Топ-100 ⓘ Altorf is a French commune in the Bas-Rhin department in the

ⓘ Altorf is a French commune in the Bas-Rhin department in the Grand Est region of northeastern France. The inhabitants of the commune are known as Altorfois or A ..


ⓘ Altorf

Altorf is a French commune in the Bas-Rhin department in the Grand Est region of northeastern France.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Altorfois or Altorfoises

The commune has been awarded one flower by the National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom in the Competition of cities and villages in Bloom.


1. Geography

A part of the Canton of Molsheim and also its arrondissement, Altorf is located about 15 kilometres west of Strasbourg. The A352 National Highway runs from east to west across the southern portion of the commune but has no exit. Access to the commune is by road D392 which runs parallel but north of the highway and connects with Highway exit 8 to the east of the commune and west to Dorlisheim. Another access road is the D127 which comes from Jaegerhof just over the northern border and where there is a railway station south to the village then continuing south to Griesheim-pres-Molsheim. There are also a number of small country roads covering the commune. Most of the commune is farmland with some forests in the north-eastern portion.

The Bras de la Bruches flows through the commune from west to east, through the village then east to join the Muelbach and flows east under the name Altorfer Arm until it joins La Bruche river north of Eintzheim Airport. In the north-east another waterway forms the north-eastern border of the commune.

The only other hamlet in the commune is that of Forstoff north-east of Altorf village.


1.1. Geography Toponymy

It was known as Altum Coenobium in 787.

The origin of the commune name Altorf is from the form Alt-dorf old town. The old spelling was still visible before the Second World War.

However the spelling Altorf through Altorfium / Atorfium related to Altum Coenobium it is more likely to come from the Latin root altum.


1.2. Geography Climate

Climate in this area has mild differences between highs and lows, and there is adequate rainfall year-round. The Koppen Climate Classification subtype for this climate is "Cfb" Marine West Coast Climate/Oceanic climate.


2.1. History The Benedictine Abbey of Altorf

Altorf is located on the ancient Roman via romana or Bergstrasse which connected Strasbourg to the strategic pass of Donon. The funerary steles of the 3rd century attest to a Roman presence.

Quickly the villages history became intertwined with that of its Benedictine abbey which was founded in 960 by Hugues III of Eguisheim called lEnroue Raucous, Count of Nordgau and his wife Countess Hewilde. His father, Count Eberhard IV was buried in the abbey in 972, sealing the connection between the family and Altorf.

The abbey had was built following a cenobite community of monks called the Altum Coenobium, which was reported in 787, where the name of the abbey and village came from.

Pope Leo IX, son of the powerful empire family of Eguisheim-Dabo came to Altorf in 1049 to honor his ancestors. He consecrated an altar to Saint Cyriac in 1079 and endowed it with relics an arm of a saint, the remains of Santa Maria Via Lata from Rome. The reliquary in oriental style represents a bust in polychrome wood and with the words notitia altorfensis is one of the major parts of the Abbey second part of the 12th century.

Cyriac of Malaga, who had cured epilepsy of the daughter of the Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century, became the patron saint of the village and he is celebrated on 8 August. Altorf was a place of pilgrimage for epileptics and people possessed with demons with many healings reported in the abbey archives in the 13th century.

The chapel was consecrated in 974, under the leadership of Maïeul, Bishop of Cluny, and Erchembald, Bishop of Strasbourg. As with the abbeys of Steige and Marmoutier, the Altorf Abbey was very successful because of its many dependencies. The churches of Barembach and Grendelbruch, although relatively remote, were incorporated into the abbey by a papal bull of 1192 from Pope Celestin III which involved in particular the attachment of tithes. In particular its properties along the right bank of the Bruche extending from the course of the Rothaine into the plain of Alsace were attached to the bishopric of Strasbourg in 1226, extinguishing the line of Eguisheim.

In addition, the emperors gave the abbey the right to issue currency of Saint Cyriac, from the Ottonian revival at the end of the 10th century. The Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa explicitly recognized this right with a charter in 1153. In the 13th century however, this privilege was transferred to Dachstein then Molsheim. The cultural influence of the abbey led to the establishment of a university not to be confused with that of Altdorf near Nuremberg which was subsequently transferred to Molsheim in the Carthusian heartland there to be moved aside to form the University of Strasbourg.

