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Invisible Nature

Invisible Nature

Invisible Nature is a live album by English saxophonist John Surman and American drummer Jack DeJohnette recorded in Tampere and Berlin in 1999 and released on the ECM label.


1. Reception. (Прием)

On the website MySpace review Scott Yanow awarded the album 4 stars, stating: "the performances in the atmosphere, as players use electronics in spots while retaining their own musical personalities. Surman has long been a very flexible and basically a calm player, and de jonett also has the ability to fit in almost anywhere. Not single song or solo, this CD is most notable for its overall feel and the combination of these two unique musicians."


2. Track listing. (Трек-лист)

All the works of John Surman and Jack De janett.

  • "Rising Tide" – 9:32.
  • "Mysterium" – 15:57. ("Мистериум" – 15:57)
  • "Song for World Forgiveness" – 9:29.
  • "Outback Spirits" – 12:30.
  • "Fair Trade" – 11:21.
  • "Ganges Groove" – 6:36.
  • "Underground Movement" – 9:45.
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