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Promocoderus is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species: Promecoderus albaniensis Castelnau, 1867 Promecoderus intermedius Sloane, 1898 Promecoderus striatopunctatus Castelnau, 1867 Promecoderus viridiaeneus S ...





Carabinae is a subfamily of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following genera: Pamborus Latreille, 1817 Ceroglossus Solier, 1848 Calosoma Weber, 1801 Maoripamborus Brookes, 1944 Carabus Linnaeus, 1758 Cychropsis Boileau, 1901 Cychr ...



Aplothorax burchelli is a species of beetle in the family Carabidae, the only species in the genus Aplothorax. It is endemic to the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic.


Callisthenes (genus)

Callisthenes is a genus of beautiful black searchers in the family of beetles known as Carabidae. There are at least 50 described species in Callisthenes.







Ceroglossus is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species: Members of this genus are restricted to Chile and Argentina. Ceroglossus darwini Hope, 1837 Ceroglossus suturalis Fabricius, 1775 Ceroglossus guerini Geh ...


Ceroglossus buqueti

Ceroglossus buqueti reaches about 25–32 millimetres 0.98–1.26 in length. This species presents marked chromatic polymorphism and morphological variations in shape and in size depending on subspecies and populations. These beetles have a diurnal h ...


Ceroglossus chilensis

Ceroglossus chilensis latemarginatus Kraatz-Koschlau, 1889 Ceroglossus chilensis gloriosus Gerstaecker, 1858 Ceroglossus chilensis fallaciosus Kraatz, 1880 Ceroglossus chilensis legrandi Heinz & Jiroux, 2001 Ceroglossus chilensis villaricensis Kr ...



Pamborus is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species: Pamborus punctatus Darlington, 1961 Pamborus moorei Takami & Sota, 2006 Pamborus viridis Gory, 1836 Pamborus macleayi Castelnau, 1867 Pamborus subtropicus D ...



Scaphinotus is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae. There are at least 60 species, all native to North America. They eat snails and are generally limited to the moist environments where snails live. These beetles are flightless.


Scaphinotus aeneicollis


Scaphinotus andrewsii

S. andrewsii T. Harris, 1839 S. andrewsii mutabilis Casey, 1920 S. andrewsii germari Chaudoir, 1861 S. andrewsii amplicollis Casey, 1920 S. andrewsii darlingtoni Valentine, 1935 S. andrewsii waldensius Valentine, 1935 S. andrewsii parvitarsalis V ...


Scaphinotus angulatus


Scaphinotus angusticollis


Scaphinotus bilobus


Scaphinotus bullatus


Scaphinotus cavicollis

Scaphinotus cavicollis, the concave-collared snail-eating beetle, is a species of ground beetle in the family Carabidae. It is found in North America.


Scaphinotus cordatus


Scaphinotus cristatus


Scaphinotus debilis

These two subspecies belong to the species Scaphinotus debilis: Scaphinotus debilis alpinus Beutenmuller, 1903 Scaphinotus debilis LeConte, 1853


Scaphinotus elevatus

These six subspecies belong to the species Scaphinotus elevatus: Scaphinotus elevatus flammeus Haldeman, 1844 Scaphinotus elevatus neomexicanus Van Dyke, 1924 Scaphinotus elevatus coloradensis Van Dyke, 1907 Scaphinotus elevatus tenebricosus Roes ...


Scaphinotus fissicollis


Scaphinotus guyotii


Scaphinotus hoffmani


Scaphinotus hubbardi


Scaphinotus infletus


Scaphinotus irregularis


Scaphinotus johnsoni


Scaphinotus kelloggi


Scaphinotus liebecki


Scaphinotus longiceps


Scaphinotus marginatus


Scaphinotus obliquus


Scaphinotus oreophilus


Scaphinotus parisiana


Scaphinotus petersi

Scaphinotus petersi kathleenae Ball, 1966 Scaphinotus petersi corvus Fall, 1910 Scaphinotus petersi grahami Van Dyke, 1938 Scaphinotus petersi catalinae Van Dyke, 1924 Scaphinotus petersi Roeschke, 1907 Scaphinotus petersi biedermani Roeschke, 1907


Scaphinotus punctatus


Scaphinotus ridingsii

These two subspecies belong to the species Scaphinotus ridingsii: Scaphinotus ridingsii monongahelae Leng, 1917 Scaphinotus ridingsii Bland, 1863


Scaphinotus snowi


Scaphinotus striatopunctatus


Scaphinotus subtilis


Scaphinotus tenuis


Scaphinotus tricarinatus


Scaphinotus unicolor

These four subspecies belong to the species Scaphinotus unicolor: Scaphinotus unicolor heros T.W.Harris, 1839 Scaphinotus unicolor floridanus Leng, 1915 Scaphinotus unicolor shoemakeri Leng, 1914 Scaphinotus unicolor Fabricius, 1787


Scaphinotus vandykei


Scaphinotus velutinus


Scaphinotus ventricosus


Scaphinotus violaceus

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