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  • shale deposits Blackstone Formation and Wapiabi Formation are present above and below a sandstone sequence the Cardium Formation Sideritic concretions
  • to bottom: The Kaskapau Formation is equivalent to the sum of Blackstone Formation Cardium Formation and Muskiki Formation Paskwaskau Shale Bad Heart
  • Blackstone Formation the Cardium Formation and the Muskiki Formation in the Canadian Rockies foothills in western Alberta. The Kaskapau Formation is
  • overlain by the Wapiabi Formation and underlain by the Blackstone Formation The formation is partly equivalent to the Kaskapau Formation Natural gas is produced
  • Cardium Formation and conformably overlain by the Bad Heart Formation The Kaskapau Formation in northern Alberta replaces the upper Blackstone Formation the
  • rock fragments. It is unconformably overlain by the shales of the Blackstone Formation that were deposited during a marine transgression in the Late Cretaceous
  • Mackenzie River between Kakisa and Blackstone River. It grades westwards into the shale facies of the Fort Simpson Formation East of the Peace River Arch
  • Athabasca River, the Dunvegan grades laterally into the Blackstone Formation The Dunvegan Formation is exposed in outcrop along and near the Peace River
  • Conservation Park of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. It belongs to the Blackstone Formation Ipswich Coal Measures Group dated to the Carnian age 228.0 - 216
  • disconformably overlain by the Blackstone Formation in the north, and it is correlative with the Bow Island Formation to the east. McLean, 1980. Lithostratigraphy
  • disconformably overlain by the Ma Butte Formation in the southern foothills and by the Blackstone Formation north of the Red Deer River. To the east
  • equivalent to the sum of Crowsnest Formation Blackstone Formation Cardium Formation and the lower Wapiabi Formation of the Alberta Group in the Canadian
  • the Nikanassin Formation or the Minnes Group, and is disconformably overlain by either the Shaftesbury Formation or Blackstone Formation depending on
  • The Lynx Formation or Lynx Group is a stratigraphic unit of Late Cambrian Dresbachian age in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. It is present in
  • with the 1700 foot thick Blackstone Formation near Nordegg, which holds silty and platy shales, together with the Cardium Formation marine sandstone and shales
  • Bhuj Formation Weishampel, et al. 2004 Pg. 595. Blackstone Formation Weishampel, et al. 2004 Pg. 529. Blasensandstein Formation Weishampel
  • The Stephen Formation is a geologic formation exposed in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia and Alberta, on the western edge of the Western Canada
  • Edwa Raven, Jell Knezour, 2015 - fossil, Late Triassic Norian Blackstone Formation Australia Edwa maryae Raven, Jell Knezour, 2015 Phyxioschemoides
  • The Cathedral Formation is a stratigraphic unit in the southern Canadian Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia, on the western edge of the Western Canada
  • a fetus. According to the ancient law mentioned by Blackstone another standard was formation of the fetus, which occurs weeks before quickening. Henry
  • Mount Head Formation and Livingstone Formation in the Rocky Mountains by the Turner Valley Formation Shunda Formation and Pekisko Formation in the foothills

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