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Dobry (disambiguation)

Dobry is a book by Monica Shannon first published in 1934. Dobry masculine, Dobraya feminine, or Dobroye neuter may also refer to: Surname Pavel Dobry born 1976, Czech footballer Karel Dobry born 1969, Czech film, television and stage actor Place ...



Dobryansky, Dobryanskaya, or Dobryanskoye may refer to: People Lev Dobriansky 1918–2008, professor of economics, U.S. ambassador of Ukrainian descent Andrij Dobriansky 1930–2012, Metropolitan opera singer born in Ukraine Paula Dobriansky born 195 ...



Dockery, Mississippi, a community in the United States Dockery Plantation, Mississippi, birthplace of Delta blues music Dockery, Missouri, a community in the United States



Dodon may refer to Dodon, Kyrgyzstan, a village in Kyrgyzstan Dodon farm, a farm and former tobacco plantation in Maryland, U.S. Galina Dodon born 1977, First Lady of Moldova Lac Dodon, an iron meteorite discovered in Canada LIsle-en-Dodon, a com ...



Dodrill may refer to: Dodrill, West Virginia Dale Dodrill 1926–2019, American footballer Dodrill–GMR, the first operational mechanical heart for open heart surgery Forest Dewey Dodrill 1902–1997, doctor and mechanical heart co-developer Dean Dodr ...



Walter A. Dods, Jr., American business executive, banker and philanthropist from Hawaii Marcus Dods musician 1918–1984, British musician Darren Dods born 1975, Scottish footballer Michael Dods born 1968, Scottish former rugby union player Glenn D ...



Roads Service of Northern Ireland; see Department for Infrastructure Department of Education Department of the Environment Department of Energy



Doga may refer to: Doga language, an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea Doga Baill. Baill. ex Nakai, a synonym of Storckiella Seem. Doga yoga, dog yoga Doga Gewog, a village block of Paro District, Bhutan



Samuel Doggett 1871-1935, American jockey Thomas Doggett ca. 1640–1721, Irish actor Derrick Doggett born 1984, Canadian professional football player John Doget died 1501, English diplomat, scholar and Renaissance humanist. Bill Doggett 1916–1996, ...



Dogon may refer to: Dogon people, an ethnic group living in the central plateau region of Mali, in West Africa Dogon A.D., an album by saxophonist Julius Hemphill Jean-Luc Dogon born 1967, French football coach and a former player Dogon languages ...



Doland may refer to: James Doland, an Australian legislator George Doland, a British businessman and Conservative politician Doland, South Dakota, a city in Spink County, South Dakota, United States



Dolci may refer to: Angelo Dolci 1867-1939, Italian cardinal Danilo Dolci 1924-1997, Italian social activist, sociologist, popular educator and poet Dolci, an Italian surname Sebastiano Dolci 1699-1777, Croatian writer Carlo Dolci 1616-1686, Ital ...



Delfini family also spelled Delfin, an ancient noble Venetian family Dolfin Dolfin, a Venetian nobleman who played a role in the 1453 siege of Constantinople Giovanni Dolfin died 1361, 57th Doge of Venice Caterina Dolfin 1736-1793, Venetian poet ...



Dolgin may refer to: a trade name of the drug Ibuprofen Stephen Dolgin, American pediatric surgeon Kalmon Dolgin, American real estate developer Gail Dolgin, American filmmaker Bryan Dolgin, American sportscaster Josh Dolgin, Canadian rap artist



Samuel Dolin 1917–2002, Canadian composer, music educator, and arts administrator Anton Dolin 1904–1983, English ballet dancer Marty Dolin 1939-2018, Canadian politician in Manitoba, husband of Mary Beth Eric Jay Dolin born 1961, American author ...



Austria Dolina Grafenstein, a village in the Municipality of Grafenstein, Carinthia, southern Austria Bulgaria Dolina, Bulgaria, a village in Kaolinovo Municipality, Shumen Province Czech Republic Dolina, usti nad Labem Region German: Dornsdorf, ...



Joel Dolinski born 1975, head football coach at Seton Hill University Meyer Dolinsky 1923–1984, aka Mike Dolinsky, American writer, actor, and stunt coordinator Jan Valasťan Dolinsky 1892–1965, Slovak author Voytek Dolinski, actor who played in t ...





Dolnik may refer to: Dolnik, Silesian Voivodeship south Poland Dolnik, West Pomeranian Voivodeship north-west Poland Dolnik, Greater Poland Voivodeship west-central Poland Dolnik, Lower Silesian Voivodeship south-west Poland


Domar (disambiguation)

Domar Shuanghu, a village and township-level division In Tibet zh:多玛乡 安多县, see Amdo County zh:多玛乡 日土县, see Rutog County Domar Upazila, Bangladesh



Dombasle-devant-Darney, French village and commune Dombasle-en-Argonne, French commune Dombasle-en-Xaintois, French village and commune Dombasle-sur-Meurthe, French commune Dombasle, former name of the Algerian commune of Hachem







Mahir Domi 1915-2000, Albanian linguist Max Domi born 1995, Canadian ice hockey player and son of Tie Domi Dominika Cibulkova born 1984, Slovak tennis player Didier Domi born 1978, French footballer Tie Domi born 1969, Canadian retired ice hockey ...


Domin (disambiguation)

Domin may refer to: Josip Franjo Domin 1754-1819, Croatian-Hungarian physicist, priest and physician Domin Sport, a Polish cycling team founded in 2012 Domin of Veinne died 536, French bishop and saint Friedrich Domin 1902-1961, German film actor ...



