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A New Nature

A New Nature

A New Nature is the third studio album by British alternative rock band Esben and the Witch, scheduled to be released on the 1 September 2014 through their own label Nostromo Records.


1. Background. (Фон)

In early 2014, the band left Matador records and made their own label Nostromo records. They pledged on the PledgeMusic platform, which is an online direct fan music platform that facilitates musicians to reach their fans to pre-sell, market, and distribute music projects including recordings, music videos, and concerts. Platform PledgeMusic, they placed pre-orders for their third album, in which some include hand-made the bonus EP and new life blossoms in the ruins, and the money went to cover costs of recording.

7 April 2014, they released a split EP untitled with thought forms, featuring two songs "dog" and "Butoh". On April 7, they performed "not a dog" and two new songs, "dig your fingers In" and "those Dreaful Hammers" on BBC radio 6. They started recording with Steve Albini in April 2014 at electrical audio studios in Chicago. Their song "strangers in a sunless valley" was shown on the third Audioscope Music for a good home compilation in may.

They announced that the album in June 2014, and has already released the first single from the album, "doctrine of blood" on iTunes. The album was planned for 1 September 2014.


2. Music. (Музыка)

The guardian compared the song "blood teachings" in the early P. J. Harvey. On quietus said "blood teachings" is a good example, with its swans-La heaving repetition providing a soundbed over which Rachel Davies unfolds hypnotic vocals, is no different from the former Albini fellow PJ Harvey, building to demolition, fuzzing crescendo."

The group said about the album:

"We wanted to create an album that had a level of purity in it. To remove the layers and loops, and see what is under it. To keep things naked, unadorned and raw materials. The three of us in the room making noise. We were looking to create an earlier entry, full of human emotions and sound. Drawing on themes of endurance, strength, determination and self-realization. Themes that have always inspired us but perhaps, only now, a few years down the line, a few years of touring under our belts, we feel the confidence and maturity to explore and shout about it."

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