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Lifemapper is building a map view, the diversity of the world. It is similar to a home network client in which it uses a distributed computing client running in the first place for home users to correlate biological samples geo-referenced with ecological models of the Earth. This is an experimental GIS, or geographic information system, which uses a special genetic algorithm, to see if predicted rules about where there is compliance with the types of observed natural conditions. It is hoped that this technique can represent the current "map" of all the habitats of the organisms on Earth, and to predict where organisms can thrive or face extinction due to climate change and other environmental transformations.

  • solutions to automated spatial prediction. International Journal of Geographic Information Systems 13: 143 158 OpenModeller related GARP page Lifemapper
  • openModeller - open source niche modelling library lifemapper - niche modelling project from Kansas University Lifemapper 2.0 - video of presentation by Aimee Stewart
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