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  • processes may cause subsequent rotation of horizontal sills into near vertical orientations. Sills can be confused with solidified lava flows however
  • research on the Palisades Sill is currently ongoing. Diabase Igneous differentiation Sill geology NYC Regional Geology The Palisades U.S. Department
  • The Nipissing sills also called the Nipissing diabase, is a large 2217 to 2210 million year old group of sills in the Superior craton of the Canadian
  • river in Austria Sills Cummis Gross formerly Sills Beck, Cummis, Radin, Tischman Zuckerman a U.S. corporate law firm Beverly Sills 1929 2007 American
  • the same time. The Little Whin Sill is an associated formation to the south in Weardale. Much of the early study of geology began in the British Isles, whence
  • A sill swarm or sill complex in geology is a major group of sills intruded within continental crust. They are located under volcanic edifices, including
  • The Winagami sill complex, also called the Winagami sills is a Paleoproterozoic large igneous province of northwestern Alberta, Canada. It consists of
  • total. Apsheron Threshold Camarinal Sill Denmark Strait Espartel Sill Mona Passage Sill geology Sills Sills Blue Habitats. Retrieved 25 September
  • of Cimarron Canyon State Park. NMBGMR Geologic Tour: Cimarron Canyon State Park New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. Retrieved 2009 - 03 - 29
  • Other examples of nearby sills are Fair Head, the Portrush sill which forms Ramore Head and the Skerries, and the Knocksoghey Sill near Ballintoy, part of
  • 123 N 3.946 W 56.123 - 3.946 The Stirling Sill is an outcropping of a large quartz - dolerite intrusion or sill that underlies a large part of central Scotland
  • planes between strata are called intrusive sills The term sheet is the general term for both dikes and sills Sometimes dikes appear in swarms, consisting
  • Geology from the Ancient Greek γῆ, gē earth and - λoγία, - logia, study of discourse is an earth science concerned with the solid Earth, the
  • Country rock is a geological term meaning the rock native to an area, in which there is an intrusion of viscous geologic material, commonly magma, or perhaps
  • A swell in geology is a domed area of considerable areal extent. According to Leser, it is also called a sill geology and is a gently arched landform
  • Carboniferous age. These are intruded by Permian dykes and sills of which the Whin Sill makes a significant impact in the south of the park. Further
  • Mount McKay is a mafic sill located south of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, on the Indian Reserve of the Fort William First Nation. It is the highest, most
  • Shropshire s Geology is very diverse and most geological periods of time, and most rock types, can be found within the county. There is also a large amount
  • of country rock entirely encased within a mineral lode. In structural geology the term was first used to describe the thrust - bounded imbricates found


Apophysis may refer to: Apophysis software, a fractal flame generating program for Microsoft Windows A tubercle bone In botany, an outgrowth or enlargement of an organ such as a plant stem Apophysis spider, an outgrowth of the exoskeleton in spiders and other arachnids Apophysis geology, a discordant offshoot from another body, such as a sill, dike, or pluton

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