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LifeHand is thought-controlled prostheses, a scientific device that allows a person to control a robotic hand using only his mind. The result in 2 million Euro, five-year project funded by the European Union.

The project, coordinated by the Anna School for advanced studies, involved in implantation of the four electrodes in the nervous system Pierpaolo Petruzziellos left arm for one month, allowing him to control the four-fingered robot hand to achieve complex movements. Implantation took place in the campus bio-medico of Rome University, other research partner involved in the experiments.

The project, prepared in 2002 a three-month experiment of Kevin Warwick and Peter Kyberd, which is involved in implantation of the 100 electrodes in the nervous system, to control two fingers of the robotic hand with less dexterity but with sensory feedback.

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