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Wave-class tanker

The Wave-class tankers are a class of fast fleet tankers in service with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. The class is tasked with providing fuel, food, fresh water, ammunition and other supplies to Royal Navy vessels around the world. There are two sh ...


Dale-class oilers


Fort Victoria-class replenishment oilers


Leaf-class tankers


Rover-class tankers


Sprite-class tankers


Surf-class tankers


Tide-class replenishment oilers


Wave-class oilers


Wave-class tankers


Type T1-M-A1 tankers


Type T1-M-A2 tankers


Type T1-M-BT1 tankers


Type T1-M-BT2 tankers


Type T1-MT-M1 tankers


Type T1 tankers of the United States Navy


Type T3-S-A1 tankers


Type T3-S-B tankers


Type T3-S2-A tankers


List of United States Navy oilers

In the 1980s MSC acquired several other merchant tankers for service in the Ready Reserve Force and/or Pre-Positioning Fleet. American Osprey, Mount Washington, Chesapeake and Petersburg are OPDS ships. SS Mount Vernon T-AOT-3009, built 1961, acq ...


Armadillo-class tankers


Ashtabula-class oilers


Champion-class tankers


Chesapeake-class transport oilers


Chicopee-class oilers


Chiwawa-class oilers


Cimarron-class fleet replenishment oilers


Cimarron-class oilers (1939)


Gasoline tankers of the United States Navy


John Lewis-class oilers


Kanawha-class fleet replenishment oilers


Kaweah-class fleet replenishment oilers


Kennebec-class oilers


Mattaponi-class oilers


Maumee-class oilers


Mission Buenaventura-class fleet oilers


Mobile storage tankers of the United States Navy


Neosho-class oilers


Patoka-class oilers


Sacramento-class fast combat support ships


Supply-class fast combat support ships


Unique oilers and tankers of the United States Navy


Wichita-class replenishment oilers


USS George G. Henry (ID-1560)


SS Olean


SS Sweep


Middridge Colliery

Middridge Colliery was a colliery based in and near the village of Middridge in County Durham, England. The colliery, which was owned by The Weardale Iron and Coal Company, consisted of two mines: Eden Pit, sunk in 1872 and Charles Pit, sunk in 1 ...


Sheriff Hill Colliery

Sheriff Hill Colliery or Ellison Main Colliery was a coal mine at Gateshead Fell in County Durham, England. The colliery had two shafts and provided employment to the residents of Sheriff Hill, after it opened in 1793. There were many major accid ...


Witton Park Colliery

After the closure of the Witton Park Iron Works, the coal mines lost their local market, and were totally reliant on transport via the North Eastern Railway for distribution of their product. Having been worked for nearly 100 years, the accessibl ...


Parkfield Colliery

Parkfield Colliery, near Pucklechurch, South Gloucestershire, was sunk in 1851 under the ownership of Handel Cossham. Coal was reached in 1853. The shaft was 840ft deep, but only the upper series of coal veins were worked. These were the Hard, th ...

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