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Stigmatomma scrobiceps

Stigmatomma scrobiceps is a species of ant in the genus Stigmatomma. It was described as Bannapone scrobiceps by Guenard et al. in 2013, based on two specimens collected in Yunnan Province, China, and placed as the second species in Bannapone. It ...


Tapinoma himalaica


Tapinoma sahohime



Tinkerbella is a genus of fairy wasps, containing the single species Tinkerbella nana from Costa Rica. It is one of the smallest known flying arthropods and belongs to the family Mymaridae. The smallest flying arthropod known was Megaphragma cari ...


Tyrannomyrmex legatus

Tyrannomyrmex legatus is a tropical Old World species of ants in the subfamily Myrmicinae. It is only known from a single worker from Sri Lanka. Gynes and males are unknown.


Zorotypus impolitus

Most Zorapterans copulate during mating, but the male Z. impolitus has a distinct and primitive form of mating behaviour in which the male Z. impolitus produces a spermatophore, a packaged single sperm, which it attaches to the abdomen of a femal ...


Beetles described in 2013


Butterflies described in 2013


Moths described in 2013


Anosy mouse lemur

The Anosy mouse lemur is a species of mouse lemur known only from the Manantantely Forest and Ivorona Forest in southeastern Madagascar, near Tolanaro. Specimens were first collected in April 2007, and its discovery was announced in 2013 along wi ...


Crocidura sapaensis

Crocidura sapaensis is a species of white-toothed shrew native to northern Vietnam. It was first described in 2013 and its specific name derives from the Sa Pa where it was discovered.


Nycticebus kayan

Nycticebus kayan is a strepsirrhine primate and a species of slow loris that is native to the northern and central highland region of the island of Borneo. The species was originally thought to be a part of the Bornean slow loris population until ...


Lavasoa dwarf lemur

The Lavasoa dwarf lemur is a small, nocturnal strepsirrhine primate and a species of lemur that is endemic to three small, isolated patches of forest on the southern slopes of the Lavasoa Mountains in southern Madagascar. Fewer than 50 individual ...


Thors hero shrew

Thors hero shrew is an extant species of shrew native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It and its sister species, the hero shrew, are the only mammal species known to have interlocking vertebrae.


Gastropods described in 2013


Boiga flaviviridis

Boiga flaviviridis, the yellow-green cat snake, is a species of mildly-venomous snake of the family Colubridae found in India. It is a rear fanged, nocturnal, arboreal species of snake that probably feeds on lizards, frogs and small birds. It was ...


Bothriechis guifarroi

Bothriechis guifarroi is a species of venomous green palm pitvipers discovered in 2010 in the Texiguat Wildlife Refuge, in Northern Honduras. Bothriechis guifarroi joins two other species of the genus Bothriechis, B. marchi and B. thalassinus, fo ...


Cape Melville shade skink

The Cape Melville shadeskink is a species of lizards from the Cape York Peninsula of Queensland, Australia, described in 2013. It was one of three vertebrates discovered by scientists from James Cook University and National Geographic in an area ...


Ctenophorus mirrityana

Ctenophorus mirrityana is an Australian species in the family Agamidae. It was first described in 2013 based on holotype collected from the Mutawintji National Park. The name mirrityana means out in the sunlight in the local Aboriginal language. ...


Cyrtodactylus kingsadai


Cyrtodactylus phuocbinhensis


Cyrtodactylus taynguyenensis


Phyllodactylus paralepis


Ptyodactylus dhofarensis


Ptyodactylus orlovi


Sanook bent-toed gecko


Trigonodactylus sharqiyahensis


Agyneta barfoot


Agyneta bronx


Agyneta catalina


Agyneta chiricahua


Agyneta crawfordi


Agyneta crista


Agyneta delphina


Agyneta erinacea


Agyneta flax


Agyneta flibuscrocus


Agyneta grandcanyon


Agyneta ledfordi


Agyneta miniata


Agyneta okefenokee


Agyneta panthera


Agyneta paquini


Agyneta pistrix


Agyneta platnicki


Agyneta sandia


Agyneta spicula


Agyneta tuberculata


Agyneta vinki


Althepus christae

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