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  • Kirkland is an on - island suburb on the Island of Montreal in southwestern Quebec, Canada. As of 2016, the population was 20, 151, representing a percentage
  • James Ian Kirkland born August 24, 1954 is an American paleontologist and geologist. He has worked with dinosaur remains from the south west United States
  • overlying Tarn Moor Formation These are matched by the Murton Formation grey slates and thin sandstones and the Kirkland Formation mudstones with tuffs
  • A.T., Wolfe, D.G., and Kirkland J.I. 2006 On a hadrosauromorph Dinosauria: Onithopoda from the Moreno Hill Formation Cretaceous, Turonian of
  • The Dakota Formation is a sedimentary geologic formation composed of sandstone, mudstone, and shale deposited in the late - Early to early - Late Cretaceous
  • rock formations Stokes 1944 Kowallis, et al. 1998 Stokes 1952 Aubrey 1998 Kirkland et al. 1997b Roca - Argemi and Nadon 2003 Kirkland and
  • the vertebrates of the Potomac Group Aptian Arundel Formation USA In Lucas, Spencer G. Kirkland James I. Estep, J.W. eds. Lower and Middle Cretaceous
  • Press. Kirkland J. I. K. Carpenter 1994 North America s first pre - Cretaceous ankylosaur Dinosauria from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of western
  • amber Weishampel, et al., 2004 Peyrot et al., 2007 Escucha Formation at Fossilworks.org Kirkland et al., 2013 Perez de la Fuente et al., 2012 Ortega Blanco
  • of the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah, dating to the Barremian. These were subsequently studied and reported in 1995 by Kirkland Britt, Madsen and Burge
  • dinosaur fossils in the Cedar Mountain Formation Gastonia was formally named and described by James Kirkland in 1998, from the holotype specimen and
  • James Ian Kirkland and Donald DeBlieux. A phylogenetic tree after a recent phylogenetic analysis by Chiba et al. 2017 The Wahweap Formation has been
  • from the formation an indeterminate eudromaeosaur UMNH VP 20209 and an indeterminate velociraptorine UMNH VP 21752 McDonald AT, Kirkland JI, DeBlieux
  • The Kaiparowits Formation is a sedimentary rock formation found in the Kaiparowits Plateau in Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument, in the southern
  • assigned it to Nodosauridae in 1978. In 1998 Kenneth Carpenter and James Kirkland in a review of North American Lower Cretaceous ankylosaurs, considered
  • biostratigraphy of the Morrison Formation near Cañon City, Colorado. In Carpenter, K., Chure, D. and Kirkland J.I. eds. The Morrison Formation An Interdisciplinary
  • of the formation located near Naturita, Colorado. The formation overlies the Cedar Mountain Formation and underlies the Mancos Shale formation thus occupying
  • her family Timeline of dromaeosaurid research Cedar Mountain Formation James Ian Kirkland 1993 in paleontology BYU Museum of Paleontology USU Eastern Prehistoric
  • Mountain Formation McDonald AT, Kirkland JI, DeBlieux DD, Madsen SK, Cavin J, et al. 2010 New Basal Iguanodonts from the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah
  • portal Timeline of troodontid research Cedar Mountain Formation 2010 in paleontology Senter, P. Kirkland J. I. Bird, J. Bartlett, J. A. 2010 A New
  • gustasoni Kirkland 1987 C. felchi Kirkland 1987 moved to C. guentheri by Kirkland 1998 C. fossanovum Kirkland 1998 C. stewarti Milner and Kirkland 2006
  • Northeastern Ontario are served by four campuses located in Timmins Porcupine Kirkland Lake, Moosonee, and Haileybury. Annual enrolment is approximately 1, 500

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