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★ Unbelievable Mysteries Solved

"Unbelievable Mysteries Solved" is the eighth and final episode of Lost and Found season one that originally aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network on March 2, 2013. This series documentary contains three unrelated segments, with a common theme, each has a driven woman touched by people who care about them and their plight and who go on an unbelievable journey and achieve what they were seeking. The episode received coverage on several social media sites due to a segment about a lost dog that was miraculously recovered after two years.


1. Cast and Crew. (Актеры и съемочная группа)

  • Segment Directors: Eric Schotz, Lisa Bougoujian and John Tindall.
  • Executive Producers: Eric Schotz and Lisa Bourgoujian.
  • Senior Producer: Elizabeth Meeker.
  • Producers: Lou Decosta and Jan Kimbruagh.
  • Editors: Scott Reynolds,Claudia Hoover,Kevin Hudnell and Paul Yates.
  • Series Producer: Jan Lonsdale.
  • Segment Producers: Annette Lassen & Robyn Salzman.
  • Field Producers: Cindy Anderson, Lynn Birdwell, Nicole Frost, Jeni Nilson, Madeeine Pollok and Fred Silverman.
  • Supervising Producer: Paul Amirault.


  • Alberto Dominguez: Segment 2-Dog owner.
  • Leia: Segment 2-lost dog.
  • Alma Dominguez: Segment 2-Dog owner.
  • Sandra Sandy Shelton: Segment 3- Student who tracks down West Virginia’s Moon Rock.
  • Ann Marie Anderson: Segment 2-Finder of lost dog.
  • Gina Evans: Segment 1-Selina’s mom.
  • Stephanie Grant: Segment 1-Woman who donated Selina her kidney.
  • Joseph Gutheinz Segment 3- Sandy’s Professor.
  • Selina Hodge: Segment 1-Girl in search of kidney.

2. Plot. (Сюжет)

In segment 1, Selina Hodge, faces death without a new kidney and with the help of her mother, Gina Evans, they reach out on Craigslist asking anyone to donate one of his kidneys to save the life selinas life. When the television reporter reads Craigslist he does a story on Selinas quest and a 23-year-old stranger, Stephanie Grant, steps forward and donates her kidney.

In segment 2, Alma Dominguez and Alberto Dominguez lose their dog Leia and for two years they hunt for her and when they almost give up their query, they learn that a dog lover by the name of Ann Marie Anderson had found their dog in El Paso, Texas, where the dog went missing, but in Colorado, 700 miles away. The segment ends with the return of Leia on Dominguez.

In segment 3, student of University of Phoenix alumnus sandy Shelton is given an assignment, her Professor of criminal justice Joseph Gutheinz to track down the missing moonstone. The moonstone she chose to track was West Virginia "Apollo 17" Goodwill moon rock worth $ 5 million. After starting on the initial difficulty sandy Shelton asks the newspaper the Charleston Gazette for help and finally she gets a call that leads her to West Virginia long lost Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon rock. The segment ends when sandy Shelton and Professor Gutheinz learn that the West Virginia Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon rock will be placed in the Museum of the state of West Virginia, across the street from the Capitol, next to a plaque that tells about a successful attempt sandy Shelton to restore it.

  • Varan the Unbelievable 大怪獣バラン, Daikaijū Baran is a 1958 Japanese kaiju film produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, directed by Ishirō Honda, and starring Kozo
  • documentary Sex on the Moon Stolen and missing Moon rocks Unbelievable Mysteries Solved from the Lost and Found TV series Crowder, Courtney April
  • Sinclair User reported: while the graphics in the game . are supposedly unbelievable the game is a shambles. Lack of memory has been blamed for the failure
  • Network s television show Lost and Found aired a show titled Unbelievable Mysteries Solved which included Gutheinz, his former graduate student Sandra
  • been renamed Mysteries at the Monument, Mysteries at the Hotel, and Mysteries at the Castle, respectively, to capitalize on the Mysteries at the Museum
  • a manner baffling to the younger detectives. Otherwise, the plot is unbelievable but makes for some light - hearted fun. The Missing People 1940 IMDb
  • with the devil. Boucher and McComas lauded The Devil In Velvet as an unbelievably perfect fusion of time travel and diabolism with historical romance and
  • the solution to the mystery becomes apparent early on and that leaves the movie...tumbling rapidly into ever more unbelievable situations Jeff Jarvis
  • Christine Cellier - A unbelievably gorgeous, black - haired teen who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cellier. She helps the Hardys and Chet solve the Mysterious
  • Mystery Island, and the doggone it daffy doings of those dog detectives, Woofer Whimper, and more...the unbelievable adventures of an unbelievable motorcycle
  • know - how often comes handy while socialising with people and unravelling mysteries He always reads about the place he is visiting. He says it comes in handy

  • due to much dedication in the study of both. The mysteries are not solicited by Matthew for solving rather brought to him against his wishes by schoolmate
  • 2010. Shales, Tom March 22, 2006 Evidence: An Airtight Case Heist: Unbelievable Rip - Off The Washington Post. Retrieved October 6, 2010. Stanley, Alessandra
  • technical point. The technical demands made on the player are in some places unbelievable For example, the interval of the 12th in the Prelude No. 7 is just short
  • why such a skilled detective would be out of work and available to solve mysteries at an English country house. At the time of Christie s writing, it
  • Dock and the mismailing of an electric bill. Poirot described her as Unbelievably ugly and incredibly efficient. Anything that she mentioned as worth consideration
  • and Kim travelling the world while becoming involved in and solving various mysteries Paul Dini, Jack Kirby, and Neal Adams have all contributed to
  • Mona s stories, which, ironically, Mona finds rather outlandish and unbelievable Mayor Rosenbaum: The town s mayor. Mrs. Bryerson: Mona s elderly neighbor
  • Paul has stated We are no better than the Mozambique Authorities its unbelievable the incompetency of the doctor s investigation in Melbourne not only
  • and Valari Gowtham Sundararajan The Aandavar vanam shows some unbelievable Mysteries also it has some hidden facts on behalf of the Varma Kalai. The
  • in next week because he would rather have a show err on the side of unbelievable than unremarkable, and I m interested to see if Abrams has any more tricks
  • Turn Me On, Geils Natalie Portman as Christina Craft This Sounds Unbelievable but CSI: Miami Did It Constance Zimmer as Detective Jessie Goldstein
  • the illnesses they will encounter in their patients. And it sounds so unbelievably naïve, but I don t think I m the only one whose world is shaken by the
  • science to solve crimes. Episodes of the series needed to be run in regular sequence for understandable viewing, as many Bloodhound Gang mysteries were cut
  • Critics Choice Awards 2020: Fleabag, Watchmen, When They See Us, Unbelievable Among TV Nominees TVLine. December 8, 2019. Retrieved December 8, 2019
  • created the S.S.D. Silly Stuff Dept. for absurd and unbelievable cases that only Mandrake could solve He has a son, Chris. Magnon, the emperor of the galaxy
  • criticized that some of the puzzles are just too difficult, requiring unbelievable stretches of imagination and leaps in logic but concluded the game
  • Books. pp. 92 93. ISBN 0 - 947731 - 41 - 5. McNeill, Colin 6 January 2016 Mystery solved of how Sherlock Holmes knew so much about poisonous plants Herald
  • was one of the best cliffhangers of the season. The cliffhanger was never solved since the series was canceled. While New York Police NYPD detectives
  • in the second episode of ITV s You Don t Know You re Born and on The Unbelievable Truth. He has appeared in an episode of the BBC science programme Horizon

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