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John Joyner, English rugby player Sean Joyner, English cricket player Marjorie Joyner, American inventor and businesswoman Lamarcus Joyner, American football player Wally Joyner, American baseball coach Jackie Joyner-Kersee, American athlete, sis ...



Jue may refer to: Dong Jue, court official and general of the Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period Bhawoh Jue, NFL Free Safety Jue vessel 爵, ancient 3-legged Chinese wine pitcher, usually made of bronze Jason P Jue, an academic Jue The Anima ...


Juilliard (disambiguation)

Juilliard may refer to: Juilliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 1884, a U.S. Supreme Court case upholding the constitutionality of the Legal Tender Acts of 1862 and 1863 Frederic Augustus Juilliard 1868-1937, nephew and heir of Augustus D. Juilliard ...


Juliana (disambiguation)

Juliana Peak, a former name of Puncak Mandala, a mountain in Papua, Indonesia Juliana Canal, Netherlands Juliana Republic, a short-lived state in the Brazilian province of Santa Catarina in 1839



Juliani may refer to: Alessandro Juliani born 1975, Canadian actor and singer Julius Owino aka Juliani, Kenyan hip-hop artist, entrepreneur. Rana juliani, AKA Maya Mountains frog John Juliani 1940-2003, Canadian actor, writer, producer, director ...


Julis (disambiguation)

Julis is a village in Northern Israel Julis may also refer to: Julis Cuvier, 1814, a synonym of the fish genus Coris Julis, Gaza, a former village in Gaza, Israel Youth organizations: Young Liberals Germany, or Junge Liberale "Julis" Young Libera ...



Julliard may refer to: Alexandre Julliard, computer programmer who leads the Wine project Jean-François Julliard, Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders Bruno Julliard, former chairman of the French student Union Nationale des Etudiants d ...



Jumbe may refer to: Sultan, a noble title Jumbes of Nkhotakota, a dynasty of Swahili Arabs slave and ivory traders established in Malawi. Aerodyne Jumbe, a French paraglider design Friday Jumbe born 1955, Malawian economist and politician


Jumonville (disambiguation)

J. E. Jumonville, Sr. 1919–1983, American politician from Louisiana and a horse breeder George Jumonville 1917–1996, American Major League Baseball player J. E. Jumonville, Jr. born 1942, American politician from Louisiana and a horse breeder de ...



A waist-length top garment of dense wool, part of the Royal Navy uniform and the uniform of the United States Navy Jumper sweater, a top or a top garment, in the vast majority of cases, knitted, and pulled on over the head, covering the torso; ca ...



Jun or JUN may refer to: Jun, a spelling of common Korean family name Jeon Korean name Jun drink, a Tibetan fermented tea drink Tomas Jun, Czech footballer Jun, Granada, a Spanish municipality A ten-day period in the Japanese calendar Jun given n ...


Juniper (disambiguation)

Fort Juniper, a fort that existed from 1775 in Salem, Massachusetts Juniper Springs, Nevada, a former mining camp Juniper, California, an unincorporated community in Modoc County Juniper, Georgia, an unincorporated community Juniper, Lassen Count ...



Junqueira may refer to: People: Junqueira Freire 1832–1855, Brazilian poet and Benedictine monk João Junqueira born 1965, retired Portuguese runner Paulo Alfeu Junqueira Duarte 1899–1984, Brazilian archaeologist and humanist Diego Junqueira born ...



Junta Patriotica; see Cuban National Party Whig Junto, early 18th Century political faction Military junta, one form of junta Junta governing body, referring to various military governments and other governing bodies Junta Spanish American Indepe ...



Ljudevit Jurak 1881–1945, Croatian pathologist Goran Jurak born 1977, Slovenian basketball player Ed Jurak born 1957, American baseball player Drago Jurak 1911–1994, Croatian painter Darija Jurak born 1984, Croatian tennis player



Justicia may refer to: SS Justicia, British ship A 2018 song by Silvestre Dangond and Natti Natasha Justicia plant, a genus of flowering plants in the family Acanthaceae Justicia album, by Eddie Palmieri, 1969 Justicia Madrid, ward in the Madrid ...



Jut may refer to: Jut, Iran, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran Jut Line, a neighbourhood of Jamshed Town, Karachi, Pakistan Nikkolaj Jut 1898–1967, Russian Chuvash writer Jutlandic dialect, of the Danish language Hendrik Jut 1851–1878, Dutch ...






Kabinda (disambiguation)

Kabinda may refer to the following places in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kabinda the capital of Lomami Province Kabinda District Kabinda Territory Roman Catholic Diocese of Kabinda



Uri Kabiri born 1970, Israeli songwriter, actor and musical producer Muhiddin Kabiri born 1965, also known as Kabirov, Tajik Muslim politician, former member of the parliament of Tajikistan Rabi-ollah Kabiri 1889-1947, Iranian Azerbaijani general ...



Farzaneh Kaboli, Iranian dancer Mehrab Kaboli, fictional character in the Persian epic Shahnameh Yadollah Kaboli Khansari, Iranian calligrapher Mohsen Kaboli, Iranian-German robotics scientist Iraj Kaboli, Iranian writer







Kaczka may refer to: Kaczka, Masovian Voivodeship Zlota kaczka "Golden duck", a legendary creature IS-5 Kaczka a single-seat canard research glider Zlota Kaczka "Gold Duck", a Polish award presented by the monthly film since 1956



Matthias Kadar born 1977, Dutch painter Gyula Kadar disambiguation, several people Janos Kadar born 1912, Hungarian communist party and government leader M. A. Kadar born 1942, Indian politician Danny Kadar born 1969, American producer, engineer, ...







