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Tamil Maanila Congress


Lok Dal (Charan)

Lok Dal or Lok Dal, a political party in Uttar Pradesh, India. LD was formed on 7 June 2003 when Rashtriya Lok Dal vice-president Rameshwar Singh split. Singh was opposed to the move of RLD to withdraw support from the Mayawati state cabinet. The ...


Bangla Congress

The Bangla Congress was a regional political party in the Indian state of West Bengal. It was formed through a split in the Indian National Congress in 1966 and later co-governed with the Communist Party of India) in two United Front governments, ...


Bangla Jatiya Dal

Bangla Jatiya Dal was a political party in West Bengal, India, led by Jahangir Kabir. It was a splinter group of Bharatiya Kranti Dal. Ahead of the 1969 West Bengal legislative assembly election, BJD sought to join the United Front. However, its ...


Indian National Democratic Front

Indian National Democratic Front was a political party in West Bengal, India, led by former Congress minister Ashu Ghosh. Ghosh had taken part in the maneuvers to bring down the United Front cabinet in 1967. However, as he did not become a minist ...


Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee

Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee is the unit of the Indian National Congress - one of the worlds largest political organizations - working in the state of Haryana. Its head office is situated at Chandigarh. Selja Kumari is the current president.


Tamil Nadu Congress Committee

Tamil Nadu Congress Committee is the wing of Indian National Congress serving in Tamil Nadu. The Current President is K.S. Alagiri. Social policy of the TNCC is officially based upon the Gandhian principle of Sarvodaya upliftment of all sections ...


Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee

The Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee is the state unit of the Indian National Congress for the state of Maharashtra. The head office of the organization is situated in Dadar, Mumbai.


Goa Vikas Party politicians


United Goans Democratic Party politicians


Saurashtra Khedut Sangh

Saurashtra Khedut Sangh was a farmers movement in Saurashtra, India. The organisation was founded under the leadership of Ratibhai Ukabhai, a modest social worker and an erstwhile Indian National Congress member. It had strong support amongst the ...


Kerala Congress (disambiguation)

Kerala Congress may refer to: Janadhipathya Kerala Congress Kerala Congress Kerala Congress Secular Kerala Congress Nationalist Kerala Congress B Aikya Kerala Congress Kerala Kamaraj Congress Kerala Vikas Congress Kerala Congress Thomas Kerala Co ...


Catalan Agreement of Progress

The Catalan Agreement of Progress, rebranded as Agreement for Catalonia Progress in 2011, was a union of center-left and left wing political parties in Catalonia. The union consisted of three parties: Socialists Party of Catalonia, Initiative for ...


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