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OLE, Ole or Ole may refer to: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement, often abbreviated NOAA OLE Ole cantillation, a cantillation mark "goes up" found in Psalms, Proverbs, and Job Ole language, spoken ...



Gaspar de Guzman, Count-Duke of Olivares 1587–1645, Spanish statesman Enrique de Guzman, 2nd Count of Olivares 1540–1607 Enrique Felipe de Guzman, 2nd Count-Duke of Olivares Pedro Perez de Guzman, 1st Count of Olivares House of Olivares, a Spanis ...





Olkhovsky, Olkhovskaya, or Olkhovskoye may refer to: Places Olkhovsky inhabited locality Olkhovskaya, Olkhovskoye, several inhabited localities in Russia Olkhovsky District, a district of Volgograd Oblast, Russia People Ruslan Olkhovsky, CEO of S ...



Ollivant may refer to: Charles Ollivant 1846 - at least 1902, senior member of the Indian Civil Service Ollivant Point, the westernmost point of Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands Douglas Ollivant born 1967, American academic and military ad ...



Olmedo, Sardinia, a town near Sassari Olmedo, Valladolid, a town in the province of Valladolid, Spain The Second Battle of Olmedo, which took place in the aforementioned town in 1467 The First Battle of Olmedo, which took place in the aforementio ...



Olmos may refer to: Olmos District, a district in Peru Los Olmos, a town in Aragon, Spain Olmos, Uruguay, a town in Canelones Department, Uruguay Olmos, Peru, a populated place in Peru



Denison Olmstead 1791–1859, American astronomer Roy Olmstead 1886–1966, famous bootlegger during American prohibition Gertrude Olmstead 1897–1975, American actress Robert Olmstead born 1954, American novelist and educator Albert T. Olmstead 1880– ...



Olney, Illinois Olney Township, Richland County, Illinois Olney Theatre Center Olney, Alabama Olney, Maryland Olney, Georgia, in the List of places in Georgia U.S. state I–R Olney, Missouri Olney Joppa, Maryland, a home on the National Register o ...



Olt or OLT may refer to: People: Karoly Olt 1904–1985, Hungarian politician Mike Olt born 1988, American baseball player Places: Olt Defile, a defile that has been cut into the Transyvanian Alps in south-central Romania by the river Olt Olt Count ...


Olvera (disambiguation)

Miguel Olvera born 1939, Ecuadoran tennis player and coach Jose Antonio Olvera born 1986, Mexican football player Agustin Olvera 1818–1876, Mexican judge and administrator in Mexican California



Omo River Ethiopia Omo River Quebec, a tributary of Maicasagi River in Quebec, Canada Omo Kibish Formation, an East African rock formation Omo, an island in Denmark Omo National Park, in Ethiopia



Al-Omran also spelled Al-Umran, a city in Al-Ahsa Governorate, Saudi Arabia Ahmad-e Omran also known as Maʿbūdī, a village in Jazireh-ye Minu Rural District, Minu District, Khorramshahr County, Khuzestan Province, Iran Souk El Omrane, one of the ...


Ondes (disambiguation)

Ondes is a commune in southwestern France. Ondes or Ondes may also refer to ondes Martenot, an early electronic musical instrument San Martin de Ondes, a parish in northern Spain Selen Ondes born 1988, Turkish volleyball player Saint-Benoit-des-O ...



Gilles Mbang Ondo born 1985, Gabonese football player Daniel Ona Ondo born 1945, Gabonese politician Jean François Ondo 1916 – after 1963, Gabonese foreign minister Emilia Mikue Ondo born 1984, Equatoguinean runner



Ondra may refer to: Ondra Lysohorsky 1905-1989, Czech poet Jiei Ondra born 1957, Czech soccer player Adam Ondra born 1993, Czech rock climber Tesla ONDRA, home computer from 1985 developed in Elstroj, produced by Tesla Liberec and later Tesla Bla ...