Kadri may refer to: Nazem Kadri, Canadian ice hockey player Kadri, Mangalore, a neighbourhood in Mangalore, India Kadri name, a personal name Blel Kadri, French cyclist



Kadric is a surname. It may refer to: Amer Kadric born 1994, Bosnian-Herzegovinian footballer Demir Kadric born 1994, Serbian footballer Iris Kadric born 1994, Bosnian-Herzegovinian womens footballer



Kadziolka is a Polish surname, and may refer to Andrzej Kadziolka born 1960, Polish ice hockey player Beata Kadziolka, former name of Beata Zawadzka born 1986, Polish chess player Stanislaw Kadziolka 1902–1971, Polish military patrol runner Franc ...



Kagel may refer to: Kagel, Iran, a village in Kurdistan Province, Iran Kagel, Missouri, a community in the United States Jeffrey Kagel, U.S. vocalist Mauricio Kagel 1931 - 2008, a composer



Kaghan may refer to: Khagan or Qaghan, a Turkic and Mongolian title Kaghan Valley, a valley in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan Kaghan town, a town in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Theodore Kaghan, American civil servant and journalist



Kagi may refer to: Kagi.io is Software as a Service with a focus on property professionals. The Japanese and Hokkien name for Chiayi, Taiwan John Henry Kagi 1835–1859, American abolitionist KAGI, a radio station licensed to Grants Pass, Oregon Ka ...



Kahat or Kaht may refer to Kahat, an ancient city at the Tell Barri archaeological site in Syria Kaht, a village in Iran Darb-e Kahat, a village in Iran Roi Kahat born 1992, Israeli football midfielder Kaht-e Now, a village in Iran



Kahler may refer to: People Heinz Kahler 1905–1974, German art historian and archaeologist Otto Kahler 1894–1967, German admiral Martin Kahler 1835–1912, German theologian Erich Kahler 1906–2000, German mathematician Alexander Kahler born 1960, G ...



Kaho, Fukuoka 嘉穂町, a town located in Kaho District 4284 Kaho, a main-belt asteroid Kaho District, Fukuoka 嘉穂郡, a district in Fukuoka, Japan Kaho, India, a village in India-China border in Arunachal Pradesh Kaho, Burkina Faso, a village in s ...



Kaauwai or Kaauwai may refer to: William Hoapili Kaauwai 1882–1958, politician and legislator of the Kingdom of Hawaii. David Kahalekula Kaauwai died 1856, politician and legislator of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Zorobabela Kaauwai c. 1799 /1806–1856, ...



Kaira district Kheda, also known as Kaira, a town in Gujarat, India Kaira Lok Sabha constituency Kaira Agency, a former administrative unit





Kaiserman may refer to: Franz Kaiserman 1765–1833, Swiss painter; see Bartolomeo Pinelli 3880 Kaiserman, a minor planet Bill Kaiserman, American fashion designer



Kaizuka may refer to: 7475 Kaizuka, an asteroid Hiroko Kaizuka, a character in the manga series Shadow Star Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line, a Japanese railway line in Fukuoka prefecture Kaizuka, Osaka, a city located in Osaka Hiroshi Kaizuka, manga arti ...



Amar Nath Kak Kerri-Anne Kennerley, an Australian television presenter and personality Kak clan, an Indian Hindu lineage, a Kashmiri Pandit surname Ram Chandra Kak 1893-1983, Indian politician, chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir



Kake may refer to: Kake, Hiroshima KAKE TV, channel 10 serving Wichita, Kansas and most of the states outlying areas Kake, a character created by Tom of Finland Kake, Alaska



Kalaba can refer to: Kalaba, Nevsehir, a town in Nevsehir Province, Turkey Kalaba, another name for the clay mineral kaolin Rainford Kalaba, a Zambian footballer Kalaba-X, a constructed language



Kalach may refer to: Alberto Kalach b. 1960, Mexican architect Kālach, alternative name of Kalaj, a village in Mazandaran Province of Iran Kalach Urban Settlement, an administrative division and a municipal formation which the town of Kalach and ...



Iosif Kalai born 1980, Romanian football player of Hungarian ethnicity Ehud Kalai, prominent American game theorist and mathematical economist Hanoch Kalai 1910–1979, member of Irgun and Lehi and an expert on the Hebrew language Leslie Kalai born ...


Kalama (disambiguation)

Kalama was a Queen Consort of Hawaii. Kalama may also refer to: Kamalatmika/Kalama, a Hindu Goddess Kalama genus, a genus of heteropteran bugs Kalama Sutta, a Buddhist scripture Kalama, Washington, a city in Cowlitz County, Washington



Ad Kaland, a Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal Mats Andre Kaland born 1989, a Norwegian footballer Laila Kaland, a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party


Kalari (disambiguation)

A kalari is a traditional training space for kalaripayattu, a martial art of Kerala. Kalari may also refer to: Kalari Transport, Australian logistics company Kalari cheese, an Indian cheese Kalari, Burkina Faso, a village in Burkina Faso Kalari, ...

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