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Parker Cleaveland Cleaveland whaling family Norman Cleaveland Moses Cleaveland, founder of Cleveland, Ohio Agnes Morley Cleaveland William Cleaveland Henry W. Cleaveland Sarah Cleaveland



Clemenceau may refer to: Clemenceau R 98, the lead ship of the class Martine Clemenceau born 1949, French singer Clemenceau -class aircraft carrier, a class of aircraft carriers of the French Navy Georges Clemenceau 1841–1929, French statesman; l ...



Rich Clementi, American mixed martial artist Cecil Clementi 1875–1947, British colonial administrator and Governor of Hong Kong Suicide of Tyler Clementi, 2010 incident in which a college student committed suicide after his sexual encounter with ...



Clemson may refer to: Clemson Tigers, the athletic programs of Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina Clemson University, a public university located in Clemson, South Carolina USS Clemson, any of several U.S. Navy ships Clemson -class destro ...



Francis Clerke disambiguation Sir Clement Clerke, 1st Baronet died 1693, English entrepreneur Ellen Mary Clerke 1840–1906, Irish poet, linguist and journalist Clerke baronets, three baronetcies Sir William Clerke, 8th Baronet 1751–1818, English c ...



Cleugh may refer to: Eric Arthur Cleugh, British diplomat James Cleugh, English author and translator Helen Cleugh, atmospheric scientist Cleugh Passage, a strait in the Andaman Islands



Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, commune in the northwestern suburbs Clichy-sous-Bois, commune in the Seine-Saint-Denis departement Place de Clichy, large square and traffic roundabout in the northwestern quadrant Porte de Clichy Paris Metro & RER, statio ...



Ghislain Cloquet, Belgian-born French cinematographer Jules Germain Cloquet, French physician and surgeon Hippolyte Cloquet, French physician and anatomist


Clot (disambiguation)

A clot is the final product of the blood coagulation step in hemostasis. Clot may also refer to: El Clot-Arago, the adjacent railway station Clot Barcelona Metro, a Barcelona Metro station Clotted cream Blood Clot Boy, a figure in Native American ...



William Clothier 1881–1962, American tennis player Robert Clarkson Clothier 1885–1970, president of Rutgers University 1932–1951 and president of the New Jersey Constitutional Convention of 1947 Robert Clothier 1921–1999, Canadian stage and telev ...







Clunes may refer to: Places Clunes, New South Wales, Australia Clunes, Lochaber, Scotland Clunes, Victoria, Australia Surname Martin Clunes born 1961, British actor Alec Clunes 1912–1970, English actor and theatrical manager



Henry Clutton 1819 –1893, designer and architect Ralph Clutton 1902–1957, English cricketer Alma Clutton 1873–1955, Canadian photographer Henry Hugh Clutton 1850-1909, English surgeon



Clutts may refer to: The Clutts House, a historic residence in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio Tyler Clutts, an American football fullback Clutts, Kentucky, a community in Harlan County



Battle of Coa, part of the Peninsular War period of the Napoleonic Wars Coa, County Fermanagh, a rural community in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland Coa Valley Paleolithic Art, one of the biggest open air Paleolithic art sites Coa River, a trib ...


Coal (disambiguation)

Coal Leprous album Coal Kathy Mattea album, 2008 Coal, a 2006 album by the indie rock band The Devastations Coal book, collection of poetry by Audre Lorde, published in 1976 Coal TV series, American reality show about coal miners Coal, the title ...



Cobas may refer to: Cyphostemma juttae, an ornamental plant also known as bastard cobas Cobas 4800, test for Human papillomavirus Yariulvis Cobas born 1990, Cuban rower Antonio Cobas 1952-2004, Spanish motorcycle designer, constructor and mechani ...



Cobban may refer to: Cobban, Wisconsin, unincorporated community, United States People with the surname: Alfred Cobban 1901–1968, British Professor of French History Helena Cobban born 1952, British writer and researcher on international relation ...



Cobbing may refer to: Julian Cobbing born 1944, English historian Bob Cobbing 1920–2002, British poet concentrating on concrete and visual poetry A form of spanking using a type of paddle spanking known as cob or in full cobbing-board, typically ...



Cobble may refer to: Cobble geology, a designation of particle size for sediment or clastic rock Hammerstone, a prehistoric stone tool Cobblestone, partially rounded rocks used for road paving Tyringham Cobble, a nature reserve in Tyringham, Mass ...



Cobe or COBE may refer to: 9997 COBE, a main-belt asteroid Cosmic Background Explorer COBE, a satellite Cobe Trophy Race, an auto race held in 1910 and 1911 Cobe architectural firm, a Danish architectural firm



Cocceius may refer to: Johannes Cocceius 1603–1699, Dutch theologian Cocceius skipper, a genus of butterfly Cocceius Auctus fl. 1st century BC – 1st century AD, Roman architect



Cochon is a French word that may refer to: Slang meaning dirty pig, swine, contemptible person; see Cultural references to pigs Domestic pig Piglet animal Cochon, a restaurant in New Orleans; see Cajun cuisine



Cockfield may refer to: Cockfield Suffolk railway station Cockfield, Suffolk, a village in Suffolk, England Cockfield, County Durham, a village in County Durham, England Francis Cockfield, Baron Cockfield born 1916, an English politician Cockfiel ...