Onega may refer to: Onega Peninsula, Russia Onega, Texas now called Aubrey, United States Onega Isthmus, Russia Onega, Minnesota, United States Lake Onega, Russia Onega River, Russia Onega, Russia, a town in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia Onega Bay O ...



Onegin may refer to: Onegin Cranko, a ballet created by John Cranko, derived from the novel Eugene Onegin, a novel in verse by Alexander Pushkin Onegin film, a 1999 British-American film, derived from the novel



Onitsuka is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Tiger Onitsuka 鬼束 大我, born 1998, Japanese jazz drummer Chihiro Onitsuka 鬼束 ちひろ, born 1980, Japanese singer-songwriter Seiji Onitsuka, game artist with Nitro+chiral



Onken may refer to: Anne Onken born 1977, German radio presenter and comedian Onken GmbH, German dairy company founded by Hermann Onken, now part of Emmi AG 12868 Onken, a main-belt asteroid



Onnes may refer to: Onnes, alternative spelling of Onnyos, a rural locality in Amginsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia Onnes general, one of the generals of the mythological Assyrian king Ninus



Raul Meza Ontiveros, Mexican suspected drug lord Karin Ontiveros, Mexican model and beauty pageant titleholder Lupe Ontiveros, Mexican-American film and television actress


Oosterhout (disambiguation)

Oosterhout Abbey, St. Pauls Abbey in Oosterhout Oosterhout, a hamlet in the municipality of Overbetuwe in the Netherlands Oosterhout Formation, in the central and south area of the Netherlands



Opara may refer to: Emeka Opara born 1985, Nigerian footballer in Tunisia Charity Opara born 1972, Nigerian sprinter Lloyd Opara born 1984, British footballer Ike Opara born 1989, American soccer player for Minnesota United David Opara born 1985, ...



Irene Gut Opdyke 1922–2003, Polish nurse, a Righteous Amongst the Nations Neil D. Opdyke 1933–2019, American professor Emerson Opdycke 1830–1884, businessman and Union Army brigadier general William Opdyke born 1950s, American scientist George Op ...



Oppedal is a surname. It may refer to: Ytre Oppedal, a village and ferry terminal in Gulen municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway Odd Oppedal 1936–2018, Norwegian footballer


Opperman (disambiguation)

D. J. Opperman 1914–1985, Afrikaans poet Sir Hubert Opperman 1904–1996, Australian cycling champion, politician and diplomat Ian James Oppermann, Australian engineer Frank Opperman born 1960, South African actor Ashley Opperman born 1983, South A ...



Orage may refer to: Orage film, a 1938 French-language film Orage, a calendar application in the desktop environment Xfce French destroyer Orage, A French naval destroyer that was sunk in the Battle of Boulogne 1940 French landing platform dock O ...



Orduna or Orduña may refer to: Orduña officially Orduña-Urduña, a municipality in the province of Biscay, autonomous community of Basque Country, Spain Joe Orduna born 1948, American football running back Juan de Orduña 1900-1974, Spanish film di ...



Nicolas Orellana born 1995, Chilean footballer Francisco de Orellana 1511–1546, Spanish explorer Ignatius de Orellana 1860–1931, British violinist and conductor Fabian Orellana born 1986, Chilean footballer Rosa Orellana, American mathematician



Oren, Kuyucak, a village in the district of Kuyucak, Aydın Province, Turkey Oren, Silifke, a village in Silifke district of Mersin Province, Turkey Oren, Besni, a village in the district of Besni, Adıyaman Province, Turkey Oren, Bilecik, a villag ...



Valvil Ori, a king in what is now Tamil Nadu, India around 200 AD Ori Hebrew, a Hebrew given name, and a list of Israeli people with the name Amos Ori born 1956, Israeli physicist and professor Ori Kowarsky born 1970, Canadian filmmaker and lawye ...



