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Benque may refer to: Benque Viejo del Carmen "Benque", Belizean town Benque, former French commune Benque, Haute-Garonne, French commune Benque-Molere Franz Benque 1841–1921, German photographer Benque-Dessous-et-Dessus, French commune



Benrath may refer to: Dusseldorf-Benrath, a part of the city of Dusseldorf in Germany Schloss Benrath, a historical building in Dusseldorf-Benrath Benrath line, a term of German linguistics the maken-machen isogloss



Zinedine Bensalem, Algerian footballer Ben Salem Himmich, Moroccan novelist Zohra Bensalem, Algerian volleyball player Ahmed Ben Salem, Algerian leader



Benthall may refer to: Benthall Hall located there Benthall, Shropshire Benthall, Northumberland Dwinelle Benthall 1890-1931, American screenwriter William Benthall 1837–1909, English cricketer Michael Benthall 1919–1974, English theatre director


Bentinck (disambiguation)

Bentinck may refer to: People: Bentinck family, a prominent family in both Dutch and British nobility, including a list of British family members Lord William Bentinck 1774-1839, Governor-General of India from 1828-1839 Bernhard Bentinck 1877-193 ...



Benz, an old Germanic clan name dating to the fifth century also used in German as an alternative for names such as Berthold, Bernhard, or Benedict, may refer to:



Beor may refer to: Henry Beor 1846–1880, politician in colonial Queensland, Australia Beor biblical figure, father of the prophet Balaam Beor village, a village in Punjab, Pakistan



Ady Berber 1913–1966, Austrian film actor Anita Berber, German dancer, actress, writer, and prostitute Zoya Berber, Russian actress Mersad Berber 1940–2012, Bosnian painter Kubra Berber born 1996, Turkish womens footballer



Berezan may refer to: Berezan Island, an island in the Black Sea Berezan Estuary, open estuary on the northern coast of the Black Sea Berezan, Kiev Oblast, a city in Ukraine Berezan Runestone, discovered in 1905


Bergara (disambiguation)

Bergara is a town in Spain. Bergara may also refer to: Markel Bergara, Spanish footballer Federico Bergara, Uruguayan footballer Mario Bergara, Uruguayan economist Ane Bergara, Spanish footballer Danny Bergara, Uruguayan footballer Iñaki Bergara, ...





Rudiger of Bergheim, Bishop of Chiemsee from 1216 to 1233 Stanislaus Bergheim born 1984, German footballer Kristian Bergheim 1926–2010, Norwegian musician



Bergholz, Ohio, a village in Jefferson County, United States Bergholz Community, a former Amish community at Bergholz, Ohio Bergholz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a municipality in the Uecker-Randow district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany Berghol ...





Bering may refer to: Bering Island, off Kamchatka Peninsula in Bering Sea Maritime features of Alaska/Siberia region Vitus Bering 1681–1741, Danish-born navigator in the service of the Russian Navy Bering Strait, sea strait between Russia and Ala ...



Beringer may refer to: Beringer Vineyards Beringers Lying Stones, limestone carved into the shape of various animals Karl-Friedrich Beringer born 1948, German choral and orchestral conductor



Berks station, a SEPTA station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robert Berks 1922–2011, American sculptor and industrial designer Berks TV series, Filipino television series



Berkut may refer to: Berkut rifle, a semi-automatic hunting rifle designed and manufactured in Russia S-25 Berkut, a Russian surface-to-air missile system known to NATO as the SA-1 Guild Berkut spacesuit, a Soviet space suit developed in 1964–196 ...


Berlage (disambiguation)

Hendrik Petrus Berlage was a Dutch architect. Berlage may also refer to: Berlage Institute, Rotterdam Berlage crater, a crater on the Moon Beurs van Berlage, a building in Amsterdam designed by H. P. Berlage



Luis Garcia Berlanga 1921–2010, Spanish film director and screenwriter Carlos Berlanga 1959–2002, Spanish musician, composer and painter Consuelo Berlanga born 1955, Spanish journalist Fray Tomas de Berlanga 1487–1551, fourth bishop of Panama, re ...



Berline may refer to: the French name for Sedan automobile Berline airline, a former German airline 1991-1994 alternative spelling of Berlin carriage, from which the previous was derived Nicole Berline, a mathematician



Berlitz can refer to: Charles Berlitz, grandson of Maximilian Berlitz and author of several Bermuda Triangle related books Maximilian Berlitz, founder of the Berlitz Language Schools Platinum Berlitz, one of the Pokedex holders in Pokemon Special ...



Bernadotte may refer to: House of Bernadotte, the royal family of Sweden Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte French Jacobin leader, later French Marshal, later King Charles XIV of Sweden and founder of the House of Bernadotte



Bernadou is a French surname and may refer to: Victor-Felix Bernadou 1816–1891, a French cardinal John Baptiste Bernadou 1858–1908, an officer in the United States Navy during the Spanish–American War USS Bernadou DD-153, a Wickes -class destroye ...



