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C56 31

C56 31 was the 31st of the Class C56 steam locomotives produced by Japanese Government Railways. It was manufactured by Nippon Sharyo in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1936. C56 31 was the first locomotive to run on the Thai-Burma Railway, also known as ...


NWE No. 21

The NWE No. 21 II, later DR Class 99 6001 is a narrow gauge steam locomotive that was built in 1939 for a track gauge of one metre and is still on duty with the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways today.


Steam locomotives of New South Wales


Steam locomotives of Queensland


Steam locomotives of Tasmania


Steam locomotives of Western Australia


GKB 671


ETR No. 9

ETR No. 9 is an operational 0-6-0 steam locomotive built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1923. Originally purchased by the Essex Terminal Railway, the locomotive was in active service until 1960. It is currently owned by the Southern Ontario ...


China Railway YH


China Railways FX


China Railways HP


China Railways KD6


JGR Class 2120

The JGR Class 2120 was a B6 type 0-6-2 steam tank locomotive used on Japanese Government Railways for shunting and pulling freight cars. The earliest locomotives of this type were imported from Great Britain. One is preserved at the Ome Railway P ...



Corynocarpus is the only genus of plants in the family Corynocarpaceae and includes five species. It is native to New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu.


ČSD Class 456.1


ČSD class 459.0


DSB class T


List of French Pacific steam locomotives

A total of 1364 Pacific steam locomotives were built for the major French railway companies. Some of these were later transferred to other companies or regions. Chemins de fer dAlsace et de Lorraine: 50 locomotives see List of Alsace-Lorraine loc ...


SNCF Class 140U


DRG Class 03.10


Locomotives of the North Staffordshire Railway

The North Staffordshire Railway built, or had constructed for it, approximately 350 locomotives. Until the company established Stoke railway works at Stoke-upon-Trent in 1864, a variety of engineering firms supplied locomotives. Increasingly thou ...


NSR M Class

The North Staffordshire Railway M Class was a class of 0-4-4T steam locomotive designed by John H. Adams, third son of William Adams. It was designed for suburban passenger work on the potteries loop lines. They shared components such as a drumhe ...


MAV Class 323.9


MAV Class 332


Steam locomotives of Ireland

A wide variety of steam locomotives have been used on Irelands railways. This page lists most if not all those that have been used in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Irish railways generally followed British practice in locomotive d ...


JGR Class 5500

The JGR Class 5500 was a type of 4-4-0 steam locomotive used for 60 years on Japanese Government Railways. The locomotives were imported from the United Kingdom. Sulfur was added to the forged steel used for the cylinders. The cylinders were set ...


JNR Class C59

The Class C59 is a type of 4-6-2 steam locomotive built by Japanese National Railways. The C classification indicates three sets of driving wheels. The C59 could haul 17 passenger cars. World War II limited the use of C59s as express trains, a fu ...


JNR Class C63

The JNR Class C63 was a 2-6-2 steam locomotive proposed by Japanese National Railways. Designed in 1956, none of these locomotives were ever actually built.


CFL class 47


Beira Railway Lawley 4-4-0


Delagoa Bay Railway 4-6-0T


NZR E class (1906)


PKP Class Tr5


PKP class Tr201


PKP class Tr202


PKP class Tr203


Rhodesia Railways 17th class


South African 0-6-0ST 1902


South African 2-6-0ST 1900


South African 2-6-0ST 1902


South African Class 01 0-4-0ST 1875


South African Class 01 0-4-0ST 1876


South African Class 01 2-6-0 1876


South African Class 01 2-6-0ST ex tender


South African Class 01 2-6-0 1879


South African Class 01 2-6-0 1891


South African Class 01 2-6-0ST ex back-to-back


South African Class 01 4-4-0


South African Class 01 4-4-0T 1875


South African Class 01 4-4-0TT

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