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Haft may refer to: haft, the shaft of an axe Haft, Iran, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran Hafting, the process by which an arrowhead or axe blade is set into the wood. haft, another name for the hilt of a sword the narrow constricted p ...



Hagendorf, part of Fallbach, Austria Hagendorf in Switzerland Hagendorf, part of Waidhaus, Bavaria, Germany Hagendorf, part of Zerbst-Nedlitz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany Hagendorf, part of Traitsching, Bavaria, Germany



Hagerty can refer to: Hagerty Insurance Agency William F. Hagerty born 1959, American ambassador to Japan Julie Hagerty born 1955, American stage, screen, and television actress and model Neil Hagerty contemporary, American guitarist and songwrit ...



Haggar can refer to: Douglas J. Haggar born ca. 1947, real name of Mr. Whitekeys, American musician/entertainer Mike Haggar, a character in the Final Fight franchise. a former district of Bahrain historical region William Haggar, film-maker and s ...



Haggin may refer to: Surname William Haggin Perry 1910–1993, owner and breeder of Thoroughbred racehorses John Haggin 1753–1825, early settler of Kentucky, James Ben Ali Haggin III 1882–1951, American portrait painter and stage designer James Ben ...



People with the name of Hagnon or Agnon include: Shmuel Yosef Agnon, 1888-1970, Nobel Prize laureate writer of modern Hebrew fiction Hagnon, son of Nikias, 5th century BC, Athenian general and statesman Hagnon of Tarsus, 2nd century BC, ancient G ...


Hague (disambiguation)

International courts based in The Hague, Netherlands are commonly referred to as "The Hague": Permanent Court of Arbitration International Criminal Court International Court of Justice



Haight may refer to: People with the surname Haight: Elmer E. Haight 1861-1934, American politician Henry Huntly Haight 1825-1878, American politician, Governor of California Charles C. Haight 1841-1917, American architect Roger Haight, is an Ame ...


Hailstone (disambiguation)

Hailstone typically refers to a piece of hail. Hailstone may also refer to: Operation Hailstone, a 1944 American military operation against Japan Hailstone surname, list of people with the surname



Hain may refer to: Hain, Thuringia, a municipality in Thuringia, Germany. Hain river, a Belgian tributary of the Scheldt Hain Celestial Group, a natural foods company Peter Hain, British politician Adelaine Hain 1927 -2019, South African anti-apa ...


Haining (disambiguation)

Haining is a city in Zhejiang, China. Haining may also refer to: Will Haining born 1982, Scottish footballer Hayley Haining born 1972, British runner The Haining, Selkirk, Scotland Jane Haining 1897–1944, Church of Scotland missionary Robert Hain ...


Hait (disambiguation)

Hait is a region in Tajikistan. Hait may also refer to Hit, Qasr-e Qand, a village in Iran Benjamin Hait House in Stamford, Connecticut, United States Paul Hait born 1940, American swimmer Thaddeus Hait Farm in Plattekill, New York, United States



Hajdu and Hajdu may refer to: Hajdu-Bihar, a modern county in eastern Hungary Andre Hajdu 1932–2016, Israeli composer Hajdu, mercenary soldiers in 16th- and 17th-century Hungary Patty Hajdu born 1966, Canadian politician Marketa Hajdu born 1974, ...



HAK or Hak may refer to: Haikou Meilan International Airport, in Hainan Province, China Armenian National Congress Armenian: Հայ Ազգային Կոնգրես, Hay Azgayin Kongres Hak mythology, an Ancient Egyptian deity Hamari Adhuri Kahani, a 2015 Bollywood ...



Haken may refer to: Hermann Haken born 1927, physicist known for his contributions to laser theory and Synergetics Rianne ten Haken born 1986, Dutch model Shiluach haken, a mitzvah in the Torah Wolfgang Haken born 1928, German mathematician Eduar ...



Hakkila may refer to: Vaino Hakkila 1882–1958, Finnish politician Hakkila, Vantaa, a district of the city of Vantaa Tuija Hakkila born 1959, Finnish pianist



Hakluyt may refer to: Richard Hakluyt barrister died 1591 Thomas Hakluyt, Member of the Parliament of England Hakluyt and Company Richard Hakluyt died 1616, English writer Hakluyt Society



Halai may refer to: Battle of Halai 1894, in the First Italo-Ethiopian War Halai Boeotia, a town of ancient Boeotia Halai Cilicia, a town of ancient Cilicia Frank Halai born 1988, New Zealand rugby player Vijay Halai born 1992, Indian cricketer





Halam may refer to: Halam language, its language people with the surname Halam, Nottinghamshire, a village in England Robert Halam died 1417, an English medieval bishop and university chancellor Ann Halam, a writer Halam ethnic group, an ethnic g ...



Halcrow may refer to: Halcrow railway station, a flag stop in Halcrow, Manitoba, Canada, on Via Rails Winnipeg–Churchill line William Halcrow 1883–1958, English civil engineer Halcrow Group, an engineering consultancy Halcrow, Manitoba




Hallo (disambiguation)

Hallo is a variant of "hello". Hallo may also refer to: Hallo Venray, a guitar rock band from The Hague in the Netherlands Hallo Newspaper, a newspaper in the Czech Republic Hallo film, a 2007 Malayalam film Hallo Berlin, a restaurant in the Hell ...



