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Freestone or free stone may refer to: Freestone masonry Freestone drupe USS Freestone APA-167, a Haskell -class attack transport Freestone peach Freestone stream





Studentenstadt Freimann, a student housing complex in Munich, Germany Israel Meir Freimann 1830–1884, Polish-born German rabbi Schwabing-Freimann, a city borough in the borough of Schwabing, Munich, Germany Freimann Munich U-Bahn, an underground ...





Amanda Freitag born 1972, Food Network Chef Bernd von Freytag-Loringhoven 1914-2007, Baltic German general Holger Freitag 1963, German ski jumper Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Freytag 1788-1861, German philologist Freytags pyramid Arny Freytag born 195 ...



In the United States: Fremont station Fremont station BART Fremont, California - largest city with the name Fremont Central Park Fremont, Nebraska Fremont, New Hampshire Fremont Center, Illinois Fremont, Yolo County, California Fremont, Michigan ...



Front-end Robotics Enabling Near-term Demonstration FREND, a DARPA project to enable grappling older satellites Fine-Resolution Epithermal Neutron Detector FREND, an instrument on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter



William Alfred Freret 1833–1911, American architect Nicolas Freret 1688–1749, French scholar James Freret 1838–1897, American architect William Freret 1804–1864, twice mayor of New Orleans


Freshwater (disambiguation)



Freston may refer to: An alternative name for Friston, a village near Saxmundham, Suffolk, England Freston, Suffolk, a village south of Ipswich, England


Freud (disambiguation)

Sigmund Freud was the inventor of psychoanalysis, psychosexual stages, and the personality theory of Ego, Superego, and Id. Freud may also refer to: Freud, a chimpanzee in the Kasakela community Freud crater, a lunar crater



Thomas Frewen MP 1630–1702, MP for Rye 1679–89, 1694–98 John Frewen Admiral Sir John Byng Frewen GCB 1911–1975, Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command in the Royal Navy John Frewen divine 1558–1628, English Puritan divine. Thomas Frewen physician ...



Tom Harrison Frewin 1865–1938, English composer and impresario Richard Frewin 1681?–1761, English physician and professor of history Anthony Frewin born 1947, writer and personal assistant to Stanley Kubrick Greg Frewin born 1967, Canadian illusi ...



Friedersdorf may refer to the following municipalities in Germany: Friedersdorf, Elbe-Elster, in the district Elbe-Elster, Brandenburg Friedersdorf, Markisch-Oderland, in the district Markisch-Oderland, Brandenburg Friedersdorf, Saxony, in the di ...


Frieze (disambiguation)

A frieze is the wide central section of an entablature. Frieze may also refer to: Frieze textile, a napped woolen cloth made from Frisian wool Frieze horse Frieze Art Fair, a London art fair Frieze magazine, a London-based art magazine Frieze gro ...



Frings may refer to: Frings, a combo of french fries and onion rings at Harveys fast food restaurants Frings were served at Jack in the Box in the 1980s for a short time





Frisco, Colorado, a Home Rule Municipality Frisco, Alabama, an unincorporated community Frisco Historic Park - see Frisco Schoolhouse Frisco, Louisiana, an unincorporated community Frisco, Texas, a city Frisco, Illinois, an unincorporated communi ...



Hellmut Fritzsche born 1927, German-American physicist Immo Fritzsche 1918–1943, German officer in the Luftwaffe Ronald Alan Fritzsche born 1945, American ichthyologist Walter Fritzsche 1903–1956, German footballer Gotthard Daniel Fritzsche 1797– ...





Frunza may refer to: Frunza, Ocnița, a town in Ocnita district, Moldova Frunza, a village in Logrești, Gorj County, Romania Frunza, Transnistria, a commune in Slobozia district, Transnistria, Moldova



Frunze may refer to: Places Frunze, former name of Hacırustəmli, a village in Imishli District, Azerbaijan Frunze, Tajikistan, a town in Sughd Province, Tajikistan Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan; Frunze was the citys official name from 1926 t ...



Frutiger may refer to: Frutiger typeface, a typeface designed by the Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger Adrian Frutiger, Swiss typeface designer Frutiger company, a Swiss construction company



Frydek may refer to: Frydek-Mistek, a city in Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic Martin Frydek footballer, born 1992, Czech footballer Frydek, Frydek-Mistek, a town in Silesia that joined the Moravian town of Mistek Martin Frydek born ...



Fuda may be: Ofuda, talisman issued by Shinto shrine Fuda Cancer Hospital-Guangzhou Fuda Station, Keiō Line, Chōfu, Tokyo People with the name Fuda include: Ryoko Fuda, Japanese womens tennis player



Luis La Fuente born 1947, Peruvian football defender Jose Manuel Fuente 1945–1996, Spanish road racing cyclist Justin Fuente born 1976, college football coach in U.S.



Fug or FUG may refer to: D-442 FuG, a Hungarian armoured car Gaucho United Front Portuguese: Frente unica Gaucha, a defunct political party of Brazil Fug, a minced oath in Norman Mailers novel The Naked and the Dead Fuyang Xiguan Airport, China F ...


