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Lifesavas is a hip hop group from Portland, Oregon with a classic hip hop sound. Their style exhibits tag-team rhymes, matter-of-fact storytelling and a soulful production. The emcees styles and song writing skills are showcased in the arrangements of a funky collection of subject matter and concepts.


1. Formation. (Формирование)

Vursatyl and Jumbo met playing basketball and tearing Free-style in Portland city parks. Initially work on different projects of the same makeshift Studio, the two decided to join creative forces. Soon, DJ Rev shines joined them, creating a trio.

Chief Xcel from openeds Blackalicious Lifesavas and invited the group to perform in San Franciscos Blackalicious Quannum projects.

Vursatyl was invited to perform backing vocals fors Blackalicious during their live performances. Shortly thereafter, Jumbo and shines joined Vursatyl on tour, opening for Quannum artistss Blackalicious and Latyrx. That led to a record deal on Quannum projects in 2003, when they released their debut album spirit in stone. This album includes the singles "Hello / what if its true?" and "fever / selector".

Their second album, Gutterfly, was released on 10 April 2005 on the Quannum projects, with singles of "gutterfly" and "Seperents love."


2. Works

Track appearances. (Отслеживать выступления)

  • "Government Cheese" on "We came from Beyond, VOL. 2" 2003.
  • "Hello_Hi_Hey" on Molson Red Leaf Collection Vol. 1 2004.
  • Oakland, California Latyrx Lateef Lyrics Born Oakland, California Lifesavas Jumbo, Vursatyl, Rev. Shines Portland, Oregon Lyrics Born Berkeley
  • include appearances by Quannum labelmates Pigeon John and Vursatyl of Lifesavas as well as Def Jux rapper Mr. Lif. It s Apsci Intro 0: 10 Tirade
  • a song by Finnish band Sunrise Avenue from their album Unholy Ground Lifesavas similarly named hip - hop group from Portland, Oregon The Lifesaver, a
  • is a member of Knock - knock with DJ Rev. Shines from the hip - hop group Lifesavas on Quannum Projects He is also a member of the string band Black Prairie
  • July 21, 2014. Gonzales, Matt June 18, 2003 Lyrics Born Zion I Lifesavas Oddjobs PopMatters. McPherson, Steve November 9, 2006 Kill the
  • now part of a bustling Northwest independent scene that includes the Lifesavas Boom Bap, Soul Plasma, DJ and MC, Libretto, Lightheaded and The Blacknotes
  • Lif - New man Theme Bonobo - Change Down Amon Tobin - Get Your Snack On Lifesavas - Soldierfied Meat Beat Manifesto feat. DJ Collage - Echo in Space Dub
  • Match Sleater - Kinney - Modern Girl The Ready - For All You Know The Lifesavas - The Warning The Shins - Saint Simon The Decemberists - The Mariner s
  • Press 2002 Lyrics Born - The Last Trumpet from Later That Day 2003 Lifesavas - Emerge from Spirit in Stone 2003 General Elektriks - Take You Out

  • As he was touring with Honeycut and laying keys down for more artists Lifesavas Curumin, Jel, the Mighty Underdogs, etc.... Salters started working
  • Trapper, The Blow, The Decemberists, The Helio Sequence, Hockey band Lifesavas M.Ward, Menomena, Mirah, Quasi, Sleater - Kinney, The Shins, The Shaky
  • Tommy Guerrero Gettin It Together from Soul Food Taqueria 2003 Lifesavas Emerge from Spirit in Stone 2003 Haiku D Etat Top Qualified
  • 7L Esoteric - Rules of Engagement from Dangerous Connection 2002 Lifesavas - Selector from Spirit in Stone 2003 The Nextmen - 31st February
  • Vehicle 2014 Stoops 2016 Symbolyc One Everybody Clap feat. Lifesavas from Music Box 2008 Fresh Daily Me First from The Gorgeous Killer:
  • Larry June Lateef the Truthspeaker Latyrx Lazarus LBC Crew Left Brain Lifesavas Lighter Shade of Brown Likwit Crew Lil B Lil Debbie Lil Eazy - E Lil Ric
  • tour with Del the Funky Homosapien, KutMasta Kurt, Planet Asia, and the Lifesavas All songs written by Christopher Thes One Portugal and Michael Double
  • Butler Illmaculate Jake One Jay Park Josh Martinez Kid Sensation Kyprios Lifesavas Lil Mosey Lil Windex LNDN DRGS Macklemore Madchild Mad Rad Moka Only Mr
  • Twista Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks Vursatyl of Lifesavas and Quannum Wildchild of Lootpack will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas Wise
  • Mash featuring Rapper Big Pooh Kay 03. Everybody Clap featuring Lifesavas Tanya Morgan 04. Neva featuring Tone Trezure 05. Next Level featuring
  • Ewing IAM Broken Social Scene Franz Ferdinand Matthieu Chedid Lyrics Born Lifesavas Capleton Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Mono A.S Dragon Herman Dune Invites
  • George Clinton A Soulful Tale of Two Cities 2007: Night Out from the Lifesavas album Gutterfly 2008: Up Again from the Bobby Digital album Digi Snacks
  • Latin Kings Latyrx Lazy Mutha Fucka LBC Crew Leaders of the New School Lifesavas A Lighter Shade of Brown Lil Soldiers Liricas Analas Little Brother Live
  • skeleton of the flow first, and then I put words into it. The group Lifesavas describe a similar process. Rapper Tech N9ne has been recorded demonstrating
  • Pack Up Remix by Lyrics Born, with Evidence, Jumbo the Garbageman of Lifesavas KRS - One 2004 Let s Go from the Da Beatminerz album Fully Loaded w
  • Basketball commercial 2003 bass guitar, keyboards, trumpet, flugelhorn Lifesavas - Spirit in Stone 2003 Soldierfied Guitar Emerged Bass guitar, Guitar
  • Scene 3 - Revenge and Night Out Scene 5 - Connects as Mega Nut on Lifesavas Gutterfly soundtrack 2007 Changes not to be confused with Change
  • Corporation. Retrieved March 12, 2013. Bush, John. Spirit In Stone Lifesavas AllMusic. Rovi Corporation. Retrieved March 12, 2013. Keepintime: A
  • contestant on Rock Star Supernova, currently guest vocalist with Pink Martini Lifesavas Loch Lomond Stephen Malkmus Scott McCaughey, leader of Seattle - based bands
  • tour with Del the Funky Homosapien, KutMasta Kurt, Planet Asia, and the Lifesavas During the supporting tour for the album, the songs Acid Raindrops
  • Dilla and KRS - One. While an opening act on a tour with Seattle - based LifeSavas and Dallas - based Strange Fruit Project, Blu discovered all three of his
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