Domina may refer to: Dominatrix Domina grape, a type of grape Domina Image Comics, an Image Comics character from the Spawn series Female form of Dominus title Domina, one of the Neo Marvel Comics species



Gerald Domingue born 1937, American medical researcher Michel Domingue, leader of Haiti from 1874 to 1876 Jean Domingue born 1962, Canadian politician



Dominici may refer to: Dominici crater, a crater on Mercury Dominici band, the band fronted by Charlie Dominici LAffaire Dominici 1973 film, a film starring Jean Gabin The Dominici murder case, a case involving the 1952 murder of Jack Drummond an ...



Domnina can refer to: St. Domnina of Anazarbus, 3rd-century Christian martyr at Anazarbus, Asia Minor feast day: October 12 St. Domnina of Syria, 5th century ascetic feast day: March 1 Domnina daughter of Nero, alleged daughter of Emperor Nero ac ...



Domville may refer to: Domville, Queensland, a locality in the Toowoomba Region, Australia Domville, Ontario Guy Domville, an 1895 play by Henry James Domville baronets



Donda West, a teacher and the mother of rapper Kanye West Mariano Donda, an Argentine footballer Victoria Donda, an Argentine human rights activist and legislator



Doni Bulgarian singer born 1967, Bulgarian pop singer and actor Doni Tondo or Doni Madonna, a 1507 painting by Michelangelo Portrait of Maddalena Doni Raphael, a painting by Raphael Giovanni Battista Doni c. 1593–1647, Italian musicologist Doni T ...



Donk, Mol, a village in the municipality of Mol, a province of Antwerp, Belgium Donk, a village in the municipality of Herk-de-Stad, province of Limburg, Belgium Donk, a village in the municipality of Berlare, province of East Flanders, Belgium D ...





Willis E. Donley 1901-1985, American politician and lawyer Michael B. Donley born 1952, the 22nd Secretary of the United States Air Force Joseph Benton Donley 1838–1917, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania Kev ...



Elena Delle Donne born 1989, American basketball player Donne Wall born 1967, American basketball player Sir John Donne c. 1420s – 1503, Welsh courtier, diplomat and soldier George Donne 1605–1639, English soldier and writer, son of John Donne Ga ...



Donoghue may refer to: In law: Donoghue v Stevenson, 1932 Donoghue v Folkestone Properties Ltd, 2003 People: Emma Donoghue, Irish-born playwright, literary historian and novelist John Donoghue writer born 1964, British humourist and travel writer ...



Hendon F.C., an English semi-professional football club Aberdeen F.C., a Scottish professional football club Milton Keynes Dons F.C., as Wimbledon F.C. was renamed in 2004 Wimbledon F.C., a former English professional football club from London wh ...



Donwood may refer to: Stanley Donwood, the pen name of English writer Dan Rickwood Donwood, West Virginia, an unincorporated community and coal town in Kanawha County



Dooly may refer to: Dooly Building, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Dooly County, Georgia, United States Dooly Southern Railway, a defunct railway in Dooly County Dooly character, the main character from Dooly the Baby Dinosaur John Dooly 174 ...



Debbie Doom born 1963, American softball pitcher Doom professional wrestling, the tag team of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed MF Doom born 1974, hip-hop musician and producer Daniel Doom born 1934, Belgian cyclist Omar Doom born 1976, American actor, ...



Dooms may refer to: Dooms, Virginia, census-designated place in Augusta County, Virginia, United States. Harry Dooms 1867–1899, nicknamed "Jack", Major League Baseball outfielder



Doppelmayer crater, a lunar crater 12622 Doppelmayr, a main-belt asteroid Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr 1677–1750, German mathematician, astronomer and cartographer



Dorantes is a Spanish surname that may refer to: Sergio Dorantes, Mexican photojournalist Andres Dorantes de Carranza, Spanish explorer Irma Dorantes, Mexican actress, singer, and equestrian Marco Antonio Dorantes Garcia, retired Mexican associat ...


Dore (disambiguation)

Gustave Dore was a French artist, engraver, illustrator and sculptor. Dore may also refer to: Lake Dore, a freshwater lake La Dore, a municipality of Quebec, Canada Dore bullion, a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver Dore v Barreau du Quebec, a Su ...



Doria family, a prominent historical Genoese family another 17 members in Category:Doria family Doria Matheus Doria Macedo, born 1994, Brazilian footballer for Olympique de Marseille and Brazil Andrea Doria 1466–1560, Italian Genoese admiral João ...



In Greece: Dorion Greece, a town of ancient Messenia In Canada: Montreal-Dorion, a former Quebec provincial electoral district in Montreal Laurier-Dorion, a current Quebec provincial electoral district in Montreal Vaudreuil-Dorion Dorion, a forme ...


Doron (disambiguation)

Shay Doron born 1985, Israeli-American professional basketball player Dina Doron, Israeli actress Helen Doron born 1955, British linguist


Dorset (disambiguation)

Dorset, Ohio, United States Dorset, Ontario, a small community located between the touristic Muskoka and Haliburton regions of Ontario, Canada Dorset Island, one of the Canadian Arctic islands located in Hudson Strait, Nunavut, Canada Dorset unit ...



Jan van Dort 1889–1967, Dutch footballer Wieteke van Dort born 1943, Dutch actress, comedian and singer Filip Dort born 1980, Czech footballer Josiah Dallas Dort American carriage and automobile manufacturer Luguentz Dort born 1999, Canadian bask ...

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