Fuga (disambiguation)

Fuga is an island in the municipality of Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines. Fuga may also refer to: Nissan Fuga, full-size sedan Fuga film, a 2006 Argentine-Chilean drama film Fuga, chief of the Wind Tribe and close friend of the late Hoshidan king Su ...


Fugit (disambiguation)



Cape Fugui Lighthouse in Shimen District, New Taipei City Fugui Railway Station 富貴 in Hengshan, a town in Hsinchu County on Taiwan Cape Fugui 富貴, the northernmost point on Taiwan in Shimen District, New Taipei City



Fuka, Fūka or Fuuka may refer to: Fukah, a village in northern Egypt, referred to as Fuka in a World War II context Fūka given name, a feminine Japanese given name Fuuka manga, a Japanese manga series Sidi Haneish Airfield, referred to as Fuka Ae ...





Fuld may refer to: Leo Fuld, Dutch singer Dick Fuld, banker and executive; former CEO of Lehman Brothers William Fuld, American entrepreneur Bracha Fuld, German-born Jewish resistance fighter Sam Fuld, American major league baseball outfielder A ...


Fulda (disambiguation)

Fulda monastery Fulda Tires, the German division of Goodyear Fulda Cathedral Treaty of Fulda, signed in 1813 Fulda river, a tributary of the Weser University of Fulda Fulda University of Applied Sciences Borussia Fulda, a football soccer club Rom ...


Fullarton (disambiguation)

Crosbie Castle and the Fullarton estate Fullarton Township, Ontario, Canada Fullarton, a neighbourhood in Tollcross, Glasgow, Scotland Fullarton Park, football ground, home to Vale of Clyde F.C. Fullarton, South Australia



Funa may refer to: Funa Futi, an atoll that forms the capital of the island nation of Tuvalu Cyclone Funa, the strongest cyclone of 2008 within the South Pacific Funa-yurei, the ghosts of people who have died at sea Funa District, an administrati ...



Eva Fundin 1777-1800, Swedish actress and dancer Wilhelmina Fundin 1819-1911, a Swedish operatic soprano Ove Fundin born 1933, a Swedish speedway rider Christian Fundin, an illustrator of the web comic Little Gamers



Rogelio Funes Mori, Argentine football player Ramiro Funes Mori, Argentine football player Louis de Funes, French actor Matias Funes, Honduran academic and politician Mauricio Funes, President of El Salvador



Frederick Funston 1865–1917, U.S. Army general in the Spanish–American and Philippine–American Wars Farrell Funston born 1936, American-born Canadian football player Edward H. Funston 1836–1911, U.S. Representative from Kansas G. Keith Funston 19 ...



Furie may refer to: Sidney J. Furie born 1933, Canadian film director HMS Wilhelmina 1798, previously Dutch frigate Furie Furie film, a 2019 action martial arts film John Furie born 1948, English footballer




Furnace (disambiguation)

Industrial furnace Puddling furnace Reverberatory furnace Basic oxygen furnace Bessemer converter Steelmaking furnaces, including Muffle furnace Electric induction furnace Blast furnace Jetstream furnace later called Tempest wood-burning boiler, ...



Don Furner born 1932, Australian rugby league footballer and coach father of David Furner Mark Furner born 1958, Australian politician David Furner born 1971, Australian rugby league footballer and coach son of Don Furner Fanny Furner 1864–1938, ...


Furr (disambiguation)

Roy Furr 1904–1975, founder of Furrs Cafeterias and supermarkets George Furr 1885–1967, English footballer David Furr, American theatre and television actor Harry Furr 1887–1971, English footballer Joel Furr b. 1967, American writer and software ...


Furrow (disambiguation)

A furrow is a line cut in soil when ploughed in order to plant a crop. Furrow may also refer to: The Furrow, an Irish Roman Catholic theological periodical Furrows film, a 1951 Spanish film



Furry may refer to: Furry Lewis Walter E. Lewis, 1893 or 1899 – 1981, an American country blues guitarist and songwriter Furry fandom, a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics Furry ...



Furth or Furth may refer to: Furth district, Bavaria, Germany Furth, northern Bavaria, Germany Furth, Hesse, Germany Furth, Lower Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany Furth, part of Gloggnitz, Lower Austria Furth mountain, a British classification of hills ...


Furze (disambiguation)

Furze is a common name for Ulex, a genus of about 20 species of evergreen shrubs in the subfamily Faboideae of the pea family Fabaceae. Furze may also refer to: The Furze, a British indie band Colin Furze 1979-, plumber, stuntman, filmmaker, inve ...



Fuser may refer to: Fuser, a moniker used by Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna, prior to his nickname Che fuser Unix, a Unix command which lists processes currently using given files, filesystems, or sockets Fuser, the part of a laser printer tha ...


Fust (disambiguation)

Johann Fust was a German printer. Fust may also refer to: Richard Fust fl. 1421 of Warnham and Chichester, Sussex, English politician Herbert Jenner-Fust 1778–1852, English judge and Dean of the Arches John Fust ice hockey born 1972, Canadian-Swi ...

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