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Copernicus (disambiguation)

Copernicus Programme, a joint initiative of the European Commission and European Space Agency Copernicium, element 112 Copernicus star, also known as 55 Cancri A in the 55 Cancri binary star system Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland Copern ...



Copp or Copps may refer to: People Terry Copp, Canadian military historian and Professor Emeritus Harold Copp, a Canadian scientist Stanley Copp died 1987, Canadian politician Doug Copp, promoter of the Triangle of Life, a technique he claims red ...




Copper (disambiguation)

Copper Coast or "Copper Triangle", an area of South Australia noted for its mining Copper Nunataks, Antarctic Peninsula



Copperwheat is a surname of English origin. People with that name include: David Copperwheat active from 2007, member of alt-country/indie band Tinker Jack from Bedford, England Ben Copperwheat British print designer/artist living and working in ...



Copping may refer to: Harold Copping 1863–1932, British artist Roger Copping Benet Copping born 1986, Australian rules footballer Copping, Tasmania Wilf Copping 1909-1980, English footballer Corey Copping born 1994, American professional baseball ...



Amelie Coquet born 1984, French football player Ernie Coquet 1883–1946, English football full-back Henry of Coquet died 1127, Danish hermit and Roman Catholic saint



Coquille Indian Tribe, a federally recognized Native American tribal entity in Oregon Guy Coquille 1523–1603, French jurist Coquille people, a Native American tribe in Oregon



Corams Fields, an area of open space in London Coram, Montana, a place in Flathead County Coram, New York, a hamlet in Suffolk County Coram Experimental Forest, within the Flathead National Forest, near Kalispell, Montana


Corbel (disambiguation)

A series of corbelled pieces produce a Corbel arch or vault. A corbel is a piece of stone jutting out of a wall to carry weight. Corbel may also refer to: Corbel, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France Honorine Corbel born 1994, French footballer Cecile Cor ...



Corbetta may refer to: Corbetta, a type of magazine artillery. A Corbetta magazine is of concrete construction and is shaped like a beehive or dome. The domed shape is used for only the Corbetta ECM design. The interior wall is approximately thre ...



Jacques-Joseph Corbiere 1766–1853, French interior minister Edouard Corbiere 1793–1875, French sailor, shipowner, journalist and writer Tristan Corbiere 1845–1875, French poet Jeannette Corbiere Lavell born 1942, Canadian womens rights activist L ...



Ines Corda born 1995, Serbian basketball player Maria Corda 1898–1976, Hungarian actress and novelist August Carl Joseph Corda 1809–1849, Czech physician and mycologist



Charlott Cordes born 1988, German fashion model Manfred Cordes born 1953, German conductor Kevin Cordes born 1993, American swimmer John Cordes 1890 -?, NYPD detective Colin Cordes, New Zealand rower Baltazar de Cordes 16th century–17th century, ...



Cordoba most commonly refers to: Cordoba, Argentina, a city and capital of Cordoba Province Cordoba, Spain, a major city in southern Spain and formerly the imperial capital of the Islamic Spain Cordoba or Cordoba may also refer to:



Cordon plant, the descriptive term for a particular style of pruning woody plants Cordon fashion, a cord sewing or braid used as a fastening or ornament Cordon and search, a military operation a strip of clay added around the outside of a pot in ...



Cordus may mean: Quintus Naevius Cordus Sutorius Macro, Roman prefect Valerius Cordus 1515-1544, German naturalist, son of Euricius Cordus weevil, a genus in family Brentinae Euricius Cordus 1486-1535, German intellectual Aulus Cremutius Cordus, ...



Core, an essential domain of a closed operator; see Unbounded operator Core of a triangulated category Core graph theory, the homomorphically minimal subgraph of a graph Core game theory, the collection of stable allocations that no coalition can ...



Corea may refer to: Korean Peninsula, the land area which Korea occupies North Korea, one of the two sovereign states occupying the Korean peninsula South Korea, one of the two sovereign states occupying the Korean peninsula Korea, the term for t ...



Corigliano dOtranto, a municipality in the Province of Lecce, Apulia, Italy Corigliano Calabro, a municipality in the Province of Cosenza, Calabria, Italy




Cornell (disambiguation)

Cornell Armstrong born 1995, American football player Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., better known under his stage name Nelly born 1974, American hip-hop artist and entrepreneur Cornell Gowdy born 1963, American football player


Cornet (disambiguation)

Fahnrich, an Austrian and German officer candidate rank since 1899, previously a Cornet who carried the cornet/flag ca. 1480 in Germany 9M133 Kornet, a Russian anti-tank guided missile Cornet rank, a commissioned officer rank in cavalry troops, o ...



Dominique Cornu born 1985, Belgian road and track cyclist Paul Cornu 1881–1944, French engineer sometimes credited as the creator of the first helicopter Marie Alfred Cornu, French physicist for whom the Cornu spiral is named


Cornwall (disambiguation)

Duke of Cornwall, a title belonging to the eldest son of the English Sovereign Earl of Cornwall, a title superseded in 1337 by the Duke of Cornwall Duchy of Cornwall, land belonging to the Duke of Cornwall



Coron Island, under the jurisdiction of the municipality, Philippines Coron, Palawan, a municipality in the Philippines Coron, the Venetian name of the coastal town of Koroni on the Ionian Sea, in present-day Greece. Coron, Maine-et-Loire, a comm ...



