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Bronn may refer to: Gwenn Teir Bronn, figure in Welsh mythology Heinrich Georg Bronn 1800-1862, German geologist and paleontologist Broons by Breton name, town and commune in France Bronn character, character in the epic fantasy novels A Song of ...





Cadillac Brougham, 1987–1992 Daewoo Brougham, 1991–1997 Nissan Cedric Brougham/Gloria Brougham, 1975–2004 Ryan Brougham, a single-engined aircraft of the 1920s and 1930s Brougham carriage, a light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage Brougham, a bar ...



Brow may refer to: The Brow, a band from Fremantle, Western Australia Eyebrow, an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eye Entryway for boarding the ship similar to a gangplank Brow Monument and Brow Monument Trail, Coconino County, Arizona, l ...



Broward may refer to: Robert C. Broward 1926–2015, American architect and author Napoleon B. Broward 1857–1910, Florida governor after which the county is named Broward County, Florida



Joe Browder 1938–2016, American environmental activist Ben Browder born 1962, American actor and writer Nick Browder born 1975, former US Arena football quarterback Kalief Browder 1993–2015, US remandee Joshua Browder born 1997, British-American ...


Brownfield (disambiguation)

In urban planning, brownfield land is land previously used for industrial purposes or some commercial uses. Brownfield or Brown Field may also refer to:



Broyhill may refer to: Lincoln Broyhill 1925–2008, record-setting American tail-gunner in World War II and later a successful real estate developer Jim Broyhill born 1927, Republican former U.S. Representative and Senator from the state of North ...


Brubaker (disambiguation)

Brubaker is a 1980 American prison drama film. Brubaker may also refer to: Harold J. Brubaker born 1946, politician Bruce Brubaker baseball born 1941, American pitcher Bill Brubaker 1910–1978, American baseball player Ed Brubaker born 1966, Ameri ...



Brucken, Kusel, municipality in the district of Kusel, Rhineland-Palatinate Brucken, Saxony-Anhalt, municipality in the district of Mansfeld-Sudharz, Saxony-Anhalt Brucken, Birkenfeld, municipality in the district of Birkenfeld, Rhineland-Palatinate


Brudenell (disambiguation)

Brudenell may refer to: Places in Canada Brudenell, Prince Edward Island Brudenell, Ontario Surname Thomas Brudenell disambiguation Brudenell Baronets James Brudenell disambiguation Music Brudenell Social Club, a music venue in Hyde Park, Leeds, ...


Brue (disambiguation)

Andre Brue 1697–1702, of the second Compagnie du Senegal Jean-Louis Brue 1780–1832, a French general officer Nordahl Brue, born 1944, an American lawyer and entrepreneur Matthew Brue, singer/songwriter, part of Missio duo



Brueghel, Bruegel or Breughel) was the name of several Dutch/Flemish painters from the Brueghel family: Jan Pieter Brueghel 1628–1664 Pieter Bruegel the Elder c. 1525–1569, the most famous member of the family and the only one to sign his paintin ...





Bruggen, Germany, municipality in the district of Viersen, Germany Bruggen Leine, German municipality Bruggen Glacier, glacier in southern Chile RAF Bruggen, former Royal Air Force Station



Brule River Minnesota Brule community, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community, US Brule, Nebraska, US Bois Brule River in Wisconsin, also known as the Brule River Brule River, forming a portion of the boundary between Michigan and Wisconsin Brule ...


Brunette (disambiguation)

Justin Brunette born 1975, American baseball player Andrew Brunette born 1973, Canadian ice hockey player Tommy Brunette, a member of punk rock band Towers of London



Brunhes may refer to: Brunhes–Matuyama reversal, the reversal of the earths magnetic field approximately 781.000 years ago named after Brunhes and Motonori Matuyama Bernard Brunhes 1867–1910, French geophysicist Jean Brunhes 1869–1930, French geo ...



Brunk may refer to: Terry Brunk born 1964, American professional wrestler better known as Sabu William E. Brunk, American astronomer 2499 Brunk a minor planet discovered in 1978 Brunk, Radece a place in Slovenia





Brunsden may refer to: Brunsden Lock, lock in on the Kennet and Avon Canal in Berkshire, England Edwin William Brunsden 1896–1976, Canadian agronomist and politician





Brunswick Town State Historic Site, a historic ghost town in Brunswick County, North Carolina



Brusa butterfly, a genus of butterfly in the grass skipper family 1943 BRUSA Agreement between the British and American governments in cypher cracking



Bruschi is a surname. It may refer to: Pietro Bruschi born 1952, Italian sprint canoer Domenico Bruschi 1840–1910, Italian painter Tedy Bruschi born 1973, former professional American football linebacker Andrea Bruschi born 1968, Italian actor Ra ...




Brutus (disambiguation)

Bluto or Brutus, a cartoon character from "Popeye" Brutus, a character in Anima: Age of the Robots Brutus, a character in Human Killing Machine Brutus, a character in Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown Brutus 2016 film Brutus, a character in The H ...



