Топ-100 ⓘ Trets is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhone department of the

ⓘ Trets is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhone department of the Provence-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur region in the southeast of France. With a population of over 10.000, it ..


ⓘ Trets

Trets is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhone department of the Provence-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur region in the southeast of France. With a population of over 10.000, it is one of 44 communes in the Aix-en-Provence arrondissement or district. It is often described as a medieval town because of its development during the Middle Ages of European history and retention of medieval architecture.


1. Geography

Trets is situated in the Upper Valley of the Arc river, between painter Paul Cezannes beloved Montagne Sainte-Victoire 11 km to the north and the Aurelien hills Monts Aureliens to the east, at the foot of Mount Olympus to the south.


2. Population and history

Archeological evidence suggests that the first inhabitants of the area, of Chasseen culture, lived on the summit of Mount Olympus around 4000 BC, during the Neolithic period.

The founding site of Trets has been described variously as a Greek colony or an" ancient Roman settlement.” By some accounts Trets was originally named Trittia or Tritea by the Phocean settlers of Massalia, in homage to the daughter of the Greek god Triton.

In the later years of the Roman conquest of Provence, Gaius Marius defeated the Teutons and Ambrones" at a spot between Saint-Maximin and Trets.”

The first historical account identifying the populace now known as Trets appears in 950 AD, when the king of Burgundy and Provence Conrad the Peaceful transferred hereditary rule over the lands of the Upper Valley of the Arc as a fisc to the first Seigneur or Lord of Trets. A succession of lords ruled until the French Revolution of 1789.


3. Architecture

Romanesque, and gothic buildings and vaulted passageways of the medieval period line the narrow, winding streets of the town. The center of Trets was surrounded the ramparts and its 8 towers 4 left, for defense against successive invasions over the centuries. A 2200 sqm garden along the town walls Jardins des Remparts was opened in 2011.

Several gates porte were opened in the city walls. The rectangular Gate of Pourrieres and its preserved machicolations were built in the 14th century. It served as the main gateway access into town. On the East side of city, the Gate Saint-Jean also known as the Gate of Amont 14th provides uptown access and was used to store munitions. On the North end stood the Gate of Clastre 14th, the Porte Neuve and the Gate of Puyloubier, all destroyed by the mid-19th century.

Now the grounds of the Edmond Brun elementary school, a hospital named Hopital Saint Jacques was established circa 1300 near the church of the same patronage and later transferred, in 1794, to the Observantins convent.

The low, vaulted passageway called Le Trou de Madame Lion gave access to the wall-walk. It is thought to have been either a way of confining any epidemic outbreak to the grounds of the hospital or a way of defending against mounted attacks.

To the southeast is the feudal castle Chateau des Remparts with its staircase in dimension stone with a ramp from the 17th century, French-style painted ceilings and a baroque chimney. Its construction started in the late 12th or the early 13th century. In June 2013 a number of renovations were completed, with a modern performance space in the courtyard.

The classified 14th-century Church of Our Lady of Nazareth was built upon a 4th-century priory of the Roman-Provençal style with an open vaulted arch, gothic chapels, and a massive unfinished tower. Its massive altarpiece 1693 was executed by the native Christophe Veyrier in stucco and marble.

La Chapelle Saint-Jean-du-Puy, a former 5th-century hermitage, features a Romanesque apse, garden sanctuary and 18th-century watch tower that is an observatory overlooking the town and the Valley of the Arc. It was rebuilt with the addition of two Gallo-Roman columns.

The 14th-century papal Studium of Trets put forth what may have been the only record of its kind in the Vatican archives of that time, a register of the local economy detailing the material life of schoolchildren and their teachers.

The Hotel de la Vallee de l’Arc, at the center of town, was an 18th-century relay post.

Henri Raybaud executed the War memorial on the townhall square depicting an "angel of victory".


4. Cultural encounters and traditions

The influence of both Greek and Roman cultures is said to have led to the cultivation of wine and wheat. After the Romans came the Goths, the Merovingians, the Carlovingians and the Saracens; then, after a period of viscounts of Marseille, Trets came under local papal governance through the diocese of Aix, according to the papal bull of Urban II in 1088.

Holidays and festivals reflect historical encounters and traditions, including:

  • August Les Medievales de Trets celebrate the occasion of The Good King Rene welcoming his nephew Louis XI of France, with period events and dress.
  • July La Fête de la Saint Eloi, patron saint of goldsmiths and blacksmiths since 659 AD, celebrates Provençal culture, language and arts.
  • May/June La Fête de Saint Jean has been observed since 1793.

While the Jews were expelled from France in 1182, local governance permitted construction of a synagogue in a manor on the present-day street called Rue Paul Bert. A surrounding Jewish quarter was established by local edict in the early 14th century.

In 2000, sister city exchanges were established with Aghavnadzor, Armenia.


4.1. Cultural encounters and traditions Notable people

  • Urbain Dubois, born in Trets on 26 May 1818, died in Nice on 14 March 1901, chef to the King of Prussia from 1860 to 1870. He published several recipe books and is credited with the invention of the Veal Orloff.
  • Raimbaud de Reillanne, archbishop of Arles.
  • Raymond de Gaufredi, son of the lord Burgondion de Trets and Mabile dAgoult, minister general of the Order of Friars Minor from 1289 to 1295.
  • Christophe Veyrier, born in Trets on 26 January 1637, died in Toulon on 10 June 1689 sculptor, nephew and follower of Pierre Puget.
  • Jean-Jacques Clerion, born in Trets on 16 April 1637, died in Paris on 28 August 1714 sculptor for Louis XIV of France.
  • Bertrand Bezaudun, archbishop of Genova from 1349 to 1358.
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  • Kettwiesel Hase Pino Kettwiesel train Trike race A recumbent two - wheeled Trets trailer bike on the back of a tandem Maurice Shad 2002 - 04 - 13 Bicycles:
  • sculptor, the nephew and follower of Pierre Puget. Veyrier was born in Trets Bouches - du - Rhone, France. He arrived in Genoa in 1663 and stayed for a
  • of troubadours, and husband of Beatrice, daughter of Jaufre Reforzat de Trets Isnart held land in Agoult, Ponteves, and Entrevennes, from which he took
  • their people 60 years ago. Tucker refuses, but invites their leader, Tret aboard. Tret explains that the original inhabitants of the planet, the Loque eque
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  • is located in the south of the tehsil and is bounded to the north - west by Tret to the north by Numbal and Mussiari, to the north - east by Ban and to the
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  • Sausset - les - Pins Senas Septemes - les - Vallons Simiane - Collongue Le Tholonet Trets Vauvenargues Velaux Venelles Ventabren Vernegues Vitrolles Decret n 2015 - 1085
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  • Junction with the A8 Service Area: Peypin de Baume de Marron 33 Pas de Trets Towns served: La Bouilladisse Exchange A52 - A520 Junction with A520 spur
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Weather Forecast Trets 13530 Bouches du Rhone ☼ Longitude 5.69 Latitude 43.45 Altitude 255m ☀ Provence Alpes Cote dAzur egalement appelee. Maison Trets ref FPB250 in Trets, Provence WelcomeCottages. Ride Segment Trets, Provence Alpes Cote dAzur, France. Distance4.67 km. Avg Grade0.1 %. Lowest Elev273 m. Highest Elev291 m. Elev Difference19 m. Hotel Citotel la Vallee de l Arc in Trets Provence Alpes Cote dAzur. Hotel Description. Trets accommodations with kitchen. In Trets. Within 12 miles ​20 km of this apartment, youll find La Basilique Sainte Marie Madeleine de.

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