Coronel may refer to: Battle of Coronel off the Chilean coast during World War I Archaic or Spanish spelling of colonel Coronelism, a Brazilian political machine during the Old Republic 1889–1930 Coronel, Chile, a port city in Chile The World War ...





Ronald Corp born 1951, English composer, conductor and Church of England priest Aaron Corp born 1989, American football quarterback Brandon Corp born 1987, American lacrosse player


Corpse (disambiguation)

A corpse is a dead human body. Corpse may also refer to: The Corpse, a 1971 British horror film The Corpse, a black ops group within the Green Lantern Corps



Pat Corr born 1927, Northern Irish footballer Caroline Corr born 1973, Irish musician Karen Corr born 1969, Irish pool player Ryan Corr born 1989, Australian actor Sharon Corr born 1970, Irish musician Erin Corr 1793–1862, Irish engraver Andrea C ...



Corrado may refer to: Corrado film, a film starring Johnny Messner and Tom Sizemore Volkswagen Corrado, a Volkswagen sports car produced from 1988 to 1995 Corrado given name, people with the given name Corrado Sebastian Corrado, an Italian gramma ...



Correll may refer to: Correll, Minnesota, city in Big Stone County, Minnesota, United States Correll is the name of the following people: Charles Correll 1890–1972, American radio comedian Ernst Hugo Correll 1882-1942, German film producer Bob Co ...



Corston may refer to: Corston, Somerset, village in the county of Somerset in the United Kingdom Tom Corston born 1949, bishop of Moosonee, Canada Corston, Wiltshire, village in the county of Wiltshire in the United Kingdom Baroness Corston born ...


Cortazar (disambiguation)

David Fernandez Cortazar born 1985, Spanish footballer Luis de Cortazar fl. 1837–1839, governor of the Mexican state of Guanajuato Maximiliano Cortazar born 1966, Mexican politician Estanislao Tovilla Cortazar 1936–1994, Mexican civil engineer Er ...



Corte may refer to: Arrondissement of Corte, a district in Corsica, France Corte, Haute-Corse, a commune in Corsica, France USC Corte, a French football team



Giovanna Cortesi Marmocchini 1666-1731, Italian artist Fabrizio Cortesi 1879-1949, Italian botanist Antonio Cortesi 1796 – 1879, Italian ballet dancer, choreographer, and composer Filippo Cortesi, Roman Catholic Apostolic Nuncio to Poland from De ...



Cortez, Florida, a census-designated place Cortez, Nevada, ghost town Cortez, Colorado, a city and county seat of Montezuma County Cortez, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated community Cortez, California, an unincorporated community in Merced County



Lotus Cortina, a 1963–1968 performance variant on the above Ford Cortina, a medium-sized family car built by Ford of Britain from 1962 to 1982 Cortina tango MV Cortina, a Panamanian passenger ship in service 1996-97 In mycology, a cobweb-like par ...



Cortlandt Town Center, a shopping center in the town Cortlandt Manor, New York, an area of the town Cortlandt, New York, a town in Westchester County, New York Cortlandt Metro-North station Cortlandt Street Manhattan, a street in New York City Co ...



Corum, Oklahoma, an unincorporated community in the American state. Çorum, city in Turkey; capital of Çorum Province Çorum Province, district in Turkeys Black Sea Region Corum Montpellier, building in Montpellier, France





Miranda do Corvo, a town in Miranda do Corvo Municipality Rio Corvo, a tributary of the Ceira River in the Serra do Acor, Portugal Miranda do Corvo Municipality in Coimbra District of central Portugal In the archipelago of the Azores Corvo Airpor ...



Coryton may refer to several places in the United Kingdom: Coryton, Cardiff, Wales Coryton railway station Cardiff, still in use Coryton Refinery, Essex, England, oil refinery and former village Coryton Essex railway station, a closed railway sta ...



Cobalt sulfide, CoS a chemical compound Class of service CoS, a 3-bit field within a layer-two Ethernet frame header defined by IEEE 802.1p Cache ObjectScript, a programming language, part of the InterSystems Cache database Cray Operating System, ...



Walter E. Cosgriff 1914–1961, American banker Richard H. Cosgriff 1845-1910, Irish-born American businessman, Civil War veteran Jeff Cosgriff born 1987, American soccer player Joe Cosgriff 1913-2008, Australian rules football player



Cosgrove, Victoria, Australia Cosgrove, Queensland, Australia Cosgrove, Northamptonshire, England Cosgrove, Iowa, United States Cosgrove, Arkansas, United States



Mark Cosma born 1958, Alliance, Ohio cyclists/skydiver/outdoorsman Maria Cosma, Romanian sprint canoeist Nick Cosma Sr. 1896-1973, Beclean, Romania & Salem, Ohio adventurist Vladimir Cosma born 1940, a Romanian-born French composer and musician G ...





Cosse or Cosse may refer to: Cosse-dAnjou, France Bates Cosse, Nigerian marketing communications company Cosse-le-Vivien, France People named Cosse or Cosse include: Carolina Cosse, Uruguayan engineer Duke of Brissac Laurence Cosse, French writer ...

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