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Galvani (disambiguation)


Galway (disambiguation)

Galway County Parliament of Ireland constituency Galway Dail constituency Galway County UK Parliament constituency Galway Borough Parliament of Ireland constituency Galway Borough UK Parliament constituency



Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, a cultural center in Santiago, Chile Galeria de Arte Mexicano, an art gallery in Mexico City Galleria dArte Moderna, Milan, an art gallery in Italy GAM group, a Japanese pop idol duo



Gamarnik, Hamarnik, or Hamarnyk may refer to: Andrea Gamarnik born 1964, Argentine molecular virologist Yan Gamarnik 1894–1937, Soviet politician Grigory Gamarnik 1929–2018, Soviet world champion wrestler


Game (disambiguation)

The Game rapper born 1979, or Game, an American rapper Triple H born 1969, professional wrestler who dubbed himself "The Game"



Gammon may refer to: Gammon bomb, a British hand grenade used during World War II Gammon India, civil engineering construction company in India Gammon, a victory in backgammon achieved before the loser removed a single checker Gammon meat, a cut ...



Raul Gandara-Cartagena, long-time Ponce, Puerto Rico fire chief Antonio de la Gandara, 19th century painter, pastellist and draughtsman Mago Orona Gandara 1929-2018, Mexican-American muralist Jose N. Gandara Cartagena, the 19th-century physician ...


Gang (disambiguation)

Kang Korean surname or Gang, a common Korean surname One Man Gang born 1960, American professional wrestler Jeanne Gang born 1964, American architect Gang Tian born 1958, Chinese mathematician and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ...


Ganga (disambiguation)

Bodyguard 2012 film formerly Ganga, a 2012 Telugu film directed by Gopichand Malineni Ganga 2015 film, a Kannada film directed by Sai Prakash Ganga 1972 film, a Tamil film directed by M. Karnan Ganga 2006 film, a Bhojpuri film directed by Abhishe ...



Gangi may refer to: Palazzo Valguarnera-Gangi, a townhouse in Palermo, Sicily Gangi, Sicily, a town in Italy Rosario Gangi, a New York City mobster and captain in the Genovese crime family Snowroof, the translation of 雁木 gangi an opening and ca ...



Mark Daniel Gangloff, an American competition swimmer and Olympic medalist Gangulphus, an 8th-century French saint also known at St. Gangloff Hope Gangloff, an American painter François Gangloff, a French gymnast and Olympic medalist Françoise Le ...





Lewis H. Gann, historian W. D. Gann 1878-1955, stock market analyst see Gann angles Kyle Gann born 1955, composer and music critic Gann mac Dela 20th or 16th century BC, joint High King of Ireland Ernest K. Gann 1910-1991, author, sailor, fisherm ...



Gaon may refer to Geonim, presidents of the two great Talmudic Academies of Sura and Pumbedita Gaon Hebrew, a non-formal title given to certain Jewish Rabbis Vilna Gaon, known as the Gaon of Vilnus. Yehoram Gaon, Israeli singer Gaon film, a 2018 ...



Gaos may refer to: Vicente Gaos 1919–1980, Spanish poet and essayist Gyaos, several monsters from Daieis Gamera film series Lola Gaos 1921–1993, Spanish film, television and theatre actress Geneva Amateur Operatic Society, a society based in Gene ...



Gapon may refer to: Gapon, nickname of Jovan Grkovic 1879–1912, Serbian Orthodox monk and chetnik Georgy Gapon 1870–1906, Russian Orthodox priest Gapon, a colloquial form of the Russian male first name Agafon Gafon, a diminutive of the Russian ma ...



Joseph Garat 1872–1944, French politician of the inter-war period 1918–1939 Pierre Garat singer 1762–1823, French "chanteur lyrique"; nephew of Dominique-Joseph Garat Dominique Garat 1735-1799, called the Old, French Basque politician, brother of ...



Sam Garba 1948–1978, Nigerian football player Hamsou Garba born 1958, Nigerien singer Harouna Garba born 1986, Nigerian track hurdler Bala Garba born 1974, Nigerian football coach Mario Garba born 1977, Croatian football player Joseph Nanven Garb ...



Garbe may refer to Sulzberger–Garbe syndrome, a cutaneous condition B. J. Garbe born 1981, American baseball player Garbe, Lahmeyer & Co., a former electrical engineering company in Aachen, Germany Robert Garbe 1847–1932, German railway engineer





Greta Garbo 1905–1990, Swedish actress Gunnar Garbo 1924–2016, Norwegian journalist and politician Greg Garbowsky born 1986, bassist for the Jonas Brothers Raffaellino del Garbo b c1466, Florentine painter Ingvald Garbo 1891–1941, member of the N ...



Garbutt, New York, a hamlet between Scottsville and Mumford Garbutt, Queensland, a suburb in the city of Townsville, in Australia Garbutt House, Frank A. Garbutts mansion in the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles



Garcin may refer to: People with the surname Federico Garcin born 1973, Uruguayan basketball player Esteve Garcin 1784–1859, Occitan language writer Jerome Garcin born 1956, French journalist and writer Joseph Heliodore Garcin de Tassy 1794–1878, ...


Gardenia (disambiguation)

Gardenia, a play by John Guare Gardenia film, a 1979 film starring Martin Balsam



Gardos, Gardos or Gardos may refer to: Places Gardos, a neighborhood in Belgrade People Florin Gardos, Romanian footballer Kariel Gardosh, Hungarian-Israeli cartoonist and illustrator Andras Gardos, Hungarian footballer Mariska Gardos 1885–1973 H ...



