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  • The Forster Decker method is a series of chemical reactions that transform a primary amine 1 ultimately to a secondary amine 6 The first step is the
  • The bilevel car American English or double - decker train British English and Canadian English is a type of rail car that has two levels of passenger
  • The 2007 2008 Belgian government formation followed the general election of 10 June 2007, and comprised a period of negotiation in which the Flemish parties
  • Mountain formation refers to the geological processes that underlie the formation of mountains. These processes are associated with large - scale movements
  • 1933 Deckers returned as a Member of the House of Representatives, taking office on 9 May 1933. Following the cabinet formation of 1933 Deckers continued
  • through the field to assume her position on Decker s shoulder 200 metres into the race. They ran in the same formation for three laps. With four laps to go
  • tramway used a mixture of bus style and balloon trams, both in double - decker formation The system of collection by trams from the overhead wiring was unusual
  • T Pau təˈpaʊ is a British pop group led by singer Carol Decker They had a string of Top 40 hits in the UK in the late 1980s, most notably China in
  • the Belgian general election held on 13 June 2010, a process of cabinet formation started in Belgium. The election produced a very fragmented political
  • Cross to Dartford, the two 4DD electric multiple units were the only double - decker trains to be used on the mainline railway network in Britain. Whilst commonly
  • The Alexander ALX200 was a single - decker bus body built by Alexander of the United Kingdom. It was created for low - floor bus chassis produced from the
  • occasionally on the Nagano Shinkansen. E4 series trains feature double - decker cars to accommodate additional commuter traffic around Tokyo and other urban
  • forward - control chassis with a front - mounted engine designed to carry double - decker bus bodywork. It was built mainly for the United Kingdom market between
  • Archived from the original on 2008 - 02 - 05. Retrieved 2015 - 09 - 05. Everhart, Decker Decker 2006 Image: KU40001 - 4.jpg, 589 500 px oceansofkansas.com. Retrieved
  • Jensen, Joe Superfisky, James Decker and others, a newspaper ad was placed in the university paper calling for formation of a university rugby club. Coached
  • SUG EUG CUG Single - decker Express Coach Underfloor - engined Gardner SMA SMG Single - decker Mid - engined Albion Gardner SRG Single - decker Rear - engined Gardner
  • The Scania Metropolitan was the first double decker bus model built jointly by MCW and Scania. It was built between 1973 and 1978. It was also the second
  • driving trailers. GWR Autocoach Multiple unit Push - pull train Railmotor New Zealand motor train Voiture Etat à 2 etages French double - decker equivalent
  • Vasterås Orebro and Gavle Sandviken, and since 2010 to Gothenburg. The double decker trains are built by Alstom since 2004, with 43 units being delivered, either
  • Langendries, Herman De Croo, Louis Michel, Herman Van Rompuy and Armand De Decker Some political analysts saw this as comparable to the Crown Council. Commonly

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