Cockley may refer to: People David L. Cockley 1843–1901, American soldier who fought in the American Civil War Burt Cockley born 1986, Australian cricketer who has played for New South Wales and Western Australia Places Cockley Cley, village and ...



Cocu may refer to: Phillip Cocu born 1970, Dutch football manager and former player Le Cocu magnifique, a Belgian play by Fernand Crommelynck Cocu, Argeș, a commune in Argeș County, Romania



Coddington, Derbyshire, United Kingdom Coddington magnifier, a single-lens magnifying glass Coddington, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Coddington, Wisconsin, United States Coddington, Herefordshire, United Kingdom Coddington, Cheshire, United Ki ...



Michael Codner 1920-1952, British soldier. John Codner 1913-2008, British painter. Robert Codner born 1964, English football player. Maurice Codner 1888-1958, British painter.



Barbuda Codrington Airport Codrington, Barbuda Codrington Lagoon Codrington Wind Farm, Victoria Codrington, South Gloucestershire, England Codrington, Ontario, Canada Codrington, Victoria, Australia Mount Codrington, Antarctica



Renan Almendarez Coello born 1953, Honduran-born L. A. radio host, known as El Cucuy Juana Coello 1548–?, wife of Antonio Perez, Secretary of State of Philip II of Spain Claudio Coello 1642–1693, Spanish Baroque painter Antonio Coello 1611–1652, ...





Cogswell may refer to: USS Cogswell DD-651, a destroyer Cogswell, North Dakota, a city in Sargent County Cogswells Regiment of Militia, a Massachusetts militia from 1775–1777 Spencer Cogswell, a character in the American animated series The Jetso ...


Coin (disambiguation)

Coin, Kentucky, an unincorporated community Coin, Arkansas, an unincorporated community Coin, Nevada, an unincorporated community Coin, Missouri, a ghost town Coin, Iowa, a city




Colander (disambiguation)

A colander is a kitchen utensil for draining food. It may also refer to: Anton Colander 1590 – 1621, a Saxon German composer and organist LaTasha Colander born 1976, an American track and field athlete David Colander born 1947, a professor of eco ...



Charles Francis Colcord, businessman and pioneer of the Old West Joanna Carver Colcord 1882–1960. American seafarer, social worker and writer Roswell K. Colcord, Governor of Nevada



Jane Colden 1724–1766, U.S. botanist Trevor Colden b. 1994, a U.S. skateboarder Alexander Colden, first recorded Postmaster of New York City Cadwallader D. Colden 1769–1834, Colonel in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812, member of New York Stat ...



Colebrooke, Devon, England Colebrook Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania, U.S. Colebrook, New Hampshire, U.S. Colebrook, Tasmania, an electoral division of Apsley, Australia Colebrook Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio, U.S. Colebrook, Connectic ...



Robert Colebrooke 1718–1785, his son, English MP Baron Colebrooke, a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom James Colebrooke banker 1680–1752, English banker Henry Thomas Colebrooke 1765–1837, English orientalist and mathematician Robert Hyde ...


Coleridge-Taylor (disambiguation)

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was an English composer and conductor. Coleridge-Taylor may also refer to: Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School, a public school in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson 1932–2004, an American composer Avril ...


Colette (disambiguation)

Colette 2018 film, U.S U.K Hungary film, starring Keira Knightley as author Colette Colette 2013 film, Czech-Slovak-Dutch film about a prisoner of Auschwitz Place Colette, a square in Paris, France Colette horse, an Australian thoroughbred raceho ...



Colina Madrid, a ward in Madrid, Spain Colina, a village in Murighiol Commune, Tulcea County, Romania Colina, Chile Colina, Brazil Colina, a municipality in Venezuela



Collalto may refer to: House of Collalto, named after it Collalto, Susegana in the province of Treviso Collalto, Penne - a frazione of Penne in the province of Pescara Monte Collalto - a mountain in the Alpi Pusteresi Collalto, Colle di Val dElsa ...



Collard may refer to: Collard plant, certain loose-leafed Brassica oleracea cultivars Collard liquor, a soup made from collard greens "Collard Greens" song, a 2013 song by hip hop artist Schoolboy Q



Colles may refer to: Abraham Colles 1773–1843, Irish professor of anatomy Christopher Colles 1739–1816, engineer and inventor Plural of collis, a term used in planetary nomenclature to refer to small hills or knobs Colles fracture, a fracture of ...



Collingsworth may refer to: Collingsworth County, Texas, a county in Texas, United States USS Collingsworth APA-146, a Haskell -class attack transport of the United States Navy


Collon (disambiguation)

Collon is a village in Ireland. Collon may also refer to: Mont Collon, mountain in the Italian Alps Collon confectionery Japanese: コロン 菓子), a Japanese confectionery snack Albert Collon, Belgian ice hockey player Dominique Collon, Belgian-bor ...



Collum may refer to: Collum millipedes, the first segment behind the head of millipedes Neck, from Latin collum, such as collum femoris femur neck or collum humeri Neck of the humerus

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