Gargallo, Aragon, a municipality in the province of Teruel, Aragon, Spain Gargallo, Piedmont, a commune in the province of Novara, Piedmont, Italy Priolo Gargallo, a commune in the province of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy



Garlock Sealing Technologies, a subsidiary of EnPro Industries Garlock, California Garlock Fault, fault running along the north margins of the Mojave Desert


Garment (disambiguation)

A garment is an article of clothing. Garment may also refer to: Temple garment, a type of underwear worn by adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement after they have taken part in the endowment ceremony. Garment District disambiguation


Garni (disambiguation)

Garni is a village in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. Garni may also refer to: Garni Gorge Bouquet garni, a bundle of herbs usually tied together with string and stewed Temple of Garni, an Ionic temple in Garni, Armenia Garni crater, an impact cr ...





Garrigues may refer to: Garrigues comarca, a county in Catalonia, Spain Garrigues, Herault, a commune in the Herault department of France Garrigues-Sainte-Eulalie, a commune in the Gard department of France Garrigues law firm, a law firm headquar ...



Garrow may refer to: Garrow Inheritance Cycle, is a minor character from the fantasy series The Inheritance Cycle Garrows are a group of people from India Garrow, a village in Perth and Kinross, Scotland



Shannon Garst 1894–1981, American author, lived in Douglas, Wyoming Warren Garst 1850–1924, American politician David Garst 1926–2006, American agriculturalist Mary Garst born 1928, American cattle breeder in the Iowa Womens Hall of Fame Roswell ...



Owen Garvan born 1988, Irish footballer Gerry Garvan, former Irish footballer and coach who played as a midfielder Genevieve Garvan 1880–1938, American philanthropist and Papal duchess Garvan McCarthy born 1981, retired Irish sportsperson Liz Gar ...



Garzon may refer to: Geographic places: Garzon, Uruguay, a village in Maldonado department Arroyo Garzon and Laguna Garzon, a stream and a lagoon in the same area Roman Catholic Diocese of Garzon, Colombia Garzon Colombia, a town and municipality ...



Gasa barangay Medina, Misamis Oriental, Philippines Gasa Dzong, the administrative center of Gasa District Gasa crater, a crater on Mars Gasa, Bhutan, capital of the Gasa District Gasa District, Bhutan Gasa barangay Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur, P ...



Gascony French Gascogne, a region and former province of France Golfe de Gascogne, an alternative name for the Bay of Biscay Cotes de Gascogne, a wine-growing area of Gascony



Gascon may refer to: Gascon cattle Gascony, an area of southwest France Gascon grape, another name for the French wine grape Mondeuse noire Gascon language Gascon pig



Gudy Gaskill 1927–2016, American mountaineer, driving force behind creation of the Colorado Trail Mary Gaskill born 1941, American politician Brian Gaskill born 1970, American actor Jerry Gaskill born 1957, American rock musician William Gaskill ...



Gasparini is an Italian surname and may refer to: Gaspare Gasparini died 1590, Italian painter Graziano Gasparini 1924–2019, Venezuelan architect John Gasparini fl. 1978–2009, former hockey coach and president of the United States Hockey League Q ...



Gasser can mean: Hungarian or Montenegrin Gasser pistols, e.g.: Gasser M1870 e.g. see The Mad Gasser of Mattoon Someone who or something that gasses in its various meanings Gasser car, a certain style of hot rod Gasser manga, a fictional characte ...



Gastor may refer to: MV Gastor, an LNG carrier built by Chantiers de lAtlantique El Gastor, a city in Cadiz Province, Spain Global Automotive Summit Toronto, a yearly event for the Automotive software industry


Gatehouse (disambiguation)

A gatehouse is a type of building that stands at the gateway to a town, country estate, park, castle, or other fortification of importance. Gatehouse or Gate House may also refer to:



Gater may refer to: The Gater, WKGR, a classic rock format radio station in Florida, United States John Gater before 1979, British archaeological geophysicist A fan of the Stargate series



Gatton may refer to: Places Shire of Gatton, former administrative region Gatton, Queensland, Australia Gatton, Surrey, former village in England Gatton UK Parliament constituency, rotten borough based in the village People Danny Gatton 1945–1994 ...



Alfred Gaulier 1829–1898, French politician Philippe Gaulier born 1943, French master clown and professor of theatre Geraldine Gaulier born 1947, Swiss singer.



Gavavencsello, also known as Gava, a town in Hungary Gavà, a town in Catalonia, Spain Iran Pain Gava Sara, a village in Chini Jan Rural District, Gilan Province Gava Sara-ye Olya, a village in Chini Jan Rural District, Gilan Province Bala Gava Sa ...



Kid Gavilan 1926–2003, Cuban former welterweight boxer Jaime Gavilan born 1985, Spanish football player Giuliana Gavilan born 1996, Argentine handball player Diego Gavilan born 1980, Paraguayan football player Marcelino Gavilan 1909–1999, Spanish ...



Gavina may refer to: Nuno Manuel Gavina do Couto born 1969, Portuguese radio voice, producer and owner of OR2 Web Productions Francisco Gaviña Ribelles 1941-1990, Spanish chemist and politician for the Spanish Socialist Workers Party Chris Gavina ...



Gavini may refer to: Gavino died 303, Christian saint, one of the Martyrs of Torres 21515 Gavini, a minor planet discovered at Soccorro in 1988 Weejasperaspis gavini, an extinct acanthothoracid placoderm found in the eastern Victoria, Australia D ...

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