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Model LifeDrive was a palm OS PDA personal digital assistant device that was produced from palmone, a former incarnation of palm, Inc. The device is Palmones first and only foray into the "mobile Manager" device category. As the name suggests, palm intended the LifeDrive model, is able to provide all the features and space to store data that the user might need throughout the day, including contacts, calendar, music, Pictures, Videos, and apps. At the time of release, the 4-Gigabyte capacity that was chosen for this task cannot be achieved using the flash memory used by most PDAs, while keeping the cost of the device low enough for consumer purchase. For this reason, had a 4GB Microdrive Hard disk is selected for this task. He kept a separate data partition that can be used as a portable drive. Model shown LifeDrive Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the first Palm handheld with the function. The device comes pre-loaded with eReader, documents to go, and WiFile software.

Hard drive model used in the LifeDrive was selected by palm for its fast spindle speed, but the delay when starting the application is always more than flash devices. Many speed problems were addressed with the current update disk, which was released in December 2005. One of the first problems for the life drive was when it was removed from the shelves of the United Kingdom, because the device conforms to the EU regulation on the use of hazardous materials. Finally, due to its high price, slower than other controllers and advances in flash memory, which has led to lower prices and greater capacities, the LifeDrive model has not caught on in the market, and was discontinued on 31 January 2007.


1. Features. (Особенности)

Besides being the first Palm device with a hard disk model, the LifeDrive introduced other features that are new to Palm devices, such as a three-position power switch and a dedicated screen rotation button. New power switch became a feature of the line Treo button to rotate the screen appeared on the TX, but then gradually for Palm devices with accelerometers has undertaken this task to correctly Orient the screen.


2. Update users. (Обновление пользователей)

ROM update for the LifeDrive is available in palm.com.

You can replace the stock 4 GB Microdrive with a 4GB compact flash card, improving battery life and speed of operation by reducing power consumption of flash memory and relative speed increased compared to hard drives.

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