Economic and cultural power caused the shedding blood in Altorf in 1262 when the village and monastery were burned by the Strasbourgers who were in revolt against Bishop Walter de Geroldseck. In 1525 there was the peasant revolt which sacked the abbey German Peasants War. Finally a century later during the Thirty Years War which included Swedish and French forces.

In 1606, Altorf Abbey joined the Union of Bursfeld which included a hundred Benedictine monasteries and was in 1624 formally called the Benedictine Congregation of Strasbourg.


2.2. History The Peasants Headquarters

The Peasants epic struggle the Bundschuh or Deutscher Bauernkrieg, which had partly originated from the Holy Roman Empire in 1524, crystallized in Lower Alsace around Altorf, Dorlisheim, and Boersch. The leaders of the movement were Erasmus Gerber and Georg Ittel, respectively from Molsheim and Rosheim, established themselves with a group of 1500 men at their headquarters in Altorf, from where the contagion spread throughout the province in a week with their troops raiding monasteries and mistreating Jews.

Father Nartz reported these events in his monograph of 1887:

"From the first days of April, the SchultheiS of Rosheim: Ittel stood, with two townsfolk of Molsheim, at the head of the movement in the countryside. In a few days he had assembled a strong band of farmers of 1.500 men. From this number he chose messengers responsible to scour the area calling for men to convene on the plain of Altorf during the week of Easter. They then, armed with clubs, decided to finish with the nobility and clergy men. One group, consisting of countrymen from Epfig and Dambach, seized Ebersmunster and settled there; the second group was recruited closer to us: they gathered in the Val de Ville of Scherwiller at Saales and plundered the monastery of Honcourt and stole everything they could."

The revolt was put down a few weeks later, on 20 May 1525 near Saverne, by Duke Antoine de Lorraine with 18.000 of the insurgents dead.


2.3. History The Thirty Years War

The Thirty Years War originated in Bohemia with the Defenestration of Prague 1618. It spread like wildfire from 1620 through the entire Holy Roman Empire.

On this occasion, Swedish troops led by Marshal Gustaf Horn were stationed in the village in the autumn of 1632.

Engaged by the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus in the European politico-religious conflict in support of the German Protestant princes, they practiced a policy of terror against Catholics in the region the peasants fled at the cry of "Der Schwedt kommt" the Swedes are coming, terrified by the "Swedish torture" or Schwedentrunk which consisted of ingesting manure to suffocation). The population of Altorf were almost exclusively Catholic at that time and so suffered from this presence as did Molsheim and Mutzig which was sacked in November 1632 with the help of Protestants in the neighbouring village of Dorlisheim who put ladders at the disposal of the Swedes to scale the ramparts.

In this regard, Altorf constituted an anchor point in the reconquest of the catholic Counter-Reformation, a reconquest which had been prepared by opening a college of Jesuits in Molsheim in 1580. The style and decoration of the church are particularly characteristic, very similar to those that can be seen in other Habsburg lands Vienna and Prague in particular.

The epitaph of the Abbot Matern recounts success in 1686 in bringing the inhabitants of the commune of Duttlenheim to the Roman Church by making them leave the "Luther sect". This period of the war was difficult for the population judging by the fact that the wealthy abbey had to pledge the abbey cross in 1637 which it was able to recover only twenty years later.

The human toll of the Thirty Years War for Altorf - and more generally for Alsace - was very severe. This was compounded by the resilience of the plague and famine due to the harsh winters of the Little Ice Age. The demographic impact was probably comparable to that of other regions of the Holy Roman Empire, such as Wurttemberg who lost 80% of its population at the same time.


2.4. History The French Revolution

In 1791, the abbey was dissolved by the revolutionaries and the thirteen Benedictine monks were forced to leave. Father Cyriakus Spitz became the last in a succession of abbots over 800 years.

The Romanesque tympanum over the main door was destroyed and was replaced in 1886 by the sculptor Eugene Dock.

All the buildings constituting the abbey with its outbuildings were razed in the 19th century except for the wing of the abbey who has recently been the presbytery office.


2.5. History Current Situation of the Reconstruction of the abbey

The abbey and its outbuildings have been rebuilt several times including in 1180 with the construction of a new abbey which followed the first work commissioned in 1133 by Father Otton.

