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LifeType is an open-source blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single installation. It is written in PHP and supports MySQL database. LifeType is licensed under the General public license GNU.

LifeType began as a project to create a flexible blogging platform. LifeType was built with the intention to have a scalable architecture while keeping the core as light as possible, hoping to ensure the efficient and fast web-publishing engine. However, many of the features of LifeType allowed to be compared to other, more familiar software blog. LifeType borrows from several open source components. These functional components together help make LifeType a more full-featured.

LifeType offers support for multiple blogs and multiple users in a single installation. Each blog can run in your language and can be customized using the template engine. LifeType also Bayesian spam filtering, media files, file processing, custom search engine friendly URL and the district administration.

Lifetype integrates a web wizard to help users create and customize your own blog.

With the integration of the plugin in the template Editor, users can make custom adjustments to the template LifeTypes. As the project is open source, LifeType is built, maintained and adjusted by the Lifetype community of designers.


1. Features. (Особенности)

  • Multiple users in the blog.
  • Multiple blogs per user.
  • Sub-Domains. (Суб-Домены)
  • Localization. (Локализация)
  • Mobile features moblogging. (Мобильные функции moblogging)
  • Extensible plugin support. (Расширяемая поддержка плагинов)
  • Integrated media Management. (Комплексное управление СМИ)
  • A few blogs to install suitable for blog hosting.
  • Functions protection from spam, trackback validation).

2. History. (История)

The LifeType project started in February 2003 under the name of plough. the plough was renamed to LifeType after Amazon.com the owner of the "plough" trademark asked to change his name.

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