Ella Halman 1906–1995, English opera singer Greg Halman 1987–2011, Dutch baseball player James Halman died 1702, Master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge Talat Sait Halman born 1931, Turkish poet Abdullah Halman born 1987, Turkish footballer



Halmi may refer to: Artur Lajos Halmi 1866–1939, Hungarian painter Robert Halmi 1924–2014, Hungarian-American film and television producer Halmi, the Hungarian name for Halmeu Commune, Bihor County, Romania


Halstead (disambiguation)

Halstead, Kent, a village in Kent, England Halstead, Leicestershire, a village in Leicestershire, England Fort Halstead, a British military research site



John B. Halsted born 1798, New York politician John Halsted 1761-1830, Royal Navy officer William Stewart Halsted 1852–1922, pioneering American surgeon Byron Halsted 1852–1918, American biologist and educator Fred Halsted 1941 - 1989, American g ...



Halutz may refer to: Dan Halutz born 1948, Israeli military commander Har Halutz, a community settlement in Galilee, Israel HeHalutz, a Jewish youth movement



James Halyburton disambiguation, several people Thomas Halyburton 1674–1712, Scottish divine Hamilton Douglas Halyburton 1763–1783, British lieutenant William D. Halyburton, Jr. 1924–1945, World War II veteran of the United States Navy Andrew Hal ...



Hamana may refer to: Hamana High School, Hamamatsu, Japan Hamana leafhopper, a genus in subfamily Iassinae Japanese ship Hamana, several ships Lake Hamana, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Hamana District, Shizuoka, Japan



Hambleton Ales, a brewery originally based in Hambleton Hambleton District, a local government district of North Yorkshire, England Hambleton, Rutland, England Hambleton, Lancashire, England Hambleton, Craven, a location in North Yorkshire, Engla ...


Hamelin (disambiguation)

Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve, Western Australia Hamelin, Manche, a Commune of the Manche department in France Hamelin Station Reserve, a former pastoral lease in Western Australia Hamelin-Pyrmont, a district in Lower Saxony, Germany Hamelin ...



Said Hammami died 1978, Palestinian politician, diplomat and journalist Hamma Hammami born 1952, Tunisian communist Tahar Hammami 1947–2009, Tunisian poet Nacer Hammami born 1980, Algerian footballer Chadi Hammami born 1986, Tunisian footballer



Hammann may refer to Charles Hammann, American aviator Wilhelm Hammann, survivor of Buchenwald concentration camp Niel Hammann, South African journalist and magazine editor Otto Hammann, German journalist Gregg Hammann, corporate executive USS Ha ...



Karl Hampe 1869–1936, German historian of the Middle Ages Erich Hampe 1889–1978, German soldier, editor, and author Ariulf Hampe 1922-2009, German rocket scientist Georg Ernst Ludwig Hampe 1795–1880, German pharmacist and botanist Herbert Hampe 1 ...



Hamre Township, Beltrami County, Minnesota, a civil township in Minnesota, United States Hamre Church, a church in Osteroy municipality in Vestland county, Norway Hamre, Jammu and Kashmir, a village located in Pattan Tehsil of Baramulla district ...



Hamsterley may refer to: Hamsterley Mill, a village near Consett Hamsterley, Bishop Auckland, a village in County Durham, England Hamsterley Hall, a country house near Consett Ralph Hamsterley died 1518, Master of University College, Oxford Hamst ...



Hanbury may refer to: John Hanbury disambiguation, a number of men with this name Hanbury Street, street in Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets, London Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire, a hotel and country club Giardini Botanici Hanbury Botanical Gardens, Li ...



Hanby may refer to: Hanbi, a mythological god of evil Florence Wood Hanby, American politician Benjamin Hanby, American composer Hanby, Lincolnshire, a hamlet on the line of the Roman Road called King Street





Ruth Handler, American businesswoman Carole Handler, American attorney Chelsea Handler, American comedian and talk show host Daniel Handler, American author and musician Rebecca Handler, American/Japanese actress Wolfgang Handler, German computer ...



Handy may refer to: Handy company, an American cleaning and home services firm Handy, the term for mobile phone in German-speaking countries Handy, an emulator for the Atari Lynx, also a development name of Lynx itself



Casing hanger, part of a wellhead assembly in oil drilling A hanger, a vertical cable or rod connecting the roadway of a suspension bridge to the bridges main cable or arch Hanger, a sword similar to a cutlass, used by woodsmen and soldiers in 17 ...



Hanka may refer to: Hanka film, 1955 Yugoslav film a variation of the given name Hannah Vaclav Hanka 1791–1861, Czech philologist Angela Hanka, Austrian figure skater



Jason Hann, American percussionist William Hann 1837–1889, Australian explorer and cattleman Chris Hann born 1953, British social anthropologist Frank Hann 1846–1921, Australian explorer Quinten Hann born 1977, Australian former snooker player Do ...



Hannam may refer to: People Ken Hannam 1929–2004, Australian film and television director John Hannam born 1929, British politician Walter Henry Hannam 1885-1965, Australian, wireless experimenter, Antarctic expeditioner, member ANZAC Wireless Co ...



Hanner may refer to:- Bob Hanner 1945-2019, American businessman and politician Hanner Fieldhouse,a multi-purpose arena in Statesboro, Georgia, United States 4664 Hanner, a Main-belt Asteroid Dave Hanner 1930-2008, American football player, coach ...



Wal Hannington 1896-1966, British Communist Henry Hannington 1797-1870, English cricketer James Hannington 1847-1885, English bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa William Hannington by 1530-1607, English politician


Hans Munch

Hans Munch or Hans Munch may refer to: Hans Munch bishop 1664–1712, a Norwegian bishop Hans Munch 1911–2001, a German SS physician, known for refusing to assist in the murders at Auschwitz in World War II Hans Munch-Petersen 1869–1934, a Danish s ...


Hansard (disambiguation)

Hansard is the traditional name for the printed transcripts of parliamentary debates in the Westminster system of government. It may also refer to: Places: Hansard railway point, a railway point in British Columbia, Canada People: Thomas Curson H ...

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