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Microsoft LifeChat

Microsoft Lifechat is a brand of headsets created by Microsoft.

Black earphones include headphones, a detachable microphone with noise cancelling function. There is also a button to launch the voice data by using Windows live messenger.


1. Wired headsets. (Проводные гарнитуры)

In black LK-3000 is a wired headset that connects to your PC using the USB cable. A headset has a microphone with adjustable boom that can rotate up and down. Headset has in-line volume control with mute button and the call button Windows live that the activation of voice calls in Windows. In the LX-3000 uses the CM108 USB audio chip from c-media.

In black LK-2000 "behind the head" set of headphones with a microphone. It includes a built-in control unit and foldable design, is designed to reduce the size of the headset for travel.

The black LC-1000 is a very simple "over the head" set of headphones with a microphone. The microphone can only rotate up and down and is not regulated in LX-2000 and LX-3000. It was designed to be easy. This model also includes a built-in control unit.


2. Wireless headsets. (Беспроводные гарнитуры)

The black ZX-6000 uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology that allows a range of 30 feet.

The wireless receiver is also allowed wireless Xbox 360 accessories to connect to the computer.

This model has been discontinued.

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