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Lifening is a song by Northern Irish alternative rock group Snow Patrol. The track is the fifth single from the bands sixth studio album, Fallen Empires. It was released as a free digital download on 3 July 2012 from the bands official website.


1. Background and writing. (Фон и записи)

In various interviews, Lightbody said that the song "Lifening" was written after his sister were children. He said that he felt "his watch" I say to him that it was time to have children himself, and he said that the song his way of trying to understand what he really wants from life.


2. Promotion. (Продвижение)

The single version of the song, he Liz "burst to life mix", received the worlds first play on radio 1S review show with Edith Bowman on 3 July 2012. Lightbody had originally stated that he thought this song will have a "soft" release.


3. Music video. (Музыкальное видео)

According to the Lightbodys blog, video "Lifening" was filmed live in groups, the current set in Chicago, as the song "became real the moment in the course of this year, and we wanted to capture him."

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