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SteelEye LifeKeeper

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux is a high-availability cluster software, for Linux computer systems. It provides application cluster capabilities to systems running databases, file sharing on a network, electronic commerce websites, or other applications.

It was originally designed and developed at&T bell labs in 1992 to enable high availability of the global network voice system running on Unix-star server. After at&T LifeKeeper deprived division in NCR, the group acquired the technology in 1999. The group was later renamed SIOS technology Corp. in 2006, after being acquired by SIOS technology, Inc.


1. Description. (Описание)

The high-availability cluster HAC to improve the availability of applications is not them or their switching group systems, in contrast to high performance clusters which improve the performance of applications by executing them on multiple systems simultaneously. SIOS protection Suite for Linux provides a high level of protection, accessibility for physical hosts and virtual machines. It provides protection for applications running in virtual environments VMware®, KVM and physical environments from downtime. LifeKeeper software integrates with the interface of application monitoring for VMware and adds application awareness and prescriptive intelligence to VMware ha for faster recovery time and the full protection of the application.

Similar products include Fujitsu PRIMECLUSTER, IBM hacmp need, HP ServiceGuard, IBM Tivoli system automation for Multiplatforms SA MP, Linux-ha, Microsoft cluster server MSCS, NEC ExpressCluster, Red hat cluster Suite, Veritas cluster server and Sun cluster.

In 2009 the company launched a program that allows users of HP ServiceGuard that HP stopped selling that year, to go to the LifeKeeper for Linux product. LifeKeeper received the award for best clustering solution at linuxworld several times.

  • applications. In 2003, the company introduced LifeKeeper for Windows 2003. In 2008, the company launched its SIOS Data Keeper data replication solution. The company
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  • Cluster Server MSCS NEC ExpressCluster, Red Hat Cluster Suite, SteelEye LifeKeeper and Sun Cluster. VCS is one of the few products in the industry that
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