The most notable works are those of the convent buildings and transept from 1715 by the Austrian Baroque master Peter Thumb, the construction of the organ by Andre Silbermann in 1723, and, from 1985 to 1991, a complete restoration under the supervision of the Parson Henri Host.

The church was protected as a Historical Monument in 1932, registered in 1937, and gazetted in 1983.

In 2000 the lintel of the door of the village Klostertor which was damaged in 1965 was restored. In 2001 the Tithe Barn Zehntelschir was transformed into a library. In 2004 the Abbey Gardens were restored, equipped, and opened to the public.


3. Demography

In 2009 the commune had 1.242 inhabitants. The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the population censuses conducted in the town since 1793. From the 21st century, a census of municipalities with fewer than 10.000 inhabitants is held every five years, unlike larger towns that have a sample survey every year.


4.1. Culture and heritage Civil heritage

The commune has a number of buildings and structures that are registered as historical monuments:

  • A Farmhouse at 4 Rue des Meuniers 1787
  • A Guardhouse at 29 Rue Principale 18th century formerly the Wachstub.
  • The Town Hall / School at 12 Rue Principale 1869. The Town Hall contains a Boundary Stone 1764 which is registered as an historical object.
  • Houses and Farms 17th-20th century
  • A Farmhouse at 16 Rue Principale 18th century
  • A Farmhouse at 5 Route de Strasbourg 1843. The farm contains a High-relief: Trinity and Virgin 1843 that is registered as an historical object.
  • A Mansion at Jaegerhof 18th century
  • A Tannery at 56 Rue Principale 1845
  • A Well at 41 Rue Principale 1617
  • A Farmhouse at 7 Rue des Meuniers 19th century
  • A Well at Place Saint-Cyriaque 1600
  • A Farmhouse at 27 Rue Principale 1797
  • A Public Bench at RD 127 1863
  • A Farmhouse at 3 Place Saint-Cyriaque 17th century


4.2. Culture and heritage Religious heritage

The commune has several religious buildings and structures that are registered as historical monuments:

  • A set of 2 Paintings 1869
  • The Chapel at Rue de la Chapelle 1846. The Chapel contains two items that are registered as historical objects
  • Movable items and monuments of secondary interest
  • The Benedictine Abbey Tithe Barn at 10 Cour de la Dime 1749 now converted into a library.
  • An Abbey at Place Saint-Cyriaque 12th century
  • The Benedictine Abbey Mill and Farm at Cour de la Dime 1749
  • The Church of Saint-Cyriaque at Place Saint-Cyriaque 1725. The Church conmtains a very large number of items that are registered as historical objects. For a complete list with links to descriptions in French click here.
  • Movable items and monuments of secondary interest
  • The Benedictine Abbey Well at Place Saint-Cyriaque 1739
  • The Benedictine Abbey at Place Saint-Cyriaque 10th century. The Abbey contains two items that are registered as historical objects
  • A Bas-relief: Head of an Abbot 1568
  • A Cabinet 2 18th century
  • The Benedictine Abbey Gatehouse at 5 Place Saint-Cyriaque 1663
  • A Corbel 17th century
  • The Benedictine Abbey Lodgings at 6 Place Saint-Cyriaque 1708. The Lodgings contain several items that are registered as historical objects
  • A Cabinet 3 18th century
  • A Cabinet 1 18th century
  • A Funeral Structure Iron Age

4.3. Culture and heritage The Church of Saint Cyriac

This Benedictine church was founded in 960 by Hugh III of Eguisheim, was rebuilt in the 12th century, then again in the 17th century after a fire, and, more significantly, in the 18th century.

The church is unique and majestic through a combination of a Romanesque triple nave with sides in cut stone 17th century in one part and baroque elements baroque in the other part with the choir and transept in masonry and stone from the first quarter of the 18th century.

The centre is topped by an octagonal bell tower made of wood and covered with slated wood-scale. It was destroyed in the Second World War and rebuilt afterwards.

The Baroque reconstruction commissioned by Abbot Amandus Amand Zimmerman was conducted by the Austrian master Peter Thumb in 1715 for the convent buildings and 1724 for the choir and transept. The wing of the Abbey the current presbytery was made in 1707 by Albert Regitz dObernai.