Oriola may stand for: Oriola grape, another name for the French wine grape Uva Rara 701 Oriola, an asteroid discovered by Joseph Helffrich Oriola Portugal, a parish in the municipality of Portel, Portugal Christian DOriola 1928–2007, French foil ...



Orlik is a term in the Czech language for a small or young eagle. It may refer to: Orlik nad Vltavou, a village in the Czech Republic Orlik Dam Orlik Chateau 11339 Orlik, an asteroid Orlik band, a former skinhead band from the Czech Republic



Monford Orloff 1914–2000, American businessman and philanthropist Zvi Nishri Orloff, 1878–1973, Russian/Palestinian/Israeli pioneer in modern physical education Chet Orloff born 1949, American historian, writer and professor of urban studies Nich ...



Orlovsky or Orlowski, Orlovskaya or Orlowska, or Orlovskoye may refer to: Oryol Oblast Orlovskaya oblast, a federal subject of Russia Orlovsky District, several districts in Russia Orlowski/Orlovsky, a Slavic surname Rog Orlowski, a settlement in ...



Orman may refer to: Surname: Ward Van Orman 1894–1978, American engineer, inventor and balloonist Alen Orman born 1978, association football player for Austria Greg Orman born 1968, American businessman and senatorial candidate from Kansas Charle ...



James Ormond or Ormonde c. 1418–1497, the illegitimate son of John Butler, 6th Earl of Ormonde, and Princess Margret of Thormond John Ormonde 1905–1981, a senior Irish Fianna Fail politician Paul Ormonde born 1977, an Irish sportsperson Ann Ormon ...





Oro – A Live Session, an album by Maire Brennan Oro album, an RIAA certification for Spanish-language albums Oro dance or hora, a Balkan circle dance Oro: Grandes Exitos, an album by ABBA ORO, an album by Ufomammut "Oro" song, the Serbian entry i ...





Oron may refer to: Oron state, one of the major states in the old Calabar Kingdom Oron, Vaud, Switzerland. Created in 2012 it includes the former municipalities of Oron District, Switzerland Oron-la-Ville, Switzerland Oron-le-Chatel, Switzerland ...



Orono, Maine, a town in Penobscot County, home to the University of Maine Orono CDP, Maine Orono, Minnesota, a city in Hennepin County Orono Township, Muscatine County, Iowa



Oropesa may refer to: SS Oropesa, a British steam turbine ocean liner Oropesa minesweeping, a naval minesweeping device Oropesa, Spain, a town in Toledo, Spain Oropesa, Antabamba, the capital of Oropesa District, Antabamba, Peru Oropesa del Mar, ...



Rozalia Oros born 1964, Romanian fencer Corneliu Oros born 1950, Romanian former volleyball player Ernest L. Oros died 2012, American politician from New Jersey Cristian Oroș born 1984, Romanian football player Joe Oros 1916–2012, American automo ...



Juan Jose Oroz born 1980, Spanish professional road bicycle racer Andres Oroz born 1980, Chilean footballer Rodolfo Oroz 1895–1997, Chilean writer, professor, and philologist



Orre, Rogaland, a village in Klepp municipality, Rogaland county, Norway Orre Church, a church in the village of Pollestad in Klepp municipality, Rogaland county, Norway Old Orre Church, a church in the village of Orre in Klepp municipality, Roga ...



Orsino may refer to: Orsino Twelfth Night, a character in the Shakespearean comedy Twelfth Night Orsino play, a play by Romain Rolland Orsino, Florida, United States Orsino, the name of an elven mage in Dragon Age II



USS Ortolan ASR-22, a twin-hulled submarine rescue ship USS Ortolan AM-45, a Lapwing-class minesweeper in the United States Navy USS Ortolan AMCU-34 earned four battle stars during World War II



Orville Coast, a portion of the coast of Antarctica Orville, West Virginia, USA, an unincorporated community Mount Orville, Alaska, USA, a high peak of the Fairweather Range

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