori Matsuno, and Michio Umino 1994 How similar are impression - formation processes among Japanese
  • Eramosa may refer to: Guelph Eramosa, Ontario Eramosa lagerstatten - exceptionally preserved fossil - bearing formation Eramosa Karst Eramosa River
  • Columbia Gazetteer of North America. 2000. The Ringnes Islands University of Guelph Atkinson, Nigel. Late Wisconsinan Glacial and Relative Sea Level History
  • The Logan Formation is the name given to a Lower Carboniferous early Osagean siltstone, sandstone and conglomeratic unit exposed in east - central Ohio
  • The Queenston Formation is a geological formation of Upper Ordovician age Maysvillian to Richmondian Stage which outcrops in Ontario, Canada along

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