These works were completed in 1727 with stuccoed decor: a marble altar with carved figures depicting a miraculous cure of Saint Cyriac, imposing oak stalls, and then an organ in 1730. The organ was originally commissioned by the Franciscans of Sarrebourg from the famous organ builder Andre Silbermann from Saxony but was finally acquired by the abbey of Altorf and harmoniously complements the baroque surroundings.

The porters house guarding the entrance to the tithe barn is part of the church and the rectory of the few elements of the abbey that still exist today. The cloister, the house, and the outbuildings were destroyed during the French Revolution and in the 19th century.

The church formerly contained the tombs of the Dabo ancestors of Pope Leo IX and the House of Lorraine.

Many other objects are included in the Palissy database and protected as such


4.4. Culture and heritage Tombstone of Conrad de Gougenheim

The Church has in its inventory a tombstone bearing the image of the monk Conrad de Gougenheim, steward of the abbey in the middle of the 14th century. He was in charge of the finances of the convent but also conducted religious affairs.

The tombstone depicts the deceased standing between two small columns surmounted with a flowered bracket. He holds in his hand a book while his feet stand on a dog.


4.5. Culture and heritage The Renaissance Well

Made of Vosges pink sandstone. After a few years outside the walls of the Saint Cyriaque abbey the well was returned to its original place in 1739 in the gardens of the abbey on the occasion of their opening to the public.


4.6. Culture and heritage Standing Stones

Situated in the locality of Gansweidt the Menhir or standing stones mark the boundary of the village from their 40-metre height. They probably date back to before Celtic settlement of the region.

The coat of arms of the village is visible halfway up a late sculpture. Registered on 20 May 1930 as a historical monument.


4.7. Culture and heritage The Cloister Gardens

The Cloisters gardens were open to the public in 2004.

The journey through the Pomarium garden cemetery, the Herbularius herb garden, and the Hortus vegetable garden testifies to the high level of organization of Benedictine monastic life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict "Ora et Labora" "prayer and work"