Bernards may refer to: Bernards Township, New Jersey, United States Bernards High School, a comprehensive four-year regional public high school located in Bernardsville, New Jersey



Bernieres municipality in the district of Saint-Nicolas, Quebec



Claude Berri 1934-2009, French film director Berri singer, British singer known for her 1995 hit "Sunshine after the Rain" Nabih Berri, Lebanese politician David Berri born 1969, economist and author of The Wages of Wins





Ted Berrigan, 20th Century American poet Philip Berrigan, American Catholic priest and peace activist, brother of Daniel Daniel Berrigan, American Catholic priest and peace activist, brother of Philip Shaun Berrigan, Australian representative rug ...


Berrocal (disambiguation)

Yola Berrocal born 1970, Spanish dancer, singer, and actress Carla Berrocal born 1983, Spanish comics illustrator Jose Berrocal 1957–2000, president of Puerto Rico Government Development Bank Carlos Berrocal born 1957, Puerto Rican Olympic swimme ...





Cindy Lee Berryhill, singer and songwriter Bob Berryhill born 1947, guitarist and founding member of The Surfaris Bill Berryhill, American politician and member of the California State Assembly Tom Berryhill, American politician and member of the ...



Berryman may refer to: Berryman, Iron County, Missouri, a ghost town Berryman, Missouri, an unincorporated community BLIT short story, or Berryman Logical Image Technique, a short story by David Langford People: Paul Berryman, musician of Austral ...



Berteling may refer to Ron Berteling Schaal, the opening game of the Dutch ice hockey league Ron Berteling born 1957, Dutch ice hockey player Berteling Building, a historic commercial building in Indiana, U.S.



Berthold or Berchtold is a Germanic given name and surname. It is derived from two elements, berht meaning "bright" and wald meaning rule". It may refer to:



Paul Berthon 1872–1909, French Art Nouveau artist Rene Theodore Berthon 1776–1859, French painter Edward Lyon Berthon 1813 London–1899, English inventor and clergyman Stephen Berthon 1922–2007, English vice admiral Eliot Berthon born 1992, French ...




Berzelius (disambiguation)

Jons Jacob Berzelius was a Swedish chemist. Berzelius may also refer to: 13109 Berzelius, main-belt minor planet Berzelius crater, crater on the moon Berzelius secret society at Yale University, USA



Bessieres can refer to: Bessieres, Haute-Garonne his younger brother, Bertrand, Baron Bessieres 1773-1855 Jean-Baptiste Bessieres, French marshal, duke of Istria 1768-1813



Cyril Bessy born 1986, French cyclist Frederic Bessy born 1972, French cyclist Claude Bessy writer 1945–1999, French writer, magazine editor, singer, video producer and painter Claude Bessy dancer born 1932, French ballerina with the Paris Opera ...







Hebrew word for "house", often used in the name of synagogues and schools e.g. Beth Israel Bet letter, or beth, the second letter of the Semitic abjads writing systems



Bett is a surname of independent English and Kenyan origins, and may refer to: Mark Bett born 1976, Kenyan long-distance runner Baldur Bett born 1980, Icelandic footballer Richard Bett, British philosopher Calum Bett born 1981, Icelandic football ...



Bettenhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate, in the Kusel district, Rhineland-Palatinate Bettenhausen, Baden-Wurttemberg, in the Rottweil district, Baden-Wurttemberg Bettenhausen, Thuringia, in the Schmalkalden-Meiningen district, Thuringia Bettenhausen, ...



Beula may refer to: Beula, Pennsylvania, Cambria County - see List of places in Pennsylvania Johana Harris 1912–1995, Canadian pianist, composer and music educator born Beula Duffy Jak Beula born 1963, British entrepreneur Beula Nunn 1914-1995, w ...



Beury may refer to: Beury, West Virginia Beury Mountain Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia National Bank of North Philadelphia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also known at the Beury Building



Bever may refer to: Bever Oste, a tributary to the river Oste, Lower Saxony, Germany Strombeek-Bever, part of the Belgian municipality of Grimbergen Bever, Switzerland, a municipality in the district of Maloja of the Canton of Graubunden, Switzer ...



Beynon may refer to: places: Beynon, Alberta, Canada people with the surname Beynon: Bill Beynon 1891-1932, British and Empire bantamweight champion boxer David Beynon, rugby league footballer of the 1900s for Wales, and Oldham William Addison Be ...



Jaswinder Bhalla, Indian comedian and actor Vikas Bhalla, Indian actor and producer Gopi Bhalla, Indian actor Attin Bhalla, Indian actor Needhi Bhalla, American biologist Deepti Omchery Bhalla, Indian dancer Ashima Bhalla, Indian actress Harbans ...

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