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OOO nature of work-an international company that produces bioplastics - polymers derived entirely from plant resources as alternatives to conventional plastic produced from petroleum. Commercial quality polymer manufactured from carbon found in simple sugars, such as corn starch, to create a proprietary polylactic acid polymer that is sold under the brand name ingeo. With headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, NatureWorks is jointly owned by Cargill and PTT global chemical, a Thai state company.


1. History. (История)

In 2001, a joint venture of Cargill and the Dow chemical company was formed under the name of the LLC Cargill Dow, and in 2005, Cargill bought out DOWs interest in the enterprise. In 2002, production capacity in Blair, Nebraska the beginning of the operation. The worlds first and largest PLA facility and supplies NatureWorks Ingeo biopolymer. The object of Blairs plans to increase its capacity Ingeo plate to 150.000 metric tons in the first quarter of 2013.

In 2007, Cargill, the parent company entered into a joint venture with Japanese Teijin, which acquired a 50% stake in NatureWorks. The partnership was liquidated in July 2009, when Teijin faced corporate restructuring in the economic recession.

NatureWorks, based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, but its main production site is located in Blair, Nebraska with additional offices in Naarden, the Netherlands, Tokyo, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand. He was considering building an additional plant in Thailand, but the Thai coup detat in 2014, and the related turmoil he did not commit. Other countries include Malaysia and Singapore.

Nature of work in 2013 sold 1 billion pounds of Ingeo. Its competitors in the industry for bioplastics the most important include a DuPont company Braskem bak, Toray industries, LANXESS AG, Bayer, BASF and Eastman chemical company.

NatureWorks conference entitled "innovation takes root", which brings together users of Ingeo polymer.


2. Treatment. (Лечение)

Ingeo biopolymer is the resin identification code 7 and can be chemically recycled, compost or in a landfill. A regular home compost can break the polymer, although high-temperature commercial composting systems can.

Natural work integrated NatureWorks PLA in the recycling system in the United States in accordance with the guidelines published by the Association of a plant for the processing of plastics. He instructed an independent third party to examine the place of environmental impact, which indicated that the PLA was "neutral contribution to the existing recirculation flow and can be effectively sorted using recognition technology".

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