  • Altorf is an unincorporated community in Kankakee County, in the U.S. state of Illinois. Altorf was laid out in 1858, taking its name after Altdorf, in
  • abdicated in favour of his son Hugue V, and withdrew to his territory of Altorf where he died in 972 973. He married Luitgarde, daughter of Wigeric of
  • less than twenty kilometres twelve miles apart. Bischoffsheim Rosheim Altorf Innenheim Blaesheim Communes of the Bas - Rhin department INSEE commune file
  • March 2015. Its seat is in Molsheim. It consists of the following communes: Altorf Avolsheim Bergbieten Bischoffsheim Boersch Dachstein Dahlenheim Dangolsheim
  • 2 km2 297.8 sq mi The communes of the arrondissement of Molsheim are: Altorf Avolsheim Balbronn Barembach Bellefosse Belmont Bergbieten Bischoffsheim
  • significant donations to the Abbey of Saint Gall. He was Greve, Comte, of Altorf and Master of the Palace. His wife was Thiedrada Thietrate of Carolingian
  • he served for several years, in particular as envoy to Rome. He died in Altorf Ettenheim in the Grand Duchy of Baden in 1824. De Jure legislatorio Merovaeorum
  • Switzerland. Monchaltorf is first mentioned in 741 as Villa Altorf In 872 it was mentioned as Altorf monachorum. It also holds the record for the longest Apfel
  • commenced his theological work in 1624. He continued his studies at Marburg, Altorf and Jena, lecturing at the same time on philosophy and linguistics and
  • August 1098 Count of Dagsburg, Eguisheim, Metz and Moha, and vogt of Altorf This was his second marriage he had earlier been married to Heilwig of
  • German, from 843 until her death. Her father was Welf I d. 825 Count of Altorf in Alamannia her mother was Hedwig Heilwig c. 775 after 833 a daughter
  • Hebrew for the use of Christians as well as Jews. A new edition appeared in Altorf in 1680, and a Latin translation by Johann Wulfer, together with the Schlangenbalg
  • et Jude, Ottrott 1726 Dominican Church, Colmar 1729 30 St Cyriaque, Altorf 1732 Church of Saint Maurice, Ebersmunster, Alsace 1732 Eglise Saint - Matthieu
  • Bourbonnais east three - quarters Bradley vast majority Kankakee north edge Altorf at 41 11 25 N 87 57 44 W 41.19031 N 87.962269 W 41.19031 - 87.962269
  • Bear, the Saxons rose in defence of their young prince, and Count Welf of Altorf the brother of Henry the Proud, began the war. Exasperated at the heroic
  • history, and state law at the University of Leipzig, then he studied at the Altorf University, where he became the professor of state law in 1707. In 1739
  • was visiting the Langham Island that was then named Altorf Island after the nearby town of Altorf The habitat of the species, Langham Island, was turned
  • railway, between the stations of Duttlenheim and of Molsheim. The Dachstein Altorf station is put in operation on September 28, 1864 by the Compagnie des
  • Institute of the Sisters of the Holy Cross Menzingen. In the Capuchin church at Altorf on 16 October 1844, the first three sisters received the habit of the Third
  • Fehraltorf is first mentioned between 1265 - 87 as Rueggesaltorf and also as Altorf de Chiburg. Around 1670 it was mentioned as Rueggis - Altdorff and as Feer - Altdorff
  • the sensational title of Tela ignea Satanae The Fiery Darts of Satan Altorf 1681 Far from squelching Isaac s work, Wagenseil s violent refutation
  • astronomy that he became a diligent amateur and afterwards a professor at Altorf where he used his skill in depicting comets, sun - spots, and lunar mountains
  • Herod. Octavian Antonio Fylde Black Prince Steel Young Steel Tom Thurman Altorf St. Louis Stotforth York Herald, 10 May 1834 Thoroughbred Bloodlines
  • and Highflyer. Antonio Fylde Black Prince Steel Young Steel Tom Thurman Altorf St. Louis Ben Hallet Antonio Bloodlines.net. Retrieved 2013 - 03 - 30. Clubfoot
  • moved to Santa Maria in Via Lata in Rome, and the abbey of St Cyriaque in Altorf in Alsace. The Church of Saint Cyriacus in the Baths of Diocletian Latin:
  • Windstein Zinswiller 5 cantons 69 communes Canton of Molsheim 20 communes Altorf Avolsheim Dachstein Dinsheim - sur - Bruche Dorlisheim Duttlenheim Ergersheim
  • years before returning to England. While Wright was visiting New York City, Altorf her play about the struggle for Swiss independence from Austria, was anonymously
  • letters Paris, 1580 Ritterhusius made various conjectural emendations Altorf 1611 and Baluze many more based on manuscript authority Paris, 1663 1669
  • Walter Savage Landor English Prose of the Nineteenth Century. p. 215. Altorf Marije 2008 Iris Murdoch and the Art of Imagining. Bloomsbury Academic
  • built track could not be further developed, they decided on a route through Altorf Neumarkt and Parsberg, the at Oberpfraundorf again on the prewar road encounters

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Find info on Chemical Wholesalers companies in Altorf, including financial statements, sales and marketing contacts, top competitors, and firmographic insights. Visit Altorf: 2021 Travel Guide for Altorf, Strasbourg Expedia. We downloaded mouse altORF coordinates from the Roucou laboratory and after processing obtained a final list of 215.320 altORFs Fig. B&B in Altorf: Best Bed And Breakfast 2020 Expedia. Local information and community profile for Altorf Kankakee County, State of Illinois. Contains: area codes, time zone, links to related websites, elevation and​. Altorf Map United States Google Satellite Maps Maplandia. P.A. Terwen, Het ceramische werk van J.C. Altorf en de samenwerking met Chris Lanooij, p. 15, no. 11 illus. of the identical version in the Drents Museum,.

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Nathalie Altorf nathaliealtorf. Home About Help Legal Blog @Trello API. Strasbourg to Altorf 4 ways to travel via train, and line 235 bus, and. Authors. J van Prehn, M I van Triest, W Altorf van der Kuil, K van Dijk, Dutch National AMR Surveillance Study Group. Collaborators. Dutch National AMR. Figures and figure supplements eLife. Hannah Altorf. Add to favourite authors. Hannah Marije Altorf is Reader in Philosophy at St Marys University. Hannah Marije Altorf is Reader in Philosophy at St Следующая Войти Настройки. Altorf Watercolour World. Altorf German: Altdorf is a commune in the Bas Rhin department in the Grand Est region of northeastern France. The inhabitants of the commune are known as​. Warinus of Altorf. Michelin Griesheim pres Molsheim Altorf driving directions. Michelin routes: fast and accurate route planning.

