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Betic corridor

The Betic Corridor, or North-Betic Strait, was a strait of water connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean that once separated the Iberian plate from the Eurasian plate through the Betic Cordillera. Its closure approximately 5.96 million years ago during the Messinian period of the Miocene epoch, precipitated the Messinian Salinity Crisis, a period when the Mediterranean Sea evaporated partly or completely.


Danube fan

The Danube fan is a relict sedimentary feature in the northwestern part of the bottom of the Black Sea. It crosses three of its four major physiographic provinces: basin slope, basin apron, and the Euxine abyssal plain) and splits the abyssal plain into two inequal parts. The fan was deposited by the Danube mostly, Dniester, Southern Bug, and Dnieper rivers. It extends from the shelf break zone an approximately 200m isobath for about 150 km downslope and reaches the depth of about 2.200 m within the abyssal plain. The fan is a relict from Pleistocene times when the sea level was lower, and ...


Messinian erosional crisis

The Messinian Erosional Crisis is a phase in the Messinian evolution of the central Mediterranean basin resulting from major drawdown of the Mediterranean seawater. As outlined in numerous studies, erosional events along the margins of the Mediterranean Basin during the Messinian timespan, before and during the evaporite deposition, were common. Those authors showed that also predating the deposition of the first cycle of evaporites, a major erosional phase can be observed along the basin margins, corresponding to a major "relative sea level drop", associated with tectonic activity marking ...


Messinian salinity crisis

The Messinian Salinity Crisis, also referred to as the Messinian Event, and in its latest stage as the Lago Mare event, was a geological event during which the Mediterranean Sea went into a cycle of partly or nearly complete desiccation throughout the latter part of the Messinian age of the Miocene epoch, from 5.96 to 5.33 Ma. It ended with the Zanclean flood, when the Atlantic reclaimed the basin. Sediment samples from below the deep seafloor of the Mediterranean Sea, which include evaporite minerals, soils, and fossil plants, show that the precursor of the Strait of Gibraltar closed tigh ...


Mississippi embayment

The Mississippi Embayment is a physiographic feature in the south-central United States, part of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. It is essentially a northward continuation of the fluvial sediments of the Mississippi River Delta to its confluence with the Ohio River at Cairo, Illinois. The current sedimentary area was formed in the Cretaceous and early Cenozoic by the filling with sediment of a pre-existing basin. An explanation for the embayments formation was put forward by Van Arsdale and Cox in 2007: movement of the earths crust brought this region over a volcanic "hotspot" in the Earth ...


Proglacial lakes of Minnesota

The proglacial lakes of Minnesota were lakes created in what is now the U.S. state of Minnesota in central North America in the waning years of the last glacial period. As the Laurentide Ice Sheet decayed at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation, lakes were created in depressions or behind moraines left by the glaciers. Evidence for these lakes is provided by low relief topography and glaciolacustrine sedimentary deposits. Not all contemporaneous, these glacial lakes drained after the retreat of the lobes of the ice sheets that blocked their outlets, or whose meltwaters fed them. There were ...


Lake Souris

The Glacial Lake Souris occupied the basin of the Souris River from the most southern portion of this rivers loop in North Dakota to its elbow in Manitoba, where it turned sharply northward and passed through the Tiger Hills. The length of Lake Souris was about 170 miles, from latitude 48° to latitude 50°35, and its maximum width, north of Turtle Mountain, was nearly 70 miles. It was situated near the far southeast corner of the large glacial Lake Agassiz, separated from it by another small glacial body, Glacial Lake Hind. North of the Souris basin, an arm of this lake extended along the A ...



A stratotype or type section is a geological term that names the physical location or outcrop of a particular reference exposure of a stratigraphic sequence or stratigraphic boundary. If the stratigraphic unit is layered, it is called a stratotype, whereas the standard of reference for unlayered rocks is the type locality.


Great Tehuelche Paleolake

The Paleolake Tehuelche is the name for several former lakes that existed in the area of Torres del Paine in southern Patagonia. These were proglacial lakes that existed next to the Patagonian Ice Sheet during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene. Some of the evidence of the lakes stem from lake terraces observable at present but these is some uncertainty on which terraces are associated to which lake or lake stage. About 38.000 years BP an early Paleolake Tehuelche existed and drained eastward through Turbio River. The surface of this lake was 250 to 280 m a.s.l. A particular lake name ...


ⓘ Paleogeography

  • Palaeogeography or paleogeography is the study of historical geography, generally physical landscapes. Palaeogeography can also include the study of
  • The paleogeography of the India Asia collision system is the reconstructed geological and geomorphological evolution within the collision zone of the Himalayan
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  • Allamand is a Chilean geologist known for his contributions to the paleogeography and tectonics of Chile and Antarctica. Together with I. Fuenzalida
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  • watercourse is one of the best places for studying stratigraphy and paleogeography of the early Silurian in Great Britain. Yewdale Beck auf SSSI List bei

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