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In Our Nature - .. 2007 albums ..

In Our Nature

In Our Nature

In Our Nature is the second album by Swedish singer-songwriter Jose Gonzalez. It was released on 24 September 2007 on Peacefrog Records in the UK and Imperial Recordings in Sweden. It was released on 25 September 2007 by Mute Records in the United States.

Lyrics albums to consider the human condition or nature that the title refers. Although the sound palette possibilities of classical guitar and vocal melody, as in the debut production of sawn timber, sometimes expanded. Hand claps, backing vocals and synth some noticeable changes.

In Sweden, the first single was "kill the love", while in the rest of Europe it was "down the line". Both singles came with the same b-side is a cover of "provincial boy" Bronski beat. The second single was "Tears" is based on an exclusive instrumental b-side "four forks pain," and the third single was another split--"murder for love" in the UK, and "on the line" in Sweden. Both singles came with the same B-side, "neon lights."


1. Singles. (Синглы)

  • "Down the Line" 10 September 2007 UK.
  • "Down the Line" 20 February 2008 Sweden.
  • "Killing for Love" 7 April 2008 UK.
  • "Killing for Love" 19 September 2007 Sweden.
  • "Teardrop" 12 November 2007.

2. Remix EP. (РД ремикс)

  • How Low Pechenga Nord-Norska Mix.
  • In Our Nature Landberg & Skogehall Mix.
  • Storm Pocketknifes TuBa 303 Remix.
  • Killing for Love Todd Terje Brokeback Mix.
  • Killing for Love Beatfanatic Remix.
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