Bruvik, Hordaland, a village in Osteroy municipality, Hordaland county, Norway Bruvik Church, a church in Osteroy municipality, Hordaland county, Norway Bruvik municipality, a former municipality in Hordaland county, Norway



Mary Brydon, British nurse Paul Brydon born 1951, New Zealand road and track cyclist Rob Brydon born 1965, Welsh actor and comedian William Brydon 1811–1873, assistant surgeon in the British East India Company Army Mark Brydon born 1960, English ...


Bryne (disambiguation)

Bryne, a town in Time municipality in Rogaland county, Norway Bryne Church, a church in the town of Bryne Bryne F.K., a football club in the town of Bryne Bryne Stadion, a stadium in the town of Bryne



Bucca may refer to: Bucca, pioneering Cornish folk group Cheek, Latin term being bucca Bucca mythological creature, a mythological creature of Cornish origin Camp Bucca, a U.S. military prison camp in Iraq Bucca, Queensland, a locality in the Bun ...


Buchen (disambiguation)

Buchen is a town in Neckar-Odenwald district, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Buchen may also refer to: Philip W. Buchen 1916–2001, American attorney and White House Counsel during the Ford administration Buchen, a municipality in the district of Lau ...



Buchon may refer to: Buchon or Hispano Aviacion HA-1112-M1L Bucheon or Buchon, a city in South Korea Mount Buchon a mountain range in San Luis Obispo County, California People: Jean Alexandre Buchon 1791 - 1849, French scholar Claude Buchon born ...



Herbert Buchs 1913–1996, German Air Force general and Luftwaffe officer Emanuel Buchs born 1962, Swiss ski mountaineer, cross-country skier and biathlete





Bradley Buckman, American basketball player Peter Buckman, English writer and literary agent Sydney S. Buckman 1860–1929, British palaeontologist Anjo Buckman, German rugby union international Tara Buckman, an American television and film actress ...



Anthony Launce Bucknall 1945-, a former England international rugby union player and captain. Thomas Grimston Bucknall Estcourt, English Politician. Thomas Bucknall-Estcourt, was a British Conservative politician. James Bucknall Estcourt, 1803-18 ...


Budai (disambiguation)



Budan may refer to: Baba Budan, 17th century Sufi reputed to have introduced coffee to India Igor Budan, Croatian footballer The Pinyin transliteration of the country Bhutan Budan, Iran François Budan de Boislaurent, French mathematician



Buenaventura River legend, a legendary but non-existent river that was once believed to run from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean in what is now the western United States



Buga, Valle del Cauca, city and municipality in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca Mount Buga, an inactive volcano in Zamboanga del Sur province, the Philippines Buga barangay, a barangay in San Miguel Municipality, Bulacan, Philippines ...



United States Buhl, Alabama Buhl, Idaho, "trout capital of the world" Buhl, Minnesota France Buhl, Bas-Rhin, in the Bas-Rhin departement Buhl, Haut-Rhin, in the Haut-Rhin departement Buhl-Lorraine, in the Moselle departement



John Du Buisson 1871–1938, English Anglican priest Louis Leon Marie Andre Buisson 1889–1945, French Major General Emile Buisson 1902–1956, French gangster Robert du Mesnil du Buisson 1895–1986, French historian, soldier, and archaeologist Françoi ...



Bukal may refer to: Bukal, Sulawesi, Indonesia; see Buol Regency Bukal, another name for fanfrnoch, a Czech percussion instrument Josip Bukal 1945-2016, Yugoslav and Bosnian footballer





Bulanda may refer to: Tomasz Chlipala, aka Bulanda, a famous Polish baca alpine master shepherd, see Gorce National Park Balanta language, west Africa Monika Bulanda, Poland-born musician and visual artist Bulanda, Kazakhstan, river Edmund Buland ...


Bulbul (disambiguation)

Bulbul is a family of songbirds. Bulbul may also refer to: Bulbul Chowdhury 1919-1954, Bengali dancer Bulbul 2013 film, a Kannada film directed by M. D. Shridhar Bulbul singer 1897-1961, Azerbaijani singer and Soviet opera tenor born Murtuza Mamm ...



Bulca or Bulca may refer to Fuat Bulca 1881–1962, Turkish military officer and politician Bulca, Sinanpasa, a village in Turkey Ioana Bulca born 1933, Romanian film actress



Andrew Bulger 1789–1858, soldier and colonial administrator Paul G. Bulger 1913–2000, third president of Buffalo State College 1959–1967 Daniel Delany Bulger 1865–1930, Irish athlete Jason Bulger born 1978, American baseball pitcher Marc Bulger b ...



Bulla dermatology, a large blister like a vesicle but bigger, containing serous or seropurulent fluid Auditory bulla, a hollow bony structure on the ventral, posterior portion of the skull that encloses parts of the middle and inner ear Bulla lun ...

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