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  • Units. Charlie Lake Formation Retrieved 2009 - 02 - 11. Higgs, R. Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology of the Artex Member Charlie Lake Formation Northeast
  • St. John. The Charlie Lake Formation a stratigraphical unit of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin is named for the lake The lake is situated at
  • Columbia, Canada Charlie Lake British Columbia a lake in north - eastern British Columbia, Canada The Charlie Lake Formation a Geological formation
  • overlain by the Fernie Formation shale. North of the Williston Lake it overlies the dolomite beds of the Charlie Lake Formation It is equivalent to the
  • Lake area. The Liard Formation overlies the Toad Formation and the contact is conformable in most areas. It is conformably overlain by the Charlie Lake
  • produced from the Swan Hills Formation of the Beaverhill Lake Group in the Swan Hills area of northern Alberta. The Beaverhill Lake Group consists of anhydrite
  • Whitehorse Formation in the southern part of its extent and by the laterally equivalent Charlie Lake Formation in the north. In areas where those formations were
  • It takes the name from the Stoddart Creek, a creek that flows into Charlie Lake north of Fort St. John, and was first described in well Pacific Fort
  • upper units of the formation The Doig formation is an important source rock for the Triassic Halfway and Charlie Lake formations Total organic carbon
  • Oil geological staff in 1950. The Formation is composed of crystalline and dolomitized limestone Cooking Lake Formation in off - reef areas, bituminous shale
  • basin, includes those formations and all overlying formations to the base of the Manitoba Group in the south or the Beaverhill Lake Group in the north
  • River, north of Trout Lake Northwest Territories, at Table Rock Rapids by Belyea and McLaren in 1962. The Redknife Formation is divided into the Jean
  • 1900s, the Cultus Lake area began to build its popularity, which then led to the formation of a joint committee between Cultus Lake and the City of Chilliwack
  • The Tremp Formation Spanish: Formacion de Tremp, Catalan: Formacio de Tremp alternatively described as Tremp Group Spanish: Grupo Tremp is a geological
  • described in well Anglo Canadian Beaverhill Lake No. 2 in LSD 11 - 11 - 50 - 17W4M by Imperial Oil staff in 1950. The Formation was named by Andrichuk and Wonfor in
  • name Lake Geneva is predominant. Lake Geneva is divided into three parts because of its different types of formation sedimentation, tectonic folding
  • Wabamun Formation is a stratigraphic unit of Late Devonian Famennian age in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. It takes the name from Wabamun Lake and
  • the Jurassic Fernie Formation and conformably underlain by the Sulphur Mountain Formation It is correlative with the Charlie Lake Ludington, Baldonnel

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