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  • silvery water. The Town of Sodus is on the north border of the county and is midway between Rochester and Syracuse. The Town of Sodus was formed in 1789 from
  • The Sodus Shale is a geologic formation in New York. It preserves fossils dating back to the Silurian period. Earth sciences portal New York state portal
  • Marion Ontario Palmyra Rose Savannah Sodus Walworth Williamson Wolcott Clyde Newark Palmyra Red Creek Sodus Sodus Point Wolcott Lyons county seat Macedon
  • shore of Lake Ontario, east of Sodus Bay. From the park s hiking trails, visitors can view the large clay formations at the water s edge for which the
  • equipment led to the area s shutdown in 1980. Brantling Ski Slopes - in Sodus New York Bristol Mountain - in South Bristol, New York also offers Nordic
  • receivership upon default of its bonds. The Rochester and Sodus Bay Railway interurban line to Sodus was closed in June 1929, and local streetcar service to
  • Pulteney Estate. The Pulteney Estate was a large tract of land stretching from Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario south to the Pennsylvania border. Its western border
  • Furguson Assessor: Amber Roberts Superintendent of Highways: Scott Maybe Blind Sodus Bay A bay of Lake Ontario in the northeast part of the town. The bay is
  • the Town of Sodus in 1811. The Erie Canal was completed as far as Lyons by 1821. In 1825, the size of the town was reduced upon the formation of the Town
  • settler arrived and four years after the town was formed from neighboring Sodus This became District Number One when a second school was opened in 1811
  • harbors on the American shore are Lewiston, Youngstown, Port Genesee, Sodus and Little Sodus bays, Oswego, Sackets Harbor, and Cape Vincent. The St. Lawrence
  • Jersey Brook Farm in West Roxbury, Massachusetts the Community Place and Sodus Bay Phalanx in New York State Silkville, Kansas and several others. Fourier
  • Group Rockway Formation Silurian Clinton Group Sauquoit Formation Silurian Clinton Group Sodus Formation Silurian Clinton Group Westmoreland Formation Silurian
  • Bath, Avon, Urbana, Prattsburgh and Rochester H at Syracuse, Arcadia, Sodus Huron, Lyons and Palmyra I at Rochester, Auburn, Syracuse and Seneca Falls
  • Mongols under Kublai Khan s general Sogetu sometimes known as Sagatu or Sodu who was the governor of Guangzhou, China. The king avoided war with his
  • near modern Guichi District. Arigh Kaya conquered Hunan and Guangxi while Sodu occupied Fuzhou. At this point, reusable fire lance barrels made of metal
  • 000 won bill. Chojip 초집 were how - to guide booklets used by cheaters. The sodu 소두 was the chairman of a committee who would put forth appeals to the king
  • right sold applied to all land west of a line running from the mouth of Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario, due south through Seneca Lake, to the 82nd milestone
  • Watervliet. By 1790, the Hancock Village was also organized. After the formation of the New Lebanon, Watervliet, and Hancock communities, within three
  • Lewis, but work was abandoned 1924. Sodus Bay, Corning and New York Railroad - 1870 began a line from Corning to Sodus Bay.. Graded between Savona and Pen

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