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Altorf is a French commune in the Bas Rhin department in the Alsace ​Champagne Ardenne Lorraine region of northeastern France. The inhabitants of the. Altorf a tragedy eBook, 1819. Looking for Exclusive Deals on Altorf Hotels? Book with confidence at Orbitz! With options to book now and pay when you stay, you have peace of mind. Altorf Places Named. 358 Followers, 692 Following, 106 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Brian Altorf @brian altorf. TUNAP FRANCE SAS Altorf FRANCE Solutrans. Cancel free on most hotels. Compare 1 hotels in Altorf using 1 real guest reviews. Earn free nights and get our Price Guarantee booking has never been easier.

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See Altorf, Marije, Reassessing Iris Murdoch in the Light of Feminist Philosophy: Michele le Doeuff and the Philosophical Imaginary. Rowe, Anne ed., Iris. Johan Coenraad Altorf 1876 1955 Christies. In silico translation. Reference proteins: 54.498. Alternative proteins: 183.191. Localization of altORFs relative to. CDSs. 5UTR. CDS. 3UTR. altORF. altORF.

Eric Altorf on Behance.

Welcome to the Altorf google satellite map! This place is situated in Kankakee County, Illinois, United States, its geographical coordinates are 41° 11 25 North,​. Translational products encoded by novel ORFs may form protein. Find info on Real Estate companies in Altorf, including financial statements, sales and marketing contacts, top competitors, and firmographic insights. THE BEST Restaurants in Altorf Updated November 2020. Altorf, a tragedy. By Frances Wright. First represented in the theatre of New York, Feb. 19, 1819. Author: Wright, Frances, 1795 1852 Format: Book.

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Marije Altorfs monograph is a welcome addition to the growing secondary literature on the philosophical writings of Iris Murdoch, a thinker who maintains. THE BEST Things to Do in Altorf 2020 with Photos Tripadvisor. Hannah Altorf. Add to favourite authors. Hannah Marije Altorf is Reader in Philosophy at St Marys University. Hannah Marije Altorf is Reader in Philosophy at St. Safran de lEglise dAltorf en Alsace Photos Facebook. An AltORF is a nucleotide region comprised between an AUG codon and a stop codon distinct from the RefORF and is predicted to encode an alternative protein​. $72 Hotels in Altorf: BEST Hotel Deals for 2021 Orbitz. With 2 production sites in the heart of Europe Altorf Strassburg, Nancy the company guarantees lean product lead times. Eurobrillance is hold by private.

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Know whats coming with AccuWeathers extended daily forecasts for Altorf, IL. Up to 90 days of daily highs, lows, and precipitation chances. Warinus Lord of Altorf. Brenda Altorf is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Weather Forecast Altorf 67120 Bas Rhin free 15 day weather. Of the British Museum Licence: CC BY NC SA 4.0. Altorf. Date. c.1773 1794. Artist. Print after Heinrich Thomann. Collection. British Museum. Image link. Direct Detection of Alternative Open Reading Frames PLOS ONE. Search results 1 of 1.

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Designated Engineer by heart. Combining intuition, experience and analytical skills. Passionately motivated to realize meaningful, profitable and sustainable. Hannah Altorf, a writer for UnHerd. Things to Do in Altorf, Bas Rhin: See Tripadvisors traveler reviews and photos of Altorf tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in November. Altorf De Mexico SA De Cv, VIA COSMICA 115 MIRADORES DEL. The cheapest way to get from Strasbourg to Altorf costs only 2€, and the quickest way takes just 20 mins. Find the travel option that best suits. Altorf Vikipediya. Ralph Hammann. Description. Alsace, Bas Rhin, Altorf, Eglise abbatiale Saint ​Cyriaque PA00084581, IA67011108. Autel secondaire Saint Blaise XVIIIe.

Altorf: a Tragedy by Frances Wright Goodreads.

Altorf. by Alan Huffman. Share Print. In the late seventies, on a remote road in the Mississippi Delta, I came upon an old dowager of a house standing in a. Iris Murdoch and Common Sense Or, What Is It Like To Be A Woman. @Altorf hasnt Tweeted. When they do, their Tweets will show up here. Close. Choose a trend location. Dismiss. Close. Previous. Next. Close. Go to a persons​. Brenda Altorf Vimeo. Travel guide resource for your visit to Altorf. Discover the best of Altorf